Tue Jan 19 2021

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I’m really struggling to get to work today. My sister A. sent me $400 for livestream equipment for my sister K.’s wedding. I’ve been going on a virtual shopping spree since yesterday, and the feeling I’m getting from spending money is intoxicating!

I just don’t want to stop! “Oh I could use this… Oh that would be a great camera!”

*buy it now*

*add to cart*



I’m using Purse.io where possible, so I can get the best deal. I slid the savings slider to 30% on a couple orders. The estimated time for an earner to buy the order is 10+ days, but that’s completely fine given that the wedding is 4 months away.

May 15th is the date, and it’s pretty much set in stone. The vendors are hired for that date, so I was confident in placing my equipment rental for that calendar date.

2 GoPro hero8 black cameras, and 2 rode wireless GO lapel mics.

I’m surprised that my sister A. opted for the lapel mic option! I put that in my ultimate idea that I drafted on paper, but that was my all-out idea. I had more budget ideas, too.

I guess she trusts my suggestions. I didn’t end up presenting the “good, better, best” ideas that I had thought about. The good idea was just a cellphone streaming to the internet. I really did not want to do the good option because it would have omitted OBS, the software that I wanted to use the most.

I only presented the, “BEST” option. lollers.

I think I’m bogging down my VPS that hosts WordPress. It has too many tasks, including twitch & chaturbate livestream capturing, and WordPress.

The good option would have have had shitty audio, and I’m not good with producing something with shitty audio. There’s a reason I bought a Modmic uni!

Bruh, I’m so stoked. I’m having trouble containing my excitement. I’m getting a 3D printer, two rental GoPro cameras, a battery bank, two Edimax EW-7722UTn wifi adapters, two 128GB sd cards, a HDMI to USB capture card, a Volbox, AUX cable, Gaffer’s tape, and velcro cable organization straps…

Bruh, this is too kickass! This stream is going to be amazing!

One thing that is in the air is whether or not I’m going to use my laptop for Speedify, or if I’ll need to run Speedify on a different computer. I could buy a Raspberry Pi 4 for this task, but that’ll be around $100 and I’m already getting close to my budget limit.

In a way, I’m already overbudget, because I bought a $160 3D printer. If I consider the 3D printer to be purchased with my stimulus check rather than the wedding budget, I’m in the clear. Yeah, I think I’ll do that. The 3D printer is a business investment, after all.

Yeah, I’ll have to do some testing. IDK if my laptop can handle all these video streams, and the wifi connections and the Speedify app. It would be nice to have a RPi handle networking, but that’ll be a lot more setup, should I go that route.

One really great thing about buying an RPi now… I won’t have to buy a case/enclosure for the mainboard! I’ll have a 3D printer… I can just print out an enclosure! So fucking stoked!

I bought a couple USB extension thingies, so I can connect the printer to my computer and run a cable to wherever I set up the printer. OMG, I don’t know where I’m going to put the printer! I’ve got so little spare room in my apartment. I’m definitely going to have to do some reorganizing and compressing or disposal of the existing stuff that I have in here. I could really use a table… Yeah, I would like that a lot. I’d like a sturdy table for crafts and the 3D printer, and I’d like to dump my stoopid Shitra futon and get a proper Japanese futon that will take less space when stowed, and be way more comfortable.

That was a run-on paragraph!

Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh


I’m putting together a checklist for the big day. I’m a huge fan of checklists now, after having used my DPC for as long as I have been. I just added these two items to the list

  • [ ] Enable High Performance mode on laptop
  • [ ] Set fan speed to 100% on laptop

When the big day rolls around, I’m not fuckin’ around! I’m going to make sure that I do everything I can do to ensure a good stable stream.

M. and J. aren’t going to make it to the wedding. They’ll be in Hawaii! So hopefully I’ll have everything dialed in to where they will be able to enjoy the stream should they choose to tune in live.

But yeah, the checklist will be really great for me. I usually get really nervous for big events like this. I start to wonder if this or that is going to work, or whether or not I did this or that correctly. In the case of the wedding, I’m thinking of things like the network connections, or whether or not I charged a battery… Oh, I need a checklist for the day before the event!

