Tue Dec 31 @ 8:51 AM PST

I woke up this morning without an alarm. It was a fantastic feeling to not have to get up, shut it off, and go back to sleep because I wasn’t well rested yet.

I think my alarm is set on my phone, but either a Do Not Disturb or a ringer silent setting are overriding the alarm’s ability to make noise. I only know this because yesterday I was up already when my phone’s display lit up and said, “alarm …”

Anyway, that’s a fantastic feeling to just wake up when my body is rested. I don’t have to determine if I’m ready to wake up or not. If I’m awake, that’s simply my body telling me it’s ready to be awake.

First thing I did was feel regret that I had not died in my sleep. Such is the life of a depresso boi. An eternal peace sound real nice right about now.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life. I’m at a crossroads and nothing sounds good.

I could go back to school. No thanks, I don’t want to take on any more debt.

I could get a job. No thanks, I’m done feeling miserable.

I could sell all my belongings and live out of my suburban. This sounds the most good, but comes with a bunch of challenges.

I have to get a job even if I’m done with the rat race. If I live out of my suburban, I’ll have to buy gas and food and insurance and licensing fees, etc.

The trick is to come up with a method of making money that doesn’t feel like work. Then I can just play all day and make a living out of it.

I want that trick! There’s just gotta be a way for me to live a life that I actually enjoy. Otherwise, what am I doing still breathing?

I listened to JRE yesterday with Alex Honnald. It was recorded on Oct 25 2018 so it’s a little over a year old, but wow, what a life Alex has. He lives out of a van, and spends all his time climbing mountains and shit.


I have no interest in mountain climbing, but wow, I want that life of freedom.

Alex only briefly covered his origins of how he started living this way. He just did it out of passion. He wasn’t making money at the start. It was only thanks to sponsors that he can live this way now.

Now, Alex lives comfortably enough to where he can give back a significant amount of his income to charities and organizations that he believes will make the world a better place.

That’s a bit part about Alex’s life. He wants to do things that influence the world positively. He went vegetarian and is a huge proponent of switching to solar energy for sustainability.

Good stuff. I need more inspiring stories like his, so I can build up enough courage to start living like that myself.

One sec, I feel inspired to sell more junk on Bonanza so I can own fewer things and move out. Gonna list my old laptop now.

Actually I’m going to wait a bit. I’m downloading lubuntu now. I want to have an OS on the laptop when I take pictures so I can prove that the machine works.

I also have an EEE PC I’ve been sitting on for months. It’s on Bonanza for $20. I think it would sell instantly if it were on eBay for that price, but I don’t want to list on eBay because I hate eBay and their fees and their policies and their shitty ass website.

Few multi billion dollar companies have shitty ass websites. Wait, what am I saying, that’s completely false. Here in the USA, there are a shit ton of communications companies who have monopolies in their area, and their websites are even more shitty ass than eBay’s! I’m thinking Comcast and Verizon. Shit ass websites that have less uptime than my penis.

Wooooooooooow, the dick jokes. Now I’m ashamed to be alive.

Ok but no really, I go on comms websites expecting to get some information, but those two websites don’t have the information I need. Instead, you gotta call someone and ask. Then you have to fax a form…

I kid about the faxing. But what I’m getting at is there are so many companies who are living in 1995. They have the internet which can automate just about every common query, but instead they force users to call.

I’m biased against phones, LOL. They’re half-in, half-out of the internet age. Calls over telecom companies are antiquated. I’m surprised SIP phones aren’t a standard for everyone’s communications by now. I guess it’s that last leg of the journey where calls go from cell tower to cell phone. SIP can’t magically fill that gap, but Verizon and AT&T can.

Whatever. Whatever. It’s a monopolized industry and there’s not much I can do about that.

So after feeling self pity for a few moments after I woke up, I remembered a thought I had right before I went to sleep. LONG VEGAN.

I opened up Robinhood and started buying vegan-related stonks. I quickly realized there aren’t many vegan related stocks searchable on Robinhood (only 1.) Luckily I found a website which listed some publicly traded vegan companies. Pretty nice investment site!

