Tue May 12 2020

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Today is a good day. No reason other than me just deciding that today is a good day.

I sold a crappy half-broken drumset I bought from a thrift store. I didn’t think it would ever sell because of how expensive the shipping had to be. It’s so long that it became pretty expensive to ship via USPS.

It’s got a lot of issues as well. There’s something rattling inside, there are stains, and one of the pads doesn’t work. On top of all that, I took some pretty crappy pictures! LOL I didn’t even crop out the shadow cast from my hand an my camera in that main picture!

I was so green back then. That was less than six months ago, but I still felt pretty green as an eBay seller. I’ve since made hundreds of sales and I’ve been shipping a lot of product.

I’ve been on eBay since 2005, but I had to make a new account at some point because eBay’s crappy 2FA locked me out of my account. They scrapped their hardware 2FA and that really screwed me over because I was using the hardware 2FA and their migration flow was broken.

Anyway, it felt good to have a new account for some reason. A fresh start, perhaps?

Now look at me, 99.3% positive feedback!

That’s right, I got some negative feedback! I’m not even upset about it because I know I did nothing wrong. The overseas seller who purchased two K-ON! booster packs from me apparently didn’t read the description.

I suspect that English is not their first language.

They thought they were receiving a booster box because of the price they paid. What an idiot! It literally says on the first line of the description that the listing is for a booster pack.

very clear description

I did nothing deceptive. They literally did not read or understand the description.

Anyway, I’m not worried about it. I sent them a message and I’m trying to open a dialog. I know how to get the feedback removed, I first have to bribe the customer into being happy with the transaction. That’s going to take a partial refund, or extra product shipped out to them. There’s a way to send a feedback revision request to buyers and have them change their feedback. If I can work that out, I’ll make it happen.

I haven’t heard back from them yet. I think I’ll send another message in a couple days. I’ll send messages every few days. The negative feedback is really unnecessary at my shop. I sometimes give people full refunds when they have issues. I guarantee satisfaction because of how important a high feedback rating is.

I figure that even if they don’t respond, or they aren’t willing to remove the negative feedback, 99.3% positive is still a pretty fucking good feedback rating. In something like 6 months, that negative feedback won’t even have an effect on my overall rating. I know that I did nothing wrong, I was honest, and an overwhelming majority of my customers think highly of me. Here’s a review from a repeat customer.

It’ll only get better only time, as I increase sales volume, attract new customers, and break into new markets. I’m into the sealed product market and I’m finding that listing these products is way easier than listing single trading cards. It takes half the time to list and the ticket price is higher. I’ll have to wait and see what else I learn about this process. I’m guessing it’ll be more profitable than card singles, but what about customer satisfaction and/or scams? I’m off to a rough start in that area, but then again, this was a foreign customer and I don’t think they read and/or understood the listing. I’ll have to wait and see how the sealed products are in terms of profitability.

My sister’s wedding is postponed. I think it was scheduled for this weekend. yeah, the 16th. But we got covy to deal with so there’s an understandable delay.

Omg, my stomach is so empty. Walking/jogging 3.8km today was so difficult. Low blood sugar. Low energy. Yesterday I don’t think I ate enough. I had a bowl of muesli, some nuts, some fruit, and 1 cup of garbanzo beans and 1 cup of rice. Those measurements were of the uncooked food, so they expanded after cooking.

Not enough nutrition! More volume needed.

I need peanut butter! I wonder if there is some powdered peanut butter that cost less which I could rehydrate. I’m gonna wait though. I’m gonna wait for my foodstamps to replenish. Aint nobody got money for food!

I’m working on that. I’m working really hard every day so I can move the dial and get some return on my investments. Sooner or later, I’m going to hit a sweet spot in the market and the money will come flowing to me. Maybe it’s trading cards. Maybe it’s stocks or Bitcoin. Maybe it’s something I haven’t discovered yet!

I just had an ORGASMIC meal. Banza rotini + olive oil + onion salt + black pepper + nutritional yeast + garlic powder + paprika + cilantro + dill + sage + thyme.

HOLY SHIT was that good. My stomach is so happy right now. I took extra care to be mindful and not stare at the computer while I ate. I let it go to screensaver and I focused on my food.

I had some dried mango slices for desert. I imagined all the steps that food had to undergo before it arrived in my hand. Someone planted a mango tree (bush?), waited many moons for it to grow and thrive, fought off the weeds and the insects, then it was harvested, probably by hand, and tossed into a crate. The crate was loaded onto a truck, and sent to a processing plant, where someone probably wearing a hairnet cut open the fruit and sliced it into pieces.

The pieces were loaded into an industrial food dryer, where the fruit was dehydrated before being packed, bundled up, and sent to a warehouse. From the warehouse, an order came in where the box was then shipped out to Alberton’s. The box was probably on a pallet in the back of the store until Albertson’s staff, or maybe a merchandiser bulled the stock and plopped it on the shelf.

I came along some time later, wanting something sweet and tasty. I saw the bag of mangos and tossed it in my shopping basket. I checked out at the register and then proceeded to stuff the bag of dried mango slices into my backpack, where it stayed for 3 miles of walking.

The bag ended up my cupboard, then the mango slices in front of me, then in my belly. The mango slices will energize my body and provide me with nutrients, which I will use to write this blog post, sell things on eBay, and walk to the store to buy more dried fruit.

