Tue Nov 17 2020

Imagine the resale value of a Cybertruck which has been to Mars and back.

I wonder how many miles Elon Musk’s red roadster has travelled? I bet there’s a website that tracks such a thing! I bet someone is going to capture Musk’s roadster at some point and claim it as their own. That make/model of car is already considered classic and collectible, but that specific roaster is definitely the one with the highest value.

Bruh this morning was exciting. I rode my bike to K. & E.’s house and back. I wrote them a nice note and taped it to their door.

I didn’t have food stamp money, but I figured it was worth spending money on some food to hold me over until Thursday when the food stamp money kicks in. I purchased a half gallon of unsweetened soymilk and a bunch of bananas from the grocery store on McDonald.. I think it’s McDonald, anyway.

Trading Company something something? It’s got a USPS postal thing built-in. Anyway it’s a big store and I like how the aisles are so wide. It’s got an old-school vibe to it.

When I checked out, the cashier said, “how are you doing today?” and I said, “I’m doing wonderful!” Then I got scared and I clammed up. I wanted to say something about my day. I wanted to say that I just had a wonderful bike ride, and that I impulsively stopped at this grocery store because I was riding by and I realized that I haven’t been to this store in awhile.

I did however ask, “How are you?” after a long pause. I got a, “fine” but she didn’t seem fine. She sounded like her soul was missing.

Anyway, she was really courteous to double bag my two items for me. She wished me a good a day and I replied in kind.

The bike ride was cold, but I eventually got warmed up from moving so much and pushing pretty hard. At Sonora & Seabisquit(sp) I removed a layer and I was literally steaming sweat.

It was a tough ride. It’s just what I needed!

I spent most of yesterday angry and alone, but I came in clutch at 11:30PM with a game of Northgard with my brother D. We chatted via Discord and I was able to check off that “1h Socialize” box on my daily progress chart.

I saw a message outside a bar on Bowdish. “Idaho thanks Inslee” or something like that. I laughed, and I appreciate their spirit. If I were into drinking, that’s the kind of bar I would want to visit. One that is honest and open and FREE.

I’ve been thinking of all sorts of slogans to use to express my contempt for the state.

  • Everyone is Essential
  • You are Essential
  • The Economy is Essential
  • Covid-19 the meme– more harmful than Covid-19 the virus
  • “Stay Home Stay Safe” is an illusion.
  • Have courage, not fear. Fight Covid with healthy bodies.
  • Fuck the masks. Strengthen Your Immune System.
  • It’s not my responsibility to protect you from pathogens.
  • Life is risky; Get over it.

I made a bunch of those up just now.

Hey I could make some stickers out of those phrases!

We have nothing to fear but fear itself

Some shmuck

I posted that quote in the Nerds United Discord. I think fear is pretty high right now, and it’s sad to see.

Honestly, I’m just reminding myself that I’m ahead of the curve. I’m ahead of the curve in that I have lost faith in government years ago. I voted for Obama when I heard that slogan, “It’s time for change” because I really wanted government to change and be better.

Then I realized that I was duped. And that’s the job of a polititian.

And I realized that democracy creates sub-human classes of individuals known as, “minorities.” The minorities are prime targets for slavery in prisons or slavery in the form of taxation…

Bleh I’m getting into territory that is depressing.

Anyway, I’m ahead of the curve, because I don’t listen to government! I’m only hearing about the next Covy lockdown mandate because of family and friends who apparently pay heed to Gov’t.

Anyway x2, what’s my point? I would benefit greatly by buying stocks which fit into a market which are likely to rise in value in a world where people disregard the rule of law.

..because it seems that the rulers are out of touch with basic human rights such as the freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom to congregate.

Thanksgiving is not cancelled, Inslee. You’re cancelled.

For fucks sake, I’ve got the brain virus. I’ve got the brain virus of legitimate authority. I’m actually writing about this shit which means I’ve been infected. A past me would write about 2D waifus and g-strings and social anxiety.

Well anyway, it’s not bothering me as much today. I am feeling quite zen after having ridden my bicycle somewhere around 10 miles.

Great ride! I’m going on another one on Thursday.

Oh, I could probably use some Larken Rose to cure myself of this brain virus. Or Adam Kokesh or Dan Dicks or Stefan Molyaneux(sp) or that other guy who carries like 20 cameras on his person, just in case.

They used to be on Youtube, but I think Neoliberalism and wrong speak and dissent censorship and all that shit have pushed them to alternate platforms.

Oh cool, Larken Rose is still on Youtube. That’s good news.

Anyway x3, on to a different subject!