I also found gluten free companies, natural and organic foods companies, and publicly traded fitness clubs.

This rounds like the perfect time of year to buy into fitness stonks. Since it’s new years and lots of people set resolutions to get fit right about now, buy gym memberships, etc. I remember hearing a statistic that most people stick with gym memberships for a month or two after new years before quitting.

It’s only rational to buy stock in fitness companies right now!

Unfortunately I triggered Pattern Day Trader Protection before I could buy a fitness related stonk. This is a feature built into Robinhood which blocks me from placing an order if it thinks what I’m doing will flag me as a Pattern Day Trader by FINRA or whoever.

I can’t be a pattern day trader unless I have $25,000 in my Robinhood account. LOL, I don’t make that much in two years, so I have to thank Robinhood every time I get blocked because I’m sure there’s some kind of additional fee associated with being a PDT.

Anyway, it just means I can only place 4 orders a day. No big deal given my sporadic use of Robinhood. I just put a reminder in my calendar for tomorrow so I can continue with buying a fitness related stock.

So yeah, today I bought 1 share of Hain Celestial (HAIN) @ $25.67, 1 share of US Vegan Climate (VEGN) @ $27.19, 1 share of Town Sports International (CLUB) @ $1.77, and 1 share of Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) @ $19.62.

Oh, so I did get a fitness stock in there! Good for me. You’ll notice that I only bought one share though. This is kind of habit for me. I barely know anything about any of these companies, so I only buy one share.

If the company tanks, I lose the absolute minimum amount possible.

If the company grows, my sell limit order executes and I make 10%.

That’s right, I place sell limit orders immediately after buying a stock. I do this because I don’t want to hold a stock for a second longer than I have to. I simply target a 10% gain, and that’s it.

Out of the research I’ve done in trading is that it’s okay to lock in a profit. Even if the stock goes higher, I’m doing everything I can to minimize my risk. For instance, if I were manually selling an order when my profits are high enough, there’s a good chance I could miss the timing, and not sell soon enough to where I would lock in the 10%. (The market price could plummet before then.)

This is not investment advice, I am not licensed to give investment advice. This is just what I do for fun and enjoyment.

And enjoyment it is! Maybe this is part of how I could make money when I live on the road.

One sec, I just noticed my Robinhood portfolio is sitting at $1105.60. That’s $200 more than what it was last time I checked. My TSLA stock is doing well!

TSLA is one stock which I am holding. I make an exception to my immediate sell order rule because I think TSLA is going to the moon. Yep, I’m in the Tesla cult.

I think my net worth might actually be positive now. Or maybe not since Bitcoin has dropped significantly. Also my non-linked accounts which I have listed in YNAB might not be up-to-date. One sec, gonna reconcile my accounts so I have an accurate net worth…

Just kidding! I’m in much more debt than I thought I was!

After reconciliating all my accounts, I realized that most of my bank accounts and credit cards were not properly linked to YNAB. I got those sorted out and now I’m seeing a more accurate picture of my net worth. Before reconciliation, I was seeing a positive net worth of ~$100.

After reconciliation, I’m seeing net worth of -$1,526.06. This feels right. I have been using my credit cards a lot lately. $3.6K of debt seems accurate.

So what am I going to do about it??? Well, this debt is going to go higher and higher unless I make some significant cash. The debt will accelerate as I have to make more and higher interest payments.

I gotta do something!

Selling is the first thing I think of. Sell my junk. Buy broken junk and resell. Do it more and more to the point where it’s a job, not a hobby.

That’s something I can do. I have positive routines in my life now to where I can hold a sleep schedule. As amazing as it is to think that I have achieved a sleep schedule, I have actually done it. I’m shaking my head right now. I didn’t think it was possible.

I have my physician and my therapist to thank for this. They gave me some advice and recommendations that have put me on the right path.

Namely exercise. I’m treating my 4Km daily walks as medication; I have to take them or I wont get well.

I’m journalling and writing my feelings. I’m not ignoring my feelings.

I still have extensive work to do as far as social anxiety goes. I’m starting group therapy and continuing my individual therapy.

