Tue Jan 12 2021

Yesterday’s podcast recording went well. I think I have some work to do on audio levels. The only way I could get a clean signal from my desktop audio was if I cranked up my headphones– an action which was painful to my ears.

I know there’s gotta be a better way to go about this. Maybe it’s as simple as adding a hardware volume adjustment to my headphones, so I can get clean audio from my system, and not blow out my ears in the process.

I’m sure there must be an in-line audio adjustment box that exists. I’m not even going to bother looking because I’m so sure of it. hang on one sec there’s a spider.

I squished it.

Spiders don’t scare me at all.

Should I feel guilty for squishing the spider?

I don’t think I want to get into morals right now. But heck, I already got into morals so I guess I’ll pursue this train of thought for a moment.

The world is a battlefield. My existence alone means that shit has to die.

I don’t even know how to make this point. I don’t know if I even have a point.

Bottom line is that I don’t feel guilty. I did not welcome the spider into my home, and yet it was here. So I squished it. I did not value the spider’s life enough to spare it. And that’s that.

I put effort into valuing the life of animals. I don’t eat animals. I don’t consider insects animals, same with bees which I consider flying insects.

Why the fuck am I getting into this?

Have I nothing else to speak about?

My diet is N.O.Y.B!

I think I’m feeling moody. I only had two meals yesterday, and today I’m feeling hungy.

Notes from the podcast yesterday!

  • Donald Hoffman
  • What is prayer
  • What is your favorite writing utensil?
  • What is a frock
  • Carl Young
  • Abduction & Communion
  • Soul Nexus subreddit
  • Huxter
  • Psamls 50
  • Watchers over Phoenix
  • Smoking DMT
  • Numerology
  • Thelama Magician in 20’s England
  • Agape
  • DMT the Spirit Molecule
  • VOCALOID fediverse
  • Stock options trading
  • The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy Vorgons & Syprions
  • Nobel Prize stock imstakes black & scholls model
  • Wallstreet Bets subreddit
  • DST
  • Video grep
  • Red Dwarf
  • Sorcerer
  • Bitcoin
  • UFOs

I haven’t reviewed the footage yet. I hope the audio was sufficient enough!

Ironmouse had a 7 hour stream yesterday. That’s really incredible! I caught the tail end of it, after recording our podcast. I’ll be sure to watch a chunk of it today.

I’ll watch some of it while I jog in place for my morning exercise. It’s raining outside so I decided to skip the walk after I walked to the mailbox.

A jar of organic peanut butter arrived from Amazon. I lol at that, because I am well stocked on peanut butter at the moment. I received a box of peanut butter last week, and then I went grocery shopping with my mom and got some more peanut butter, and now I got this peanut butter.

I’ll eat it within a month, I’m sure! I go through a lot of peanut butter!

The box of peanut butter I got last week is Skippy brand. I’ve taken a liking to the taste, even knowing that it’s got a lot of added sugar and palm oil. I’m thinking I might keep that box for long term storage survival purposes, and resume purchasing jars of natural peanut butter. I like Adams brand, and there are some store brands which taste really good, as well.

1 or 2 ingredients is all peanut butter needs. Peanuts, and salt. Heck, 1 ingredient (peanuts) is probably my fav.

Today’s plan is to work on the DPC. Yesterday flew by so fast, that I missed a bunch of checkboxes. Therapy and the 4 hour podcast took a big chunk out of my working potential, and that’s perfectly fine. Yesterday was a great day and I hope to make today just as great!

I’m looking for a way to safely ship larger amounts of trading cards. So far, I’ve used leftover Dragon Shield sleeve boxes, but I haven’t been buying Dragon Shield lately, so I’m running out of those boxes. It would be nice to get something custom made, but that’s going to cost a lot, because most box manufacturing places require orders of thousands of boxes and a setup fee.

I looked on eBay and found a few sellers who sell their leftover boxes from MTG and Pokemon. Getting a deal on those is going to be difficult though. They usually want at least a dollar per box, which is not economically feasible.