I appreciate the mango slices a lot more, knowing that so many people were involved in producing, preparing, packaging, transporting, and stocking the food. By eating and being mindful about the food I’m ingesting, I’m not shoveling calories in my face, I’m having an experience. I like experiences.

I feel like taking a nap now. Right after eating the rotini, I felt like collapsing because I was both satisfied and sleepy. I think I want to stay awake for a little longer Maybe it might be yoga time! Yoga tends to energize me.

I’ll probably sleep though. I’ll consider that 11AM meal my lunch, and have a little siesta to revitalize my body.

Oh hey, here’s something fun. Here’s some bitcoin for my dear reader.

art hat jewel tape flat sad circle during senior suit antique heavy

I put 1mBTC in it. That’s about $8.88 USD right now. I have no backup of this wallet on my computer. That seed above is it!

I’m probably going to swipe this money later on. I’m not really giving it away, I’m just kinda locking the money away from myself. If I happen to forget, and I publish this article without taking the funds, that’s my loss!

Whoever ends up with those funds, enjoy the funds! Do something great with it! Or you know… get some drugs or whatever. LOL.

No don’t do that. Make an investment that will return you even more money. That’s the wise thing to do. That’s what I would do.

Maybe I should not give away 1mBTC? Maybe I should use that 1mBTC to do the thing I just suggested?

Again, I’m going to be greedy and take the money later on. I’m considering this an investment! I have no intention of sharing!

Rule #1 of investing– Don’t lose money.

I could buy a whole bag of granola with $8.88. That’s enough food to last me several days!

Rule #2 of investing– See rule #1.

Is that really #2? I have no idea. Who’s rules are these, anyway? I bet there are dozens of investing rulebooks.

Anyway, That rule #2 makes sense. It really drives home the idea that investors have to make decisions which are not emotional. Investors have to hold on to money when it’s emotionally difficult to do so. Investors have to sell when it’s emotionally difficult to do so.

I tried to take a nap. I think I slept for about 10 minutes. I think there’s something which prevents me from sleeping on my back. Sleep apnea. I think it has to do with my neck or back muscles. They’re tense. I feel the need to burp when I lay on my back. I usually end up sleeping on my stomach. The camping pad I sleep on is too thin to sleep on my side comfortably. I hear that sleeping on my stomach is bad for me. Something about back problems?

I was just thinking last night that maybe there are potential ear problems for sleeping on my stomach. When sleeping that way, my ears can’t naturally drain. I’m always leaning forward at my computer, or sleeping leaning forward. When do my ears ever have a chance to drain naturally?

My ears have been plugged the past few days. I don’t take the time to use hydrogen peroxide and a warm rinse because that takes too long. I don’t take the time to clean out my ears properly because it takes too long. Instead, I rush it, and I squirt my ears with cold water. All that does is throw off my equilibrium and I feel nauseous for the rest of the day.

Oh, I could use a 5 minute break period to clean an ear. And I could do it properly and actually heat up the hydrogen peroxide before I dump it in my ear. And not squirt liquid into my ear so violently!

I was thinking about it yesterday. I have a little bottle of hydrogen peroxide that would fit in my pocket. I could put it there for an hour or so and let it warm up before I put it in my ear.

I simply have to take the time to take care of myself. Maybe then I would have some ear relief.

I wonder if I’m going deaf. My laptop generates a lot of noise. My A/C does the same. I have put on my headphones on several occasions in the past month only to be shocked at how loud the volume was turned up. Yesterday I did this and I was so surprised that I instinctively smacked the headphones off of my head. I wasn’t mad, I was just painfully surprised.

I think I’ll think twice about putting on my headphones in the future. My laptop speakers don’t get very loud, so I often crank them up to near full. Then when I want to watch some R-18 film or watch a youtube podcast with excessive profanity, I’ll sometimes put on my headphones so as not to disturb my square parents who might happen to walk outside my apartment.

I just gotta check that volume slider before doing so!

Wrappin’ it up for today. I want to move onto studying and eBay, so I have plenty of time to download SquadopsHC and/or Promod before today’s video game session.

22. I choose to focus on what I can control.
23. Everything will work out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not the end.
24. I am happy with who I am.

How does the position of “better than” or “less than” play a role in our self-centered ways?

I feel better than people at times. I take that position, knowing it makes separating myself from them easier. I don’t want to spend time with some people because I think their opinions suck. They’re way of living causes problems for the community, problems for me, and I don’t want to associate with them.

Specific examples? I can’t think of any. Maybe diets. Maybe I think I have a superior diet. I definitely think I have a better beliefs when it comes to politics. I dunno. This is a half baked answer and I’m feeling physically vulnerable. I’m feeling the urge to attack myself with negativity. I think I’m going to move on for now. Perhaps I will revisit this answer.

I’m grateful for garbanzo rotini. IT’S SO DELICIOUS!

I’m grateful for computer mice that have properly functioning buttons. I don’t have one of those right now, which makes me especially grateful for the times when I have!

I’m grateful for eBay listing tools. Especially the bulk listing tools. All the tools are pretty good. Good as in they make things happen. They have lots of negative aspects, and there are companies which can (and do) make better tools, but eBay tools are good enough, most of the time.

It’s amazing how I’m saying I’m grateful for eBay listing tools. In the past, I would never had said such a thing. I would have said the opposite, and focused on the bad parts. Did I become less critical? Hmm, I might have become less critical.

I’m grateful for a calm and peaceful demeanor. I’m grateful for my gratitude and recognizing the good things.


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