My Advanced Nurse Practitioner G. tells me, “you can live a normal life!”

He’s from Ethiopia. I like his smile.

Anyway, I want that normal life. I want my own version of normal. I want that dream job of working for myself, and making good money.

I bought another broken OnePlus One phone for $21. It sounds like it has a bad motherboard. I’m going to use it for parts. Even if all I can get out of it is the screen, that’s a sweet deal for a screen. The other screen I bought was something like $37.

For now, I’m sticking with OnePlus One phones because I have repair experience with it. I should probably get some OnePlus 3T phones or something newer so I can get some Exp on that as well.

IDK, this may not be a good idea. It’s just another experiment.

It’s a solid idea though. Buy broken, repair, and sell as used. I wish software development has a monetization path as clear as this!

I’m holding out on software development. I would like to do software development full time, but I don’t know if I can be a business manager in software development. I guess It all comes back to what I was thinking about yesterday– The first step is believing I deserve it.

I deserve a career in software development! There, I said it, even if I only partially believe it right now. Out of all my passions, software development is the one I’m most practiced in. It’s software development that gets me hyped the most.

Speaking of such, I started a new project. Yes, this is a bad habit of mine. Starting new projects before previous projects are even finished. Jepurdee is not finished, and I even bought a domain for it!

The truth is, I want a break from Jepurdee. It’s a good idea and there might possibly be some monetary benefits from pushing it further. Right now, I don’t want to look at it. It’s a javascript bohemoth, the kind of mess that I loath using because it slows down my computer, lags where it shouldn’t, and doesn’t look pretty.

Maybe it’s a wash. I hope not, seeing as I dedicated three months to building it, but maybe it is. Nobody seemed very impressed at the Christmas party.

Maybe I polish it just enough to where I can share it, then forget about it. If it’s something I consider sharable, then it has a chance of forming a community. If a community forms, that’s the reason I would need to push it further.

I guess I should do that. For now, I’m taking a week off of Jepurdee! I’m fucking over it!

I just used that phrase incorrectly. That’s a meme people do nowadays. They say, “I’m over it.” Even when they are not actually over it.

So yeah, I think I deserve that. A break from Jepurdee. Then when I do go back and polish it, I’ll have a clear head and a better outlook on what Jepurdee can become.

So this week I’m making a VOCALOID API. I’m using Swagger to define the API and document it and all that OpenAPI jazz. So basically I’m going to give people a way to generate vocaloid vocals without having to own the vocaloid software.

Don’t worry, Crypton Future Media, it won’t ruin your sales or anything, because it won’t be very good. It’ll be all monotone or some shit, because I’m just going to automate key clicks and mouse presses to insert the API user’s lyrics into a premade template or something. It’ll be very rudimentary.

I am 100% sure that CFM has some speech synthesis software in the works. 100% sure. CeVIO already has speech synth in addition to singing synth. CFM is behind in this regard which is probably why they are moving away from Yamaha’s VOCALOID software, and creating their own.

CRYPTONLOID or some shit. Anyway, I 100% guarantee you that the introductory version of CFM’s next-gen PiaPro studio comes with speech synthesis. In fact, I’m so confident that I’ll make a bet with my future self.

Maybe I should place my prediction on Augur. Nah, their software is wack. They don’t allow users to place predictions which resolve after January 2020. It’s so dumb! They just keep pushing out the date. It used to be September 2019.

Hey Augur, hurry up and launch V2 so I place my future predictions already!

Oh… Jan 2 2020. That’s literally two days from now. Oh, cool! Well hopefully they don’t push back their launch date again.

I just subscribed to their newsletter. I’ll be placing a bet as soon as I can!

So yeah, until then, I’ll just bet my future self.

Will the next major version of Hatsune Miku feature a “Talkaloid” functionality? I say yes, and I bet my future self $20.

If I win the bet, I get to pull $20 out of my bank savings account and invest it in Bitcoin. If I lose the bet, I have to donate $20 to a charitable organization.

K that’s it for now. I’m grateful for good sleep, chocolate, and beer.

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