Tue Feb 2 2021

IDK how many days I missed journalling, but I want the missed days to stop. I want to write in here every day because it’s so important for me to get my stagnant thoughts out of my head-drive and process it and move past it.

So here’s the new idea. I’ll write every day for 25 minutes. Then after a short break, if I’m feeling it, I’ll write for another 25 minutes. The gratitude and affirmations are no longer going to be a requirement for me. The requirement is that I write. It doesn’t matter what. It could be a poem. It could be an angry rant. It could be a project summary or even an explanation of a new exciting porn I discovered.

I haven’t found a new porn, just to be clear!

Ironmouse shared a sneak peek of her new model

The closest thing to porn that I have seen today

Starship SN9 may fly today! I read something on Twitter that made me think otherwise, so it was a nice surprise to see Tim Dodd start up his stream this morning in anticipation for a possible test flight.

This morning, I worked on my light stand mount design

I am loving the capability that a 3D printer has given me. I literally spawn incorporeal ideas into physical existence with this thing!

I pulled of the QR code sticker that was on my Ender 3. It links to Creality’s website, but that’s completely unecessary. I am going to make a custom sticker for my Ender 3. I’m thinking of adding either brain, or a mustache. Oh yeah, I can just make stickers. Pretty cool, eh?

Super cool. So yeah, I modelled that battery bank bracket which attaches to the light stand mount using 14mm tabs. I’m going to add another pair of tabs to the top somewhere. I could keep it simple and have the tabs extruded from the top, which would essentially be a mirror of the bottom tabs, or I could make it more complex with tabs on the back side of the bracket which just like the bottom tabs, would rely on gravity and mate downward with another light stand clamp mount.

The latter design would require that the existing bottom brackets move back a little bit. It would probably require support material, as well.

Hmm.. The more I think about it, the more I think that simpler is better. I want the print time to be as short as possible. I want the design to be durable and easy to extend and work with other mounting interfaces. I’m thinking that top tabs is the way to go. Top tabs means that my design requires one more operation– a mirror of the bottom tabs, before it is complete. I like completed projects! I think I’m going to keep it simple.

This simple design would require a caveat. The clamp is tight against the 20mm light stand, but not so tight that it cannot slip. With the weight of the battery bank bracket, the clamps will likely slip downwards due to gravity. This means that the caveat is that the lower clamp must rest against the lower joint of the light stand in order to prevent the tabs of the battery bank bracket from slipping out and causing the battery bank to fall to the ground.

I think this caveat is acceptable. It’s not like mounting the battery bank needs to be a precision operation. If it was, a friction fit clamp would not be suitable, and something with thumbscrews would likely be the right choice. My problem that this project aims to solve is that I want my cameras and battery banks to be mounted to the light stands, so I can easily move them around without needing to worry about myself or other people tripping over cords, or having to pick up two tethered objects at once and keeping them all together.

It is very acceptable that the lower clamp be required to sit at the lowest point of the 20mm pipe section. If I want it to be higher, I can add extra clamps just to act as spacers. Or, I can create a version which attaches to the 15mm pipe section above. The only reason I can think of wanting to move the battery bank higher, is if the GoPro USB cables aren’t long enough. Either way, no big deal! I have a 3D printer… The world is my oyster!

I did some meditation. It was a very emotional session. I cried a lot and I felt happy and peaceful.

I also chanted Sanbutsuge and Juseige, and used http://flyingdeer.org for chanting the nembutsu.

I could have died right then and I would be fine with it, because I’m so pleased with how my life has been up to this point. I’m happy to have lived in comfort, I’m happy to have plenty of food to eat, a job I love, and to have known people who have been kind to me.

I made some wedding confetti last night, as a test to see what making a bunch of confetti for my sister’s K. wedding would entail. My sister A. is planning the wedding so I’m going through her. I sent her a couple images last night to show the sample.

My sister A. just sent me a text asking how much $$ I would need to make the confetti. Well here’s the thing… It’s a very labor intensive task! All the little letters require delicate handling with a sharp edge. Especially the R’s and O’s with the center paper cut-out which I have to very carefully discard.

LMAO the banana. I can’t stop laughing at the ridiculous of the, “banana for scale” meme. I mean, it gives a great general reference of size, but given the varying size of bananas there is little meaningful accuracy.

I’m smiling because I used the meme in a way that seemed inappropriate for the topic of a wedding, but so appropriate for my authentic self.

So apparently A. shared the photo with K. and K. loves it. So, WOOT! I’ve got another client. Well, I already had K&E as a client for the wedding because I’m doing their livestream for them. I’m thinking that if I can make this wedding livestream thing an semi-regular gig, I could add custom confetti as an upselling add-on!

It’s a very niche thing, custom confetti. I browsed for confetti a little bit on Etsy, and there are all sorts of custom holders for confetti. Cones seems to be a common thing. Paper cones with a custom inscription, or sheer fabric bags. Then the confetti is pretty simple. There’s circle confetti, or floral confetti. I don’t see any letters, though!

If I get the confetti job, I’ll be scaling up the size of the shapes. It looks like I will get the job, which is exciting! I just put it out there that my cutting machine is for hire with the hopes that I could get some extra $$. I can definitely do this sort of thing. Heck, if it takes me a day of just working the cutting machine in order to create sufficient amounts of confetti, that’ll be worth it. Well that is of course, granted that I charge enough money to cover my expenses and my time.

My goal is to get a new blade out of this project. My autoblade is getting dull.

I’ll need paper as well.

On Etsy, people who sell confetti make measurements by the handful. I’m thinking I’ll do something similar. I’ll make handful-size portions, which can be bagged. No hold up, I’ll bag it. But how many pages of paper will equal a handful?


Here’s a listing for confetti. 5 handfuls for $4.23. I could match that. I’m assuming that each handful gets it’s own bag? Yeah, I’ll operate on that assumption.

I weighed the confetti sample. It doesn’t even register on my shipping scale. Hmm… How to measure this? Just eyeballing the amount, it looks like 1 page is 1/5 of a handfull. So 5 pages would be a handful. That’s a rough estimate. It could be less, it could be more.

Fuck, ants are moving in. I am seeing more and more ants every day. I think I’ll have to commit genocide on an anthill, soon. They’re after me raisins! Luckily I have a good habit when it comes to storing raisins. I have ’em sealed tightly in a ziplock bag.

I’m finishing up for today.

Not gonna even write the affirmations and gratitude right now, because I went overtime. Kbye exelsior & all that jazz

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