Tue Aug 11 2020

Omg there were multiple cases where youngins got permanent brain damage from heat stroke caused by bitcoin mining!

When I saw that temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, all I could think was, “What is wrong with you???”

I couldn’t do it. I like to be comfortable and if I were in those young kid’s place, I would have sooner bought an A/C unit than buy more mining hardware! A/C is seriously cheap nowadays. The one I have in my window was like $250 and it keeps me nice and chilly-cozy at 74 degrees F even when it’s 102 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

It’s 9:44AM. I sold a Hatsune Miku manga and a Tora Dora trading card and walked them to the mailbox about an hour ago.

I listed four cards this morning. I’m out of cards to list. I think I have a collection binder that has some Miku Weiss Schwarz cards still. I’ll pull that out later this morning and get a start on listing those.

I got a reminder e-mail from packageradar.com. I really like that website! It’s so neatly organized and it’s very featureful. I appreciate how it sends reminders regarding packages which are in-transit. I like how I can bookmark the page and it’s got all the information I need about the package transit.

I would love to create a website as useful as packageradar! I think something like that could be easily monetizable. Adsense advertisements might actually net me some money with something that gets the amount of traffic that packageradar must get!

That reminds me of my Extremetoaster.com days. I was getting $200 a month at the high point of that experience. I could really use $200 a month right now! That would take care of half my rent!

I learned so much from running extremetoaster. I learned that shit starts to break when it gets overloaded. I learned about the importance of backups, and the importance of hard work.

I would spend hours and hours just listing new games, creating new front page articles and recognizing the week’s top players.

That was a good time. Here’s to more good times, plugging away at eBay and making some coin!

I want to make a wiki website which teaches things like how to play Precious Memories TCG. The English prememo wiki on fandom.com has shut down, and now there’s no active, up-to-date english instructions for how to play the game.

I want to make a wiki, place it at wiki.sbtp.xyz, and put up-to-date instructions and shit. Then I can grab that traffic that otherwise would have gone to fandom. Then I can monetize that shit!

The problem is operating cost. At a minimum, it’s going to cost me $5 a month …

Holy shit I can use heroku and host it for free!

I’ll shut down xtoast.com (currently running encore-more) which will free up my Heroku account to host a js wiki!

A warning notification which notifies users of an impending shutdown.

It’s 10:06 PM now. I had a full day of listing cards on eBay, riding my bike to Fred Meyer, eating rice, lentils, salsa and baked zucchini, watching a projekt Melody stream on Chaturbate where she was having trouble orgaming :laughing:, playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 and watching ironmouse, and watching a new Hatsune Miku MV

Listing cards was a huge struggle today. It was so slow going and stressful. Luckily I had other things that made me happy.

Oh yeah, I also did a full hour of jodo shin shu buddhist chanting at 10AM.

Apparently Kusonoki Sensei had technical difficulties yesterday which is why there was no stream. Wednesday is his day off, which means that tomorrow I’m just going to have to roll my own meditation session.

No worries! I have a whole playlist of Jodo Shinshu Buddhist chants to choose from. I’m sure there’s a shit ton of similar videos on youtube that I simply haven’t found yet.

I want a Shin Buddhist service book! It would be way more convenient than the pdf, easier to read and flip through pages, I can make marks in it and place bookmarks, and I can do the thing that people do with the book where they raise it to their forehead before and after opening it.

I wanna do that!

The BCA bookstore is still closed, and probably will be all fucking year.

The fear of Covy reigns supreme!

When do I get that fucking stimulus check? I wanna buy food and a shin buddhist service book LOL. Also more product acquisitions and rent and all that shit. I’m impatient! LOL

Ok I’m not that impatient. I’m just tired and my filters are off. I’m ready to sleeeeeep!

I ate three meals today. I felt like taking a nap but I didn’t, because I had shit I wanted to do.

I don’t got none orders to ship out in the morning! Fuck!

I sent some offers. It’s almost halfway through the month and I’m not seeing enough sales! I’m worried that I won’t be able to ma….

I’ll be fine.

I have enough to cover my rent shit. The real issue is getting out of debt. I think once I have my 3 week supply chain set up, I should have a spicy store with very flavorful, regularly updated items which will attract customers.

I need to increase my booster pack prices. Especially the rare ones.

Well the issue is that I need sales to keep going. I may have a valuable booster pack, but the collector who is willing to pay what it’s worth only buys every now and then. I really just have to wait for sales, and there’s not much I should be doing on those items.

