Tue Sep 1 2020

A guy in a jetpack was spotted by airline pilots near LAX. 😂


The world seems to be falling apart– this is the time to pull a stunt like that! Hell yeah to to the person that is brave enough to be different, brave enough to be strange.

Four eBay orders this morning. One of which was that Squid Girl Ika Musume booster pack that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I feel a little guilty about that one– I didn’t charge enough!

I still have two of those booster packs left. I will hope to recoup some money on those.

I also sold a signed foil Weiss Schwarz card PD/S22-E031X. Someone from Australia bought it! Perhaps the purchase was their way of celebrating Miku’s birthday?

My listing for PD/S22-E031X

I still have one card left, which means that now I have that very sought after BOLD red text which triggers customer’s FOMO!

Out to the mailbox I go!

There was a brown or tan colored 90’s SUV that was stopping near mailboxes as I walked out to the mailbox. I hope that wasn’t the mail carrier! If it was, I missed today’s pickup.

I should mention that the white USPS delivery trucks are not always the type of vehicle that drops off the mail out here. There are sometimes vehicles like minivans which fulfill that task.

I figure it’s not a big deal. I decided to ride my bike today as exercise, so I’ll just check the mailbox when I go cycling. If the flag is still up, I’ll just grab today’s mailings and cycle them down to a blue box at either Fred Meyer or Albertson’s. It’s nice that there are blue boxes where I shop the most! It’ll save me the extra trip to the post office.

Actually, I might want to make a trip to the post office, because I’m pretty sure that the blue boxes at the grocery stores only get checked once a day. The blue boxes at the post office get checked twice, and I wouldn’t want to miss today’s pickup because I dropped the packages in a less-checked box.

Shipping times are very important to me! The whole shipping process takes days or weeks. If I can do my part and be quick to ship, I can cut off anywhere between a day and three days of transit time and that’s a big deal.

I say three days just because of how mailing services are less active on the weekends. If I get an order on Friday and use the weekend as an excuse to not ship, I’m sitting on a package for up to three days (sat+sun+potential holiday) and that’s a really bad thing to do when a huge focus of mine is customer satisfaction.

My Ika Musume booster pack on eBay– only 1 left!

That bold red subtitle, “Only 1 left!” is so damn good. I have these booster packs in my possession and I’m even tempted to buy now!

I’m running out of cards to list on eBay. I could really use the resupply from my supply chain! I’m so eagerly awaiting that first package!

I’ll be shipping one more package this Wednesday. After that, I only have 1 package remaining at Buyee’s warehouse. I’m going to need to start making more purchases via Buyee for next shipment which is 3 weeks away!

I might have to skip a shipment, because the August sales stats are in, and it’s not good. $586.12 gross, $389.16 net. That’s more than a grand less than I brought in during July!

I’m back at poverty levels! Not that I was ever out of the poverty level…

Well, it’s a good morning today. I had some sales and I hit my $30 income daily goal. That’s a first since I’ve made a $30 daily income goal for myself and added it to my daily progress chart!

Speaking of my daily progress chart…

I made the background of that yogi guy a little darker, because I have been having a hard time knowing which box is the last yoga box before the Read box.

That was kind of a meta point to make, but hey, I can be as meta as I fucking want because this is my journal and I’m a hippocampus nerfherder!

(grasping at straws for a silly thing to call myself)

Eyy, here’s a book that I really want, but can’t buy because people are scared shitless of an overhyped disease!

I’m just waiting for the moment that the BCA bookstore opens back up. I’ve still got my happyapps website monitoring set up to where I’ll be e-mailed within an hour of the BCA store coming back online.

I’d rather find a used book, but this is a rare one that I don’t think is going to pop up on eBay any time soon. That and everyone else who practices shin buddhism probably wants the book as well. Right now, I think religion is really hot. That’s what happens when the world goes to shit!

Luckily, the amount of shit that I’m experiencing is not bad. I hear about stories of unrest and riots, but overall my life hasn’t changed much by Covy. I have to wear a mask when I shop, I can’t play board games with groups of friends. I can’t go to therapy in-person, and group therapy was completely cancelled.

Eh, maybe there’s more subtleties to how my life has changed. My social life was impacted negatively. That really sucks, especially given how I wanted to become less socially anxious, and I was actively working toward that end. Now I have one more barrier to being social in that there’s this new expectation in how people should behave when in groups. No touching, no hugs, no handshakes…

It’s all bullshit. I’m lucky enough to have a family who lives bravely and has completely ignored those recommendations when we meet for dinner.

It’s bullshit. The disease was over-hyped, the disease is CRUSHED by healthy people. It’s time to wake up to this reality and get the economy back up and running. It’s time to live like the social creature we are, get healthy, and fight the disease with the most effective counter to it– a healthy human immune system.

The people who are immuno-compromised or part of a vulnerable population can continue living in lockdown. The rest of us can get back to living wholeheartedly, without the overwhelming fear of impending doom that social media seems to be propagating about this virus.

Goddamn it, I’m peeved that I have to keep talking about Covy. I’m peeved that the FEAR seems to be all that people focus on, and something that people can’t get over.

“The virus is mutating!”