Buyee finished reducing the size of my package. In doing so, I see that the multitude of shipping options have shrunk to only 1– DHL. It’s going to cost $375 to ship that thing! Fuck!

I figure that my original plan to split the contents of the box into 2 boxes wouldn’t save me any money. It’s still going to be the same weight, and the shipping for a 20lbs box via sea mail is about half the cost of what it will cost to send via DHL.

So like, $150 for 3 month sea mail, twice. Or $375 for 1 week DHL, once. DHL is not a bad option, all facts considered.

The only problem now, is money. I’ve spent most of my $600 economic stimulus check already. There’s no way I can shell out 94% of my monthly rent payment, and just hope that I’ll be able to make the money back. I’ve already got a $100 ebay payment coming up in 3 days… There’s just no way!

The box will have to sit at Buyee for awhile. With any luck, maybe EMS option will open up! I think EMS is usually less expensive than DHL.

I think it’s time for breakfast!

I ate two large bananas, about a tablespoon of peanut butter, and a handfull of chilli flavored pistachios.

Then I immediately brushed my teeth, because that’s what I do after eating when I’m at home.

Why everything so expensive?

Food, books, cellphones, clothes, weddings… It cost too much to live!

I brought up weddings because my sister K. is having her wedding this year in my parent’s backyard. My sister A. just texted me, asking if I had the capability of doing a livestream of the wedding.

Why yes, that is something that I can do! And I want to do it, too!

There are going to be some challenges to overcome, though.

  1. Internet bandwidth.
  2. Video Camera(s)
  3. Tripods
  4. AC Power


I could stream from my data connection, but there would definitely be troubles with buffering. I don’t think I could get a consistent connection with just my phone acting as a hotspot.

Video Camera(s)

I think a wedding livestream would be best with at least 2 cameras. One camera up on the podium with bride & groom, one camera on the audience and the aisle, and one bonus camera could get a wide shot, filming the entire scene.

I would love to use OBS for this task, and switch between cameras.

Depending on the type of video cameras (cell phones?) this would also incur a WiFi depencency,


A still camera always captures the best images. I would need a tripod for every camera.

AC Power

Assuming I’d be using my laptop to encode and stream, I’d need a power outlet to plug into, as the battery only lasts 2 hours, tops.

The Wifi router would need power, too.

The easy way

The easiest method of doing a livestream would be to use someone’s cellphone. I could install streamlabs’ app, and stream to whatever platform the bride & groom chooses.

But when do I ever choose easy?

I want to use a system with a laptop, a wifi hotspot, wifi cameras, and wireless lapel mics on the bride & groom.

The problem with this is… money. Why everything gotta be so expensive!?

heading dependency

Whenever I use headings in my blog entries, I have to commit to it. I can’t just use a heading for one topic, then avoid headings later in the post. Any change of topic would fall under the most recently used heading, which means that the content becomes completely unorganized. I can’t have that!

research time

I think internet is going to be the biggest factor which makes or breaks this live stream. To solve that problem, I’m going to research a load balanced internet connection. I would like to have two or three hotspots, all working together to deliver one stable internet connection on which to stream.

I know it’s out there. Linus Tech Tips did a feature on a service that offers this. It’s used for remote concerts and such, so vendors can make credit card transactions and whatever else the internet might be needed for.

Again, $$$ ! I don’t know what sort of budget I’ll have to work with, but I’m sure there’s a solution with an acceptible price tag.


I’m grateful for a pantry full of food. I don’t have to worry about my next meal, I don’t have to hurt from hunger.

I’m grateful for my sister who finds value in my skillset. It feels good to be valued, and I appreciate her thinking of me.

I’m grateful for magic-wormhole. I’m using it right now to transfer last night’s ironmouse VOD from my VPS to my laptop.

I’m grateful for my customers. Today I shipped 34 cards, which makes that the biggest order of the week. If only every day could be like this!

43. Others’ feelings are not my own. I am a separate, important, individual.

36. I accept myself.
35. I choose to take good care of myself.

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