Tue Jan 5 2021

I did it! I checked off every item on my Daily Progress Chart (DPC) yesterday!

  • Pick n Pack
  • Exercise
  • Bathe
  • Meditation
  • Vitamins
  • Journal x2
  • Sbtp-loyalty
  • Futureporn x4
  • twitch
  • socialize x2
  • wiki
  • yoga x3

Feels good! I did a hack to finish off the day. I did 2, 5 minute yoga sessions at 11:30PM, followed by 25 minutes of twitch (tank game) programming which bled into Tuesday. By my rules, I started the pomodoro session on Monday, so that means it counts towards monday! Had I done twitch coding first, I wouldn’t have had the time to squeeze in 2 yoga sessions, and I wouldn’t have checked everything off!

Today I’m going to check off everything, and I won’t need a hack, because I’ll be using my updated DPC which doesn’t allow for the 16 hour workdays that I was doing up until yesterday. Futureporn is limited to 4 pomodoro sessions, which is just under 2 hours.

Moderation! I am looking forward to feeling better, because I will be more relaxed, more able to sleep, I’ll have a better sleep schedule, and more socializing opportunitites.

Speaking of socializing.. I asked my friend Mindsforge to record a podcast with me, and he agreed! It was actually his idea which he brought up probably 2 years ago. I’m just now getting to a comfort level where I am okay with talking to people via video calls.

The date is tentative, but I’m seeing if Thursday at 6PM works for him.

I initiated a buyee shipment! It cost $142 and change to get shipped via seamail (60+ days.) The only other option, DHL, would have cost $300! At triple the cost, seamail is really the only option.

Speaking of shipments… I was wrong the other day when I concluded that I didn’t have any buyee shipments enroute. I actually have one on it’s way! It’s been delayed, at over 100 days in transit at this point, but as of Jan 2, it is in Greenacres! From the tracking data, it sounded like USPS is holding the package for me. I’m thinking maybe they’re going to send one of those little cards that tells me to pick it up a the post office? Hopefully they’ll just drop it off this week, though. A big package is going to be hard for me to transport without a car.

I’ll find out soon enough! Today I have a couple orders to ship out. TRP is really treating me well! That and the economic stimulus check. I remember seeing a ton of sales during the first stimulus check.

8AM I’ll be out at the mailbox, and I’ll see what’s what.

Speaking of the mailbox, yesterday I received my Antlion ModMic Uni. It’s got worse audio than my other lapel mic but it’s at a higher aplification, and the microphone rejects sound from angles it isn’t pointing at. In other words, it collects sound from my voice, but not sound on the other side.. that side being where my noisy laptop is at.

I worded that poorly LOL. I think I got the point across, though.

I completed the first iteration of Futureporn’s ripper and transcoder. Next is the builder component, which is going to be responsible for generating the static html website, and uploading it to neocities. So stoked! 12 factor apps are really exciting to work with. This is definitely the furthest I’ve ever gone in actually creating and deploying a 12 factor app. The ripper and transcoder are both stateless Docker containers, and they actually work! That’s a first for me!

Well I’m giving myself a figurative pat on the back right now. Cancel that, I made it a literal pat on the back.

Today I did some yoga with Kassandra.

In the video, Kassandra urged me to choose an intention for my practice, and boil it down to one word. I chose, “valuable” which is what I want to become. I already value myself intensely. I am so happy with my skillset and my good behaviors and my persistence, and I want to expand that value to other people, so I can become financially stable, independent, and move the fuck out!

I want to move to Idaho, get a flat, and carry on with my wonderful business. I want to code a lot, and do eBay a little. I want to find people who are eager to give me money for the value that I can generate for their product or brand. I want to make more projects like futureporn. I want to take on VTuber and twitch streamer brands, Otaku merchandice companies, anime studios as clients, and build websites and interactive experiences for them.

Futureporn is a step in that direction. Twitch Tanks (tank-game) is another step in that direction. With these projects, I will proudly show the world what I am capable of creating. With a monthly subscription fee, I can extend similar projects to your brand or company!

That’s the goal.

Also I wrote some SBTP goals for myself. I know I said I don’t do new ywar’s resolutions, but I did it anyway because one of my customers asked if I had any plans or resolutions for this year. So here it is. 2021 is the year when I want to translate 100% of all Prememo cards into English. I have stepping stones for that goal. The first is to launch sbtp.xyz. The launch will consist of a card database, and an English translated rulebook.

Next comes customer rewards. It’ll incentivise customers to visit the site and claim their rewards, and see all that the site has to offer.

Next comes the trading system. It might actually be part of customer rewards, where the customers can gift their pending prizes their friends, or convert them to petal points to redeem a different prize.

Finally, the translation system. I along with my customers can submit translations to the card database, creating a multi-lingual repository of all card text. Customers are rewarded with petal points for their contributions, which they can use to redeem prizes.

That’s what 2021 is going to be about. Projects, projects, projects. Earn money, grow my money through investments, and build my brand.

I’m going to bring Precious Memories TCG to the USA, and the world!

But first, the USA. Baby steps, LOL! I first have to achieve goal 1 before I can move on!

Wow, that was a good yoga flow! Perfectly timed, too. Just as I was about to give up from the intensity of fast repetitive sun salutations, the sun salutations were over and we moved into a slower pace set of poses.

Just got an e-mail saying that I sold a VOCALOID trading cards via eBay. I think it was from a buyer who placed several offers yesterday, and they just paid.