No, the fear is mutating. News outlets can’t run the same story over and over– that won’t get them clicks for long. Instead of telling the truth and spreading ideas like, “get healthy, we can fight this and win.” all we get is, “This virus is re-infecting people who have already beat it!”

My bullshit meter is going crazy.

I’m going to go ahead and propose a new way to consume news of shakey truth in the age of the internet. If the word doesn’t come straight from the source, it’s bullshit.

Remember the game of telephone, where one person whispers a phrase to the next person, and they whisper the phrase to the next person, and so on and so on? The original message becomes distorted, warped, incomplete, inaccurate, unoriginal, degraded, false.

That same shit is happening with the news stories that I hear about. “Woman loses x organ or body part after getting COVID.”

Did that news come from the woman? No? Why not? The woman could have made a TikTok or Insta video and explained the situation, but instead we’re hearing hearsay and treating it like fact.

No. This is the information superhighway in an internet of inter-connected people. I don’t need to hear a news outlet spewing some new fear mongering bullshit about a virus that has everybody’s attention. It’s a conflict of interest at this point to take news from news outlets. News happens organically now. We can hear the story directly from the person who experienced the story. Everyone else, just get the fuck out of the way of the truth. News outlets have become shitty middlemen and I think it’s time to call them obsolete.

Goddamn, that’s a strong sentiment and I feel proud of my social commentary. Maybe I should make it a tweet and gain a crowd of enthusiastic, angry followers! 😜

Break time

I napped. I’m not even mad. I get up at 7:30AM every morning and I take care of things. If a mid-day nap is habit now, that’s A-OK. I feel great!

CBT Shy No Longer Module 7

Thought Diary

A. Activating Event

I am with my family at dinner when my mom asks, “what have you been up to?”

B. Beliefs

I was thinking that I shouldn’t be the one talking at the table because my daily activities aren’t as important as everyone else’s. I was thinking that my personal life is something that I hide because it is seen by my family as unacceptable, and therefore I can’t talk about it with my family.

I think the HOT topic is that, my daily activities aren’t as important as everyone else’s. I believe this 80%.

C. Consequences

I felt unimportant 80%

I felt exposed 60%

I felt anxious 50%

I felt inhibited 70%

I felt unaccepted 50%

I struggled for several seconds to think of what to say. I avoided eye contact with everyone. I felt ashamed to speak.

Unhelpful Thinking Styles

I was using the following thinking styles

Minimization & Maximization

I minimized my own importance, and maximized that of my family’s.

Mental Filter

I was focusing on the negative thought that I was not important enough to share.


I labelled myself as, “unimportant”

Disqualifying / ignoring positives

I ignored my own positives, and my right to participate in the conversation

D. Detective Work & Disputation

My HOT Thought

My daily activities aren’t as important as everyone else’s

Factual evidence for my hot thought
  • I don’t make as much money as other people, so I am not as important
  • I don’t have a house of my own, so I am not as important
  • I live with my parents, so I am not as important
Factual evidence against my hot thought
  • I am a human, and I matter as much as other humans.
  • My day to day activities are interesting to me, and worth sharing.
  • My mom was curious to know how I am doing, because she cares and she is genuinely interested in what I have to say.
  • I can be open with my family if I want to.

Disputation Questions

What other ways are there of viewing the situation?

We’re just talking and I don’t have to think about worthiness or my level of importance.

If I were not depressed, how would I view the situation?

Who said I was depressed? I’m not depressed.

Realistically, what is the likelihood of that happening?

Of what happening?

How might someone else view the situation?

They would probably be happy to have the opportunity to share what is going on in their life.

Does it really help me to think this way?

No, definitely not. It’s better to talk without heavy filters and just have a good conversation and social interaction.

Think of some helpful self-statements.

I literally don’t know what a self-statement is. I’ll have to ask C.


67. I am ready to write a new chapter for my life.
68. I will take time to notice and be thankful for the little things.
69. I can write down my thoughts and take control of my emotions

Headings suck

Once I use a heading, I feel obligated to use more headings for the remainder of the post. If I don’t, then whatever I write that follows a headed section becomes part of the topic named in the heading. That’s just not accurate!

Well, I’m back to writing just whatever, so yep. No more headings for the rest of this post! I’m pretty much at my 2000 word count. It’s so meta every time I talk about my 2000 word count.

Gratitude time!

I’m grateful for Ironmouse on twitch. She streamed last night and it was a good time. I love how vulgar she is, while simultaneously being so cute, adorable, kind and wholesome.

I’m grateful for David Blaine who is poised to perform a major stunt tomorrow morning.

Honestly I think if David Blaine were to die during this stunt, he would die from … My mind is blanking on the word. Hypoxia, I think. The condition where your body runs out of oxygen and you pass out. I don’t think he would fall to his death, because that’s too easy a way to die. David Blaine would probably be like, “I held my breath for 20 minutes, I don’t need oxygen yet!” and he wouldn’t put on his mask yet, then he’d pass out and ascend to his death.

We’ll see though.

Don’t die, David Blaine! We love you, be careful up there!

I’ll be watching, that’s for sure. It’s not every year that David Blaine does something incredible!

I’m grateful for my bicycle. Fuck, I love that machine. I put my hand on the handlebars last night here in my apartment because I noticed it sitting there and I just appreciate being able to quickly get to the store and exercise so much.

That’s it for today. Excelsior!

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