I posted a magic-wormhole incantation on Nerds United in the #technology channel. I want to see if anyone figures it out and receives the file that I have queued to send. (It’s a text document BIP39 wallet mnemonic containing $1 in ETH)

Umm yeah. I think I’m going to stream on Twitch today. I am going to see if I can get a !request chat bot put together. I’m probably going to spend most of the time (50 minutes) just reading documentation, but that’s completely fine!

I’m using Twitch as a test bed. I want to see if

  1. I can do it
  2. I can get better over time
  3. I can have fun

LOL, read on their own without the context of the previous paragraph, that list contains some nice affirmations!

Speaking of affirmations, I’m going to come up with a badass affirmation right now.

6. I can do it, I can get better over time, I can have fun!

Well color me purple, that was too EZ!

Purple is a nice color btw. I have a purple stretchy thong and it’s nice and TIGHT

Anyway x5, I wonder where that idiom comes from. “color me …” I don’t even know if I’m using it correctly, but then again, who uses words correctly nowadays? Today in the USA, it seems to be a free for all smorgasbord when it comes to English usage. I’m indifferent about it. I care more about getting to Mars n’ shit.

Speaking of which…

SN8 recently had a delay due to a part in a Raptor engine overheating and literally melting down into molten metal. Apparently a design flaw caused the issue, and resulted in loss of hydraulic pressure to the vehicle. If it wasn’t for the burst disk near the top of the starship, it would have exploded.

Over pressurizing the ship was one thing I was always worried about. Starship doesn’t have a launch abort system like SpaceX Falcon9 + Dragon2 has, which led me to believe that Starship is less safe. I guess the idea is to make Starship safe enough to where a launch abort system is unecessary.

I wonder if Falcon 9 has burst disks? I wouldn’t be surprised if it did not.

So I’m kinda satisfied regarding the over pressurization issue. Now it’s obvious that such an event has been considered, and a failsafe pressure release is designed into the system.

That’s really good that the burst disk was there! It would suck to lose SN8 when it’s so close to doing it’s 15K test launch.

I’m still just so eager to see that thing fly and do it’s bellyflop maneuver. I don’t care the outcome, so long as it’s an awesome and exciting spectacle, which I’m sure it will be! If it gets to 15K in height and initiates a belly flop, it’s already going to be BONKERS in my mind. EXCITEMENT LEVEL OVER 9000!

Okeedoke, time for some gratitude.

I’m grateful for the drivers who stopped for me as they prepared to pull into the street. I’m grateful for the drivers who stopped for me as I crossed the busy roads on the Appleway Trail at Evergreen, Pines, and all the other small streets along the way.

I’m grateful for the smiles that were exchanged with passersby on the trail.

I’m grateful for the customers who have been buying cards from me for the past week. While I wrote this post, another $15 sale came in, and I’m so grateful for that.

I’m grateful for the customers who purchased a 50 pack of Weiss Schwarz cards yesterday. That sale reminded me about the multipacks that I had forgotten about, and prompted me to rebuild and restock those multipacks using cards of which I have surplus.

PM-WAIFU-MIO, for example.

Precious Memories WAIFU PACK Assorted 8 Card Collection C/UC/R Mio Akiyama K-ON

I also restocked the 50 weiss schwarz cards, and PM-WAIFU-RITSU. I made multiple copies of these 8 packs and entered those quantities into my (hidden) Warehouse Inventory in 3DSellers, which makes future restocking effortless.

use my referral link to save 15% on 3DSellers!

I’m grateful for referral links. I’ve actually made around 5 referrals for purse.io, which was very pleasing to achieve.

Oh shit, I’m grateful for purse.io! There was a point at which they were closing their doors, but an angel investor came along and saved them. I’m super grateful for that, because I use purse whenever I want to buy on Amazon. I’m cautious and thrifty enough to avoid subscribing to Amazon Prime again, but I can still get fast shipping and pay with my preferred currency when I shop via purse.

This is not a paid sponsorship, but fuck damn I wish it were!

Not that that would ever happen… I’m doing that thing that I get upset with twitch streamers and youtubers about, when they mention a corporation or product and say, “please sponsor me!”

That’s the quickest way to NOT get sponsored, because why should they pay you for a sponsorship when you are willing to plug their product for free?

So I just did that. LMAO.

Anyway x3848, I actually like purse and 3dsellers enough to where I’m writing about them. I dont know if this post will ever be live, because… IDK. Self sensorship, I guess. I’m really puttin’ myself out there if I publish all the bullshit that I write.

Excelsior! Opportunity! P-spot joys!


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