It’s going to feel good to go outside today. I think it rained all day yesterday, and the snow is probably melted. If it’s dry, today would be perfect for going to the grocery store! I’m all out of oatmeal, a staple food in my diet.

I feel really good! It’s thanks to me actually my DPC, and doing yoga. My back and shoulders get so stiff from sitting so much.

Hmm, I wonder if it would be possible to do yoga during every break? I know I only have 3 yoga slots per day, but what if I did 18 yoga sessions per day? Even if it’s a 2 minute session, I think those tiny sessions spread throughout the day would do wonders on my body. I’m just noticing today how much work my lower back has to do to transition from forward fold to mountain pose.

I haven’t been doing enough of those moves lately, and I think that might be part of why I’ve been feeling so anxious while I work on the computer for several hours every day. I feel it in my gut. I feel an urge to eat when I feel it, but I know it’s not hunger. I think eating would cause that part of my body to essentially, “shut up” and stop sending my brain messages that it doesn’t feel good, because it would be busy processing food.

Again, it’s not a feeling of hunger. I think it’s a feeling of weakness. My gut is weakened by sitting in a chair all day. The muscles aren’t engaged, they aren’t firing or moving, they’re just being a mush and I’m giving them permission to be a mush. But mush isn’t strength, and mush isn’t what those muscle groups are meant to be. Mush is the lack of strength. So in becoming weak, those muscle groups are suffering, because they are not fulfilling their purpose. I think that suffering manifests as anxiety.

Pseudo science alert!

…But that’s okay. This is my fucking blog and I can type whatever the fook I wanna type!

I heard that there’s going to be some sort of government declassification of UFO cases in 180 days. That’s pretty exciting! IDK what it entails, really, so I’m not feeling very compelled to write on the subject.

Basically, I believe Bob Lazar’s story. I’m convinced that the craft seen in the Nimitz Encounters were of extraterrestrial origin. There are some other compelling UFO encounters as well, such as the Bentwaters case.

But this is all just armchair investigations and shit. From my perspective, I mean. I don’t think I’m adding anything to the subject by simply agreeing with viewpoints in said stories. So I’ll skip writing about the subject, for now.

Bitcoin! I like bitcoin. I hope that Filecoin does well. Actually I’m pretty sure that Filecoin will do well. As long as Juan Benet is alive, I’m … is it bull or bear? Fuck that fucking idiom, it’s so difficult to remember which is which. I say we deprecate the bear and bull idiom!

I think optimistic or pessimistic are better replacements. I’m optimisitic on Filecoin.

I’m pessimistic on the US Dollar. I’m pessimistic on the US Federal government.

THANK GOODNESS that the UK judge stopped Julian Assange’s extradition to the Nazi USA. Oh shit, nazi is a pretty good parallel to today. Nazi USSR or some shit, IDK. I’m bad at history.

But no really, free speech being banned would be the wet dream of some people in politico. Dissent would be the new ultimate crime, of which the punishment is DEATH.

Kinda like China?

IDK. IDK. Well fuck, I’ll do what I can to slow the process of tyranny. IDK if it can be fought, given how so many people are willing to give their power away and “vote for freedom” etc.

Revolution! The only solution! The armed response of an entire nation!

System of a Down

But yeah, I’m super pessimistic on the USA. I’m seeing signs that this is an empire in decline. Jobs don’t earn people living wages anymore. Less and less people have a desire to work. More and more people expect the government to be the daddy and provide everything for them. Healthcare is not affordable to anybody but billionaires. Buying a home means taking on an incredible amount of debt. The rich are buying property just to protect the value of their money, because the money system is so shit that it loses 10% of it’s value every year, and that rate increases every year.

There’s a popular culture for consumption, but not one for creation. Recycling is often faked, just like how shopping bag collection at grocery stores go straight into the trash.

There’s a lot of issues and not a lot of solutions for those issues, because solving the issues by forming a company because there are so many barriers and red tape to doing so.

I haven’t even formed a company, because I can’t afford to do so. The whole system is backwards, and always will be, so long as most people continue operating with the idea that everything needs to be regulated.

Sound money, Free markets, Voluntary interaction. Teh new gold standard!

It’ll be that way eventually. Everything operates on a cycle. We’re in bureaucracy right now. Next comes chaos. Then after that, order. Then the cycle repeats again.

So all I can do is be happy in this moment, and be free in this moment.



I’m grateful for… my freedom and my happiness in this moment! I’m grateful that I can reject what other people tell me. I can reject being told how to feel. I can reject what I’m hearing that 2020 was a terrible year. I can reject notions that life was terrible and it’s the worst thing every and blah blah blah. REJECTION!

I’m grateful for the PNG data format. Did you know that PNG was invented in 1997 by Bill L. Hicks? Did you also know that I made that up, and I have no idea when PNG was invented or by whom? Well now you know! But no really, png is nice because it lets me use a transparent background. Also it’s come some compression stuff. IDK the details but it’s a nice format.

I’m grateful for… Fuck, idk! I’m greatful for the word fuck! It’s a nice word, full of whatever definition I want to attach to it. It can be used for emphasis, it can be used for REJECTION, it can be used for talking about hot & kinky sex. It’s pretty nice.

36. I can reject things I don’t like, while simultaneously appreciating another viewpoint.

Sure, why not!? My affirmations are getting weird, but that’s okay.

50. I will do my absolute best in all things.
49. I choose to be proud of myself.

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