Tue Jan 28 2020

12:01 PM. I just woke up and I’m getting warmed up before I shower and go to group therapy. I’m not training today as it’s my second cheat day of the week. I have taken a liking to taking a couple days off of training, as it seems to help my body refresh and repair itself.

I’m feeling bittersweet about January coming to an end. With January’s close, that also means a close to Jamuary2020. I have been really enjoying making a track every day, and the tracks I’m left with are very pleasing.

I made some tracks that I’m really proud of. I worked hard on a lot of them, and I surprised myself with some of the riffs, some of the lyrics, and some of the technical attributes.

One thing Jamuary has taught me is that I’m more capable than I give myself credit for. I don’t know the advanced parts of music theory. I don’t know a lot of terminology and I’m probably missing some of the basics, but I practice music production and that alone makes me a real musician!

I’m a music producer indeed, and I’m proud to be so. Into February I will take with me a passion for music production. I’m not going to continue to make tracks every day. I will likely spend more time working on my entrepreneurial tasks instead of music production. However, I will satisfy my every urge to make a new track, should the urge arise.

I make the best music when I’m in the mood. I remember the days when I was very busy (day 20,) the days when I was angry (day 18,) and the days I was tired (day 07.) Those jams might have a titch of charm, but overall they don’t compare to my proudest days such as 02, 04, 24, 26, 27. I’ll use this fact and only work on a track when I’m feeling it.

I gotta get ready for group now. More later!

Group was good. I went to the recycling center afterwards and dropped off a box full of tin cans. It felt good to get rid of that box which was taking up precious space in my mudroom. Oh shit, I just realized I forgot to take the box of batteries that I’ve been holding onto! Oh well, I’ll make another trip sometime.

Last night I reorganized my storage shelf. It was in what I now refer to as the forgotten corner. It was back in that corner and collecting dust and spider nests. I emptied the shelf and put it right in the middle of my apartment. It’s the most prominent thing in the room now. The top three shelves are now meant for incoming inventory, whereas the bottom two are meant for items listed on eBay which are pending a sale.

I don’t have a good way to label these shelves. I had this same issue when I worked at Industrial Communications because they used the same types of inventory storage shelves. The paint coating on the steel frame isn’t compatible with 99% of adhesive out there. It’s totally adhesaphobic! I just made that word up. Maybe hydrophobic is the more accurate description? I don’t know. The point is that stickers or tape or even the stickiest of duct tape doesn’t stick to this coating, so it’s very difficult to label the shelves.

I think I need some sort of clamping label holder if I am to successfully label these shelves. Right now, my inventory is small enough to where I can get away with not using shelf labels. In the future, I’m going to have hundreds of items listed on eBay, so labels will be essential for me to retrieve items.

This is similar to what Cincinnati Picker does. He uses a bunch of plastic totes on his inventory storage shelves, each with a 2 digit code such as A1. In each of his listings, he cleverly hides the inventory location by mentioning it at the end of a sentence. To the untrained eye, the shelf location might appear to be a model number or model variation.

I have seen other sellers hide inventory shelf locations in item attributes. I’m not a fan of that, because item attributes are meant to be there for buyers to better find what they’re looking for.

I just finished Japanese study for the day. I did one practice lesson on duolingo. 三時ごろ食べます。Oh hey, I should totally start writing in Japanese more often! That is an important part of learning a language… Actually using it!

That’s part of the reason why I want to go to Sangha service on sunday. There are japanese words used in the service, and there is occasionally (1 or 2 times a year) native Japanese speakers who come and provide a spoken message.

It’s mostly an English service, but it is based on Japanese culture, of which I am a fan!

I know how to get there now, and where to park. They have street parking, but there is a city park across the street which I am inclined to park at. I could even go the park before or after the service and do some meditation on my own!

I was really anxious during group therapy today. B. asked me to tally up the number of bullet points on several different pages which applied to what the group thought applied to a situation. I was having trouble concentrating, trouble following what was being agreed upon, and trouble keeping calm. I think I drank too much coffee beforehand.

