Tue Mar 9 2021

Hey Vsauce, Chris here.

I’m working on a VTuber video compilation which I’m going to entitle, “Disgusted VTubers”

The idea came from the plethora of compilation channels that are out there. People running those channels can make actual money by releasing quality videos on the regular. It is my dream to have this comf lifestyle where I get to sit in front of a computer all day and rake in the dough.

Part of realizing that dream means that I have to automate things. I’ve begun my automation career with my tweetbot. It completely automated a weekly process that would take me about 30 minutes, and I’m really proud of it.

Say, I just had an idea for a new tweetbot feature. A weekly poll which asks the users of their favorite anime series! I can automate this by having it choose series at random from my Prememo wiki https://wiki.sbtp.xyz/en/prememo/setlist

It can pick 3 or 4 random sets, automatically create a poll, then aggregate the responses somehow, and report back to me on what anime are trending.

Holy shit, that’s actually a really great idea!

I think I will build this into my new project, tweetbot-saas

Oh actually, that project is closed source, so it’s a bit silly for me to link it!

Holy shit, I just got completely distracted with other shit. I’m supposed to be in journalling mode right now!

Ok so… What to write about?

Oh yeah, the tweetbot! Pretty great idea, if I do say so myself. I think I could find people who are willing to pay $5 a month for a tweetbot. I make the software, I publish, people pay for the service.

The user creates an account, logs in via Twitter to get write permissions, then they log in via eBay to get eBay read permissions, then they create a campaign which will automatically promote one of their eBay listings as often or as sparingly as they desire.

Oh shit, Ironmouse just went live. Sorry, gotta go!

JK I will stick around until she shows up. Right now she’s just showing her intro screen which is a common thing in streamer industry. Start the stream so the notifications go out and viewers have time to read them. Then, after several minutes pass and viewers arrive, the streamer appears.

I’m going to do that very same thing when I do the live wedding broadcast for my sister’s wedding.

I’m so stoked for that! Let’s see… How long until the wedding?

Oh shit, it’s only about a month away!

It’s May 9th today. The wedding is on June 15. Omg I thought June came after May for a second there!

Ok it’s 2 months away.

It’s going to be good!

Oh that reminds me, I am in need of a lead acid battery for my Uninterruptible Power Supply. I can’t have my wifi access point going down in the event of the gas generator hiccuping! The likelihood of that is low, but I’m not about to take any chances. I have one shot to get this livestream right!

What are the potential failure points?

  • Wi-Fi could go down
  • 3G/4G could go down
  • Cameras could run out of battery
  • laptop could run out of battery

I’m a bit worried about the Wi-Fi, but the UPS will solve that problem. The only other problem that could occur would be a catastrophic WiFi access point failure, but again that would be super unlikely.

Next, there’s the issue of 3G/4G going down. I’m working around this by using three smartphones to livestream the event, and bonding the connection using Speedify app. It’ll be pretty redundant, there.

Camera battery issue is solved because I’m going to be using large USB battery banks on each camera. The cameras will last many many many hours with those banks.

Laptop running out of battery will only be an issue if the AC power does down, and stays down for more than 3 hours. I’m getting that 3 hours figure because I’ll be using my UPS which will last at least 1 hour, and then my laptop battery lasts 2 hours.

I just thought of another potential failure. Linux.

Not that Linux is unreliable… But my current installation of linux and OBS is.

If I start recording, then drag the OBS window to my third monitor, OBS completely crashes. It never did that until recently.

So basically, a week before the wedding, I am going to reinstall my OS so everything is nice and fresh. I can’t have any software instability during a critical livestream!

2 weeks would be better, so I can make sure that my laptop has all the software it needs to be productive during the livestream.

Ok, I’m putting that on my calendar!

omg, I just realized that I made another month mistake. This month is March. After March is April. After April is May. The wedding is on May 15th LOL

Was that a mistake? IDK. My brain is frazzled!

I’m off to watch Ironmouse, byebye!

I’m #1!

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