Tue Jul 14 2020


Business crisis.

My internet is out because my bill is overdue. My bank balance is zero. My Paypal balance is $200. My eBay bill of ~$180 is due tomorrow. My $400 rent is due in 15 days.

This is a crisis, but I think I already figured out how I’m going to get through it.

I’m selling cryptocurrency assets.

I’m going to make deals with my repeat customers on eBay.

I’m going to let my PS Vita go for a rock bottom price. I’m going to slash prices on Precious Memories booster packs.

I’m going to convert two booster boxes to booster packs.

I’m going to go on twitter and tweet that I’m making deals today. To all 6 followers, LOL.

Ok maybe not Twitter.

Last month, I was in a similar situation as today. Last month on or around the 15th, I was at zero dollars in my paypal account. I pulled myself up by my bootstraps, drove sales and ended the month with around $500 in that paypal account.

To be honest, I don’t think I can repeat last month. I think last month’s success had a lot to do with timing. People were upset about the world, and flocked to eBay to make comfort purchases.

I can’t think that way. There are too many variables to pinpoint one reason why June 2020 was so good for sales.

The reality is that my store had a huge setback at the start of July. I’m 14 days in, and I still haven’t recovered from the loss of my 2,092 listings.

It’s not looking good. Sales this week are way down. Sales last week were way down, too. I don’t know if I can continue this business for much longer. I made two big fuckups recently, and that might be enough to cause me to capitulate.

The first fuckup was accidentally ending 2,092 listings. The second fuckup was refusing to budget my money, and overspending on product acquisitions.

It’s a cash flow problem, but it’s one that could be fatal.

I think I’ll pull through this month, but I’m not sure about the next month. My sales are plummeting and I’m having to take on another expense– food.

I’m thinking that a part time job is inevitable at this point. I really don’t want to. I’m not even sure I have the will to put up with a PT job. I might prefer homelessness over a PT job.

I thought about homelessness as I walked to the mailbox today where I deposited two packages which will profit me under $5.

I felt the wind and the cool air, and realized that that feeling is what my home would become.

It might be okay today, because today’s weather is sunny and warm. But soon enough, the weather will become intolerable and I will find the outdoors unacceptable as a home.

I’d need a shelter of some kind. I started to think about a tow behind shelter. Could such a thing be viable for a bicycle? How quickly would it be stolen from me?

Maybe a tent is the answer.

But then again, weather will quickly become an issue if I am to live outdoors.

Then there’s the issue of my laptop. My laptop is a power hog. It’s battery only lasts about two hours, tops. It’s bulky and heavy and I’d absolutely require a power outlet to run my business.

Perhaps I could store my laptop at a self-storage facility? I could store my products there, along with my laptop. I’d show up for an hour or two every day to process orders, then I’d leave the laptop until the next day.

Power would be an issue. I don’t think self-storage units have power outlets.

Shared office space? I could get one of those offices with a locker, and leave my laptop there. Then I could print out pick lists which I would take to the self-storage unit where I would pack and ship.

That’s so many steps to get something done that I can quickly and easily do from home.


I need a free home.


Selling my crypto assets is my second to last lifeline. Every month I’m using a lifeline. This business is obviously not self-supporting.

The last lifeline I know of is the snowtires in my parent’s shop. They belonged to the Suburban I sold. My dad wants me to sell them, or he will sell them himself.

There is a pair of snowtires on wheels, and there is a pair of snowtires by themselves. If I sell them, I could probably get several hundred dollars.

I’ve got this customer who is explaining to me the story line and sex details of this hentai he is reading.

TMI, bakka!

I’m just going along with it because he’s a good customer and I want him to know that I care about his interests.

I found some common ground to talk about. I watched Astarotte no Omocha! a few years back which has a similar premise to the hentai my customer was talking about.


I reduced all my multi-card collection prices to $7.92. I should probably charge more for those, but this is a FIRE SALE because things are CRITICAL right now!

I gotta let things go right now for market prices, not collector prices.

I shot a message to the collector who purchased anohana booster packs from me in the past. They spent as much as $60 for a booster pack at one point. I’m offering them 11 packs at $8 per pack, so I think I have a good chance of making $88 from them.

We’ll see.

I think that customer does what I do– buy and sell collectibles. I’m making that assumption based on their 600+ eBay feedback, and their username. They don’t have an eBay store though. Maybe they recently capitulated? Maybe they have a separate account for selling? Maybe they wanted to rebrand so they created a new name?

Whatever the reason, it’s whatever. It doesn’t matter as long as I can provide them with something they are interested in buying.

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