The prompting event was that I was called upon to keep tally of topics being discussed. My interpretation was that I was seen as a logical, reliable person. The physical vulnerability was that I was overcaffinated. My biological changes were that my heart rate increased, and I had an urge to say I wasn’t feeling up to the task, but I didn’t say anything.

My expressions were tense shoulder muscles, tense forehead, tense neck. I couldn’t keep my foot still. My words and actions were I clammed up. I couldn’t follow along very well with what the group was doing.

This emotion was ???

I don’t even want to talk about it. I want a nap. I’m going to play squad in an hour so I think I’m going to go ahead and do just that.

Not enough hours in the day! At least I got my sewing machine working again. I’m really happy to have done that. This gives me great hope for the $25 SINGER sewing machine that I bought from Value Village yesterday. With any luck, I’ll be able to refurbish that and sell it for profit.

Additionally, I have a phone I am going to fix soon! Probably tomorrow seeing as how this day is flying by so fast. To be fair, I only just woke up at 11:30AM, and I had a couple outings and errands, so there was a lot going on.

But yeah, I fixed my sewing machine! I am really happy about that. Now I know that I can just fix it again in the future, should something go wrong. Now I know exactly how to adjust the hook and needle timing! I really like the machine’s design. It is super simple to adjust, thanks to a clever gear mechanism. I don’t even have to mess with any belts, all I gotta do is loosen three screws and then rotate the lower gear until the hook lines up with the needle. The service manual and YouTube was instrumental in me figuring it all out!

I’m going to lie down for about an hour now. Then I’ll play squad then finish Brandon’s belt then fix a phone! Or whatever I can get to before I decide to call it a night. I acquired another broken oneplus one this morning via eBay. $19.99 shipped! I buy about every phone I see at this price as long as everything but the screen works. I can get screens for about $30, and hopefully sell the phone for $150.

I’m planning on setting up the software just how I would like it, and hope that other people would like it as well. I’m thinking this configuration could have value among like-minded shoppers who are looking to free themselves from Google.

OnePlus One – 64GB Sandstone Black – Google-free AOSP Unlocked LineageOS MicroG

  • Carrier Unlocked
  • Unlocked Bootloader
  • TWRP Recovery
  • SuperSU (root)
  • LineageOS
  • No Google Service Framework
  • No Google Play
  • MicroG
  • Aurora Store
  • F-Droid

I’ma pre-load all this software on the phone so it’s nice and easy for the buyer to get apps without needing Google. Of course, if they want to practice good opsec, they would factory reset it the moment they got it, but I think a lot of people don’t even think to do that. My mom didn’t do that with a phone she gave to me to donate to goodwill. Luckily because of the goodboy I am, I wiped it for her.

Speaking of which, that phone still hasn’t sold! I suppose I should lower the price. Done! Just lowered it from 87 to 79. And of course, best offers are accepted! Least I’ll take is $25.

It’s 7:50 now. To the couch for a meditation or nap until 8:30!

Next I would like to talk about missing CoDA today. I showed up 2 minutes late. The door was locked, as is displayed on a sign. The fucked up thing was that as I was walking to the door, someone was let in. I was running up to the door as they went in, and by the time I got to the door, it was locked and the people disappeared. I didn’t feel welcome. I rang the doorbell and nobody answered. I saw a sign that said to text someone. I got out my phone and typed in the number. A kid ran up to the door then walked away. I didn’t feel welcome. I don’t want to give anybody my phone number. I was panicking so I walked back to my truck to calm down.

I didn’t feel welcome. I was ashamed to be 2 minutes late. I went home. I don’t want to talk about it.

I took a nap. Matt can’t play, he’s out of town with a friend. Puddles said he’ll play, but he’s not on yet. I want to finish this journal entry but I’m so behind schedule and I need to reboot into Windows. Ahg, I’m freaking out for no good reason. Mindfulness and all that shit, yadda yadda.

Yadda yadda means roughly, “I don’t want to” in Japanese. It’s what kids cry out when they’re flailing their arms and legs having a temper tantrum.


It’s 3:35AM on wednesday. I didn’t get to my target word count but that’s okay every now and again. Today was a busy day. More tomorrow.

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