Tue Nov 24 2020

I’m not feeling like journalling today. I just wanna make stickers and list cards and listen to JRE.

Kagamine Rin vinyl sticker

I’ve made several attempts to get a Kagamine Rin sticker design. Here’s the first attempt of today which took me almost an hour to trace, and I ended up scrapping it because of the hair complexity around Rin’s left hand.

Kagamine Rin SVG Vector image

I scrapped that design, and instead traced Rin from Project DIVA Future Tone. I cut out some stickers on some of the scrap vinyl that I just bought.

I’m pleased with the results! I put two of them up for sale, and the rest are going to be order freebies.

Last night I got 30+ offers from the same customer for trading cards. They made a lot of low ball offers, like $1 for a $9 card. I accepted a lot of their offers for low-value cards, with the assumption that they were going to make a big order so I could cut them a deal. I sent many counter-offers for all the cards which I know I can make more on if I just wait.

I fought the urge to be afraid of a scenario where the customer is just playing me by getting my hopes up in order to get a huge discount on a single card that they were interested in. I decided to take the risk and accept some low offers in order to make another happy customer. No counter-counter offers or messages yet this morning.. We’ll see how this goes.

I had one card go out to the mailbox today. It was a Higschool DxD card, one which I have multiple copies of. I really love when my inventory has multiple copies! I get a sale, I sit back while 3DSellers auto-restocks the item, and I get that wonderful bold red “Last One” FOMO triggering text 🙂

Even if it’s a mediocre card, it’s like I’m getting free money. This must be how people who produce and sell digital content must feel.. Do the work once, reap the rewards infinite times!

Oh shit, my inbox just got flooded with 23 “Your item sold!” notifications. The customer seems to have paid. A $33 order. Pretty good, pretty good. If I could have a couple sales like this every day, I’d be in a pretty good place!

Financially speaking, of course. I still have to earn emotional and physical goodness on a daily basis.

Yesterday I was approaching the feeling of depression. I started out the day with a super anxious feeling in my gut. I put off exercise and the negative thoughts were becoming difficult to shed with logical detective work.

Finally I went for a walk and I felt better. Anyway, that was yesterday. Let’s talk about today!

Well I want to recap the latter part of yesterday, first.

I worked hard. I checked all the boxes on my daily progress chart except for the Twitch stuff. Twitch is definitely the lowest priority thing on my list, and I was exhausted by the end of the day. I chilled out by watching LIFE BEYOND II The Museum of Alien Life

I also finished watching Peter Grill. Very funny anime.. I enjoyed watching Peter Grill use an external locus of control in which he refused to take responsibility for his own actions! But no really, without getting into psychology… I laughed a lot and I got a boner a lot.

I wonder if anime is becoming more openly sexual in order to entice the declining Japanese population to have more sex and make more babies?

I really appreciate a good ecchi. I certainly become more attracted to the idea of living in Japan when I see a good flick like that. Japan is the epicenter of so many juicy good sexy shows.

I’m conflating anime and Japan… I know that’s a mistake because I know Japan is not how Japan is portrayed in anime. It’s not like there are going to be cute cat girls in Japan if I go there. And I know working in Japan is completely different from the USA in many cases. Bosses basically get free reign to bully their subordinates, and they do just that!

I think that’s part of the omnipresent class system. It seems like there is a lot of shame in people’s lives as a result…

I’m just an outsider looking in at a poor sample set and making assumptions…

My sample set is mostly anime LOL

Back to that Youtube vid I posted. In the video description, Juan Benet was mentioned as the top supporter. I was like, “Juan Benet? As in, IPFS Juan Benet?”

At first I thought it was coincidence, until I saw Protocol Labs’ logo roll up in the credits.

Holy shit! It is that Juan Benet! I’m assuming Protocol Labs backed the making of this film via Kickstarter. Holy shit!

Now my next question is… Will Life Beyond II becoming to IPFS? Is it already there? Talk about a perfect film to store and serve via Interplanetary File System!

When IPFS reaches Mars… I hope the first film that Martians watch is that one!

Or not. Any film is fine. I’m just stoked about Life Beyond II right now because it’s the thing that I’m thinking about right now.

I had wild dreams last night. Apocalypse end of world nuclear warfare type shit. Creepy and wild. Very good graphics. I think my brain was inspired by Life Beyond II.

There was a bunch of stuff in the dream. It felt like I was dreaming all night. The one thing that stuck out the most was when I was in the backyard of my childhood home, and I was talking to someone. I think it was my dad. Anyway the conversation didn’t register as important. It was evening time and all of a sudden, I saw two large nuclear blasts in the distance. Judging by the direction, it was Coeur d’Alene getting obliterated from the map. Super scary.

I don’t remember anything else other than rushing around in panic and dismay. It wasn’t scary enough of a dream where it ended abruptly by me waking up. I was somewhat aware that it was a dream, and I was just spectating and regulating my fear. It was creepy, but not petrifying.

Kind of like LIFE BEYOND II. Creepy, awe inspiring, shocking, but not petrifying.

I don’t think a past version of myself could watch LIFE BEYOND II. The music alone would have been too spooky.

CBT has done wonders for me.

Fuck, I got a headache! I think I over worked myself yesterday. 12:00PM. I jogged in place earlier. It might be time for a nap now.

Wrappin’ the wrap!

I’m grateful for Ironmouse. She announced today that she became a VShojo girl. IDK what that even is. I’m guessing it’s a production company started by Mel, Silvervale, and Ironmouse, along with their friends?? IDK, I’m sure more info will emerge soon. She’s streaming tonight at 5PM. I’m super stoked!

I’m grateful for JRE. I get to learn about how people think without leaving my man cave lol.

I’m grateful for oatmeal. It’s a super food and I love to eat it because it’s like a dessert as a meal.

96. I trust myself
95. I choose to approach my problems with a calm heart and mind.

13. My confidence is badass!


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