October 2015 edit: Delaying again. The feels still feel. Let’s give it 5 years.

August 2014 edit: Delayed publishing until 2015 because I still don’t want to see this published

This is a time capsule blog post! The first of many. I wrote this post on July 4th, 2013 and I scheduled it to be published automatically on December 24th, 2014. I’m not publishing it right away because there are sensitive topics below (dating, religion, my messy room.) I’m not comfortable with sharing it right now, but in a year and a half, I probably won’t care.

Hip Hop Jingle Bells

Here’s a Jingle Bells song I made in 2008. It hurts to listen to because it’s so soulless. I found it just now on some old backup CDs. LOL optical media!

My first ubuntu CD. dapper drake. I'll never forget it!

I am trying to burn ubuntu 13.04 onto a CD to put on an old laptop I’m trying to get rid of. It has xubuntu 6.06 on it right now, that’s like old school dapper drake, that’s the first ubuntu version I ever used! I remember the old canonical CDs I ordered because I was having trouble burning my own CDs at that point. Oh how far I’ve come! Now I’m compiling my own linux kernels (with step-by-step tutorials) and burning a CD is a piece of cake. Hmm wait a minute I should do this via USB if possible. Optical media sucks, magnetic media sucks too. Is that even a correct term, magnetic media?

It’s 3:00 am on the 4th of July. I’ve been dating a girl. I really like her. We have a lot in common and I think we get along pretty well. I want to call her more often but she doesn’t have her own phone. I’ve got a phone phobia too, and I usually have to go through her parents before I actually get to talk to her. Bad excuse. Really I’ve got low self esteem, and I’m not proud of my environment. I want to have her over for a movie but this place is a smelly mess, and I think she may be turned off by the main house which is messy too.

Messy room. I wonder what this place will look like on Dec 24 2014?

Her house is spotless. I’ve been there to use the loo, haha. I’m just afraid I won’t meet her standards. She’s Mormon and serious about it. I’m ex-Mormon and laughing about it. I think the whole religion thing is a bunch of made up bullshit so people can sleep at night, be at peace when loved ones die, and kill enemies without remorse. I see it as a recipe for happiness and if the cake tastes good to you, that’s great, but it’s not something I believe in or a flavor I enjoy. That was cheesy.

I’ve heard an argument from Athiests that sounds something like, “I hate it when people are closed minded about God not being real. You know, when those religious people are too stubborn to even hear your argument.” Is it any different for those Atheists? Are their minds closed to the possibility of God? Maybe this is not a subject I should delve into, because I haven’t fully thought about it. I think you would have to know the person’s past. Say for example, the person used to go to church, believe in God, but has discovered science and the facts don’t add up to there being a God. Say this person has adopted Atheism. After an arbitrary amount of time, does this this person now need to re-consider religion? Nevermind, I can’t really figure out how to get my point across.

Back to the dating thing. We’ve been on three dates, The differing opinions on religion is a conflicting topic between the two of us, I don’t know if it’s a deal breaker. I hope it isn’t because like I said, I really like this girl. She’s beautiful. Strong, confident, funny, accepts my personality… Who knows if it will even go anywhere. It doesn’t need to work out but I’d like it to.

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