I made that checklist, and I also made a checklist for the day after. Mostly just for returning borrowed equipment.

Did I mention I’m stoked? LOL

I’m wearing a Code in the Dark 2019 Spokane shirt. I participated in both 2018 and 2019. I wonder if there was a 2020 edition? It likely would have been online only. I didn’t even check. I would not have gone to a online-only event, because I think that defeats the whole purpose of CiTD. It’s a social event for designers and hackers!

I installed glances just now. I wanted to see how my computer is performing. Right now my fans are at 100%, because I was just talking about the checklist for enabling performance mode on my laptop… It sounds like my computer is busy doing something because of that. Anyway, it’s not. it’s mostly idling, with the CPU usage sitting at around 5%.

I wonder what it’ll be like when I’ve got four to six cameras piping their feeds into OBS… I’m going to go ahead and make the prediction that the CPU will be fine, but the GFX card will be taxed to the max!

Oh shit, I don’t have a way of measuring GFX performance on this laptop. Benchmarking, I guess it would be? But no, I want to see usage while a graphics intensive task is being performed. Maybe the Nvidia control panel would do that.

Hmm.. I wonder if there are any optimizations that I can do on my laptop to ensure a smooth OBS experience.

Driver updates? Latest OBS version? I think I’ll add those things to another checklist… the wet-rehearsal checklist for when I have the two GoPro cameras, lapel microphones, and HDMI camera, should there be such a camera.

Ok then. I keep looking into wedding livestream stuff, and I think I’m distracting myself by doing so. I’ve got shit on my mind and it’s bothering me.

I had the thought today while I walked.

“I am disgusting.”

I thought the thought, and I felt the shame that comes with it. I stopped walking, immediately overwhelmed at the thought that I could never move past the idea of being disgusting.

I labelled myself as disgusting, rather than saying that I did something disgusting or that I have a disgusting habit. A label like that is permanent, as long as I assert that it is true.

I thought about it, then I decided to remove the label. I’m not disgusting, I have just made a habit of doing some disgusting things… Or rather, I’ve made the habit of doing nothing when it comes to cleaning my bathroom. From my inaction, my bathroom becomes a disgusting mess.

Yep, I’m pretty ashamed about that. I’m ashamed to have people over because it probably smells. If not the bathroom, something else in my apartment will smell. Like fart clouds or body odor or dust, I couldn’t host a party here. First of all, it’s like 200 square feet in here, so it would be uncomfortable for just about anything. Then like I mentioned, I don’t keep it very clean.

I’m getting better in some ways. The place where my inventory goes gets a lot of attention for dust removal. My sink is kept dish-free, because I clean up after every meal.

Ehh… I think I’m at a plateau. It’s not like I have a goal to keep my apartment clean. I’ve simply adopted a few rules like doing dishes after every meal, or keeping as many things off the floor as possible, or using shelves rather than making piles. I’m not actively improving this area and I think that is something I can do better about.

IDK how, though. Cleaning has never been a strong suit of mine. I don’t want to clean, either.

Well, I just brought up how disgusting my bathroom is. Do I want to continue operating as if it’s always going to be this way? Nobody is going to clean it for me… Unless I have extra $$$ on a regular basis, at which point, why the fuck am I still living here?

Yeah, I want extra $$$ on a regular basis! Then I wouldn’t have to clean! I could just pay someone to clean for me.

Yeah. Fuck yeah. I want that. I want an office building with an apartment, and a weekly cleaning service! Fuck yeah!

Ok then, there’s another goal.


/me facepalms as I use this dead meme to try and be cool

26. I am a good person.
25. Every day, in every way, I am becoming better and better

48. I affirm my position as a unique and talented individual who is worthwhile and provides meaning to others in my relationships and I am operating in a nominal fashion.

LMAO that is so verbose and I love it!

I am grateful for glances. sudo snap install glances my dude!

I’m grateful for dip. Like, chip dip. Hummus is my favorite. Or no, is it salsa? No! Guacamole! No, refried beans!! OMG SO MANY CHOICES OF GOOD DIPS!

I’m grateful for bananas. I nom nom them a lot and I love them.


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