Thu Sep 24 2020

Starting with CBT today.

ok nevermind, that was a fail. I have zero motivation to fill out those forms. I think my goals that I’m putting on the Shy No Longer Module 11 stepladder are not my own goals, but the goals that I feel obligated to have.

Also I’m super fucking tired. I want to go back to sleep.

I want coffee or chocolate to help me stay awake.

Yesterday I had chocolate granola for breakfast and I think it woke me right up. Today I had oatmeal and I feel like crashing.

I haven’t walked today, other than to the mailbox and back. That would probably help.

Or maybe it would put me to sleep.

I might sleep, but not before this pomodoro sesh is up.

I made great progress on sbtp-loyalty yesterday. I learned about making custom react hooks. I think I’m getting a better feel for React.

I have Lo Swaga stuck in my head.

Lo Swaga – STS9

What I really want to do right now is I want to work on I want to continue translating the Prememo Ver.2.22 rulebook. I have been spending 25 minutes a day on that translation, and it is very rewarding. I get to learn & practice Japanese, and I get to increase the value of the SBTP wiki. It’s a win-win!

I want to work on sbtp-loyalty some more, as well. I have been spending 2 hours a day on that project. It is a real challenge, but there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing!

I want to do all the work! But I feel like such shit right now, because I’m not well rested. I think I fell asleep at around 4AM. I wish my body would get the clue that 7:30AM is the start of the day! I would like to sleep at around midnight, but my body seems to have other plans.

I think coffee is in my future.

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