Well the thing is, I already made back my money. I quit keeping track on my ROI sheet because it’s just too damn complicated to relate a sale with dozens of low value trading cards to their original line in my ROI spreadsheet.

I’m going to shift to 3D seller’s solution for tracking profits. They have an item cost field in the item which I can fill out and it’ll calculate the profit at time of sale. I just gotta populate that field when I get the item, and it’s all automated from there.

That’s the kind of solution I’m going to roll with going forward. Fuck yeah.

I just upgraded to WordPress 5.5. I like the high-contrast changes they made to the editor.

The button to add a block is much more visible now.

I don’t like how they shrunk the size of the up and down arrows which move the blocks up or down.

Omg this is confusing as fuck having images that look exactly like the article content. I made the images really small otherwise I can’t tell a difference between the image and the content.

I’m super tired for once. I think it has to do with having a great day filled with sweat-inducing exercise, hard focused work, lengthy meditation, a casual fap session with Melody, followed by a chill game and ironmouse stream.

And now I’m watching VOCALOID vids and writing in my journal. Good end to the day!

I really checked all the boxes on what makes a good day for me.

  • work (I listed 34 cards on eBay)
  • exercise (I rode my bicycle to Fred Meyer and bought groceries)
  • play (I went to 3 mini libraries and swapped books between them)
  • more play (I fapped with Melody)
  • more more play (I played OpenRCT2 & watched Ironmouse’s singing/chill stream)
  • more more more play (I watched VOCALOID MVs)
  • study (I researched RedwoodJS & GraphQL)
  • meditation (I followed along with Seattle Betsuin Buddhist temple’s live stream sutra chanting and then did more sutra chanting follow along youtube vids)

I think the only other thing I could have improved on was cleaning my apartment and practicing yoga.

Also I would like to do more CoDA shit or CBT worksheets. It’s too hard though! It’s too hard to pick up that packet of papers and follow through with that.

Maybe what I’ll do is I’ll do it first thing. It helps to do the hard thing first, because the rest of the day is all figuratively downhill after doing the hard thing.

Ok then, I’ll do CoDA first thing tomorrow. Second thing, after I take care of eBay shipments. Or first, IDK. Whatever feels right. Basically I want to get CoDA or CBT done and out of the way before I go exercise at 8:30AM (after walking parcels to the mailbox)

It’s hard to do CBT or CoDA and journal. So I’ll plan on doing what I did today– starting the journal early with the hard stuff (CBT & CoDA), then resuming the journal later in the evening and finishing up the word count by writing down what happened during the day, what emotions I felt, blah blah blah.

LOL, Melody couldn’t cum during her live stream. She seemed frazzled and wired from caffiene. I wonder if she’s dealing with stress? Her 3D model is all jacked up. Her thumbs are completely fucked up and twisting in ways that no thumb should ever twist. Her hair or her arms are clipping too often, and frames drop like mad when her hair is in full view.

Her vibrating lush lovense is literally malfunctioning and doesn’t vibrate as strongly as it used to. Her Nimbus (dildo thing) is broken and unusable. She seems scattered and unmaintained, and it sounds like that’s bothering her.

She says she’s trying to get organized and get things working again.

Wow, I’m talking about her like she’s a friend or a lover. I guess both are somewhat accurate, but it’s a very one-sided relationship.

Melody doesn’t even know I exist. I’m not interested in making her aware of me either. I have plenty of responses to things she says on stream, and I just utter my response aloud rather than typing it in a chat box.

My text message would go into a void where the likeliness of Melody reading it are little to none. There were 8 thousand viewers or something? Crazy numbers.

Anyway, I feel better just saying my response aloud as if Melody could hear it. I want a relationship like that– where I am audibly heard. I’m kinda simulating one side of that relationship and that’s fine for me right now.

The alternative type of relationship which I’ve had and I detest, is one where I register text messages in a computer system, where the opposite party later comes and reads the messages, then interprets the meaning and assumes what I meant by it. Fuck that. I don’t miss that type of relationship one bit.

I’m talking about my relationship with N. I suppose I should take her out of my will.

I suppose I should take my will off of Google, and put it on my wordpress.

I suppose maybe a printed will would be the best. I could go the lawyer route too, but we all know where my finances are at right now LOL!

Ok here’s my last will and testament as of like… 2019. I need to update it now, I just wanted to make a document for historical purposes.


1800 words. I’m going to call that a success for today, since I probably got to 2000 total words if I include the edits I made to my will.

GOOD NIGHT, oyasuminasai!

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