Tue Sep 15 2020

I didn’t write anything yesterday. I put it off and then the day was over.

I looked at my daily progress chart today and I decided that I didn’t want to procrastinate writing like I did yesterday. I want my daily journal to be more of a priority!

I launched a Prememmo wiki today. It was sorta spur of the moment, but it’s something that I think is very important that I get launched if I am to establish Sakura Blossom Trading Post as a dominant Precious Memories distributor.


It’s running wiki.js. I think wiki.js is pretty beautiful! I have found some minor annoyance bugs so far, but nothing show-stopping.

I started copying over content from the prememo wikia that closed down. Big thanks goes to Wayback Machine for having captured that wiki at an earlier date. It is because of that capture that I have something to start with and build from.

It’s quite a process. I’m probably 1/3 of the way through the How_To_Play page. I’m not just copying and pasting everything, I’m going through every sentence with a fine toothed comb and correcting grammar, replacing small images with higher resolution equivalents, making additions, adding links, and breaking up walls of text into separate pages.

Editing in this way takes a lot of energy! I am ready for a nap. I just ate dinner, so I’m feeling extra sleepy right now.

My goal is to have this wiki be the #1 spot on the internet to get information about Precious Memories TCG in English.

sbtp.xyz is going to be a big resource for all things Prememo. Players can buy cards, make and share decks with the sbtp-loyalty app I’m making.

Making decks is feature creep, by the way. I’m not actually implementing that feature because I have so many other things I need to implement first on sbtp-loyalty.

The wiki is not feature creep. It’s a completely separate site and there isn’t going to be any sort of interaction between wiki.sbtp.xyz and sbtp.xyz for the forseeable future.

Eventually, I would like there to be. I would like card numbers on the wiki such as KON 01-038 to automatically become a hyperlink to various shops which sell that card. I could monetize the shit outta this feature by making deals with other sites which sell the cards, or I could simply direct players to my own listings and profit that way.

I think being open is going to help me the most. I don’t actually want to exclude a shop from appearing on the list for the reason that they are my competitor. Instead, I want to create a bohemoth of a website to where it only makes sense for players to come to my website when they’re looking to buy.

The wiki is the wrong place for that, really. The wiki is fine for certain marketing of cards that are used as tutorial examples, or featured in some other way. An internet-wide card search would be more like what I want on sbtp.xyz. Perhaps I show my own inventory, then fall back to third-party shops if I don’t have it in stock?

Hmm.. If people are shopping on my website, I probably don’t want to send them elsewhere. Maybe I make a separate tool which offers internet-wide price comparisions?

Oh I know. All this functionality goes in the card translation database. That’s where I play nice and include third-party vendors.

The deck builder would also be a great place to put automatic marketplace searches.

Basically any time the player is seeing card details, they should also get a picture of market value across the internet.

To summarize, sbtp will have…

  • wiki
  • translation database
  • shop
  • deck building

Consider this a BHAG– A Big Hair Audacious Goal! In ten years, I want all this shit implemented and running like a well-lubed machine.

I started a BHAG list somewhere. I can’t remember if it was on my blog or somewhere else, like my e-mail Notes. My notes are all so scattered! I think the blog makes the most sense for a BHAG list. It’s got nice formatting, it’s accessible from anywhere, and it gets backed up daily.

Ok I made a wordpress post for BHAG. I figure it’s just for my own use, so it won’t publish until 2030.


I laid down for a bit. I am sleepy enough to sleep, but sleep has been evading me lately. I think it’s my bed. It’s way too uncomfortable.

I put together a list of things that I want to buy when the next economic stimulus check comes out. I put the note in my e-mail Notes, but I don’t think I hit save. I shut down my computer using shutdown -hP now which meant that Firefox wasn’t given a chance to warn me that there was a tab with unsaved work.

Oh well, I’ll just re-create the list here!

Shit I want to buy when I get money from Uncle Sam

I added the futon just now, because the shit camp pad and shittier serta convertible couch is no longer working for me.

I want to take an axe to that piece of garbage Serta convertible couch. It’s not like it wore out, it was just never good. It’s terrible for my back to sleep on. It’s terrible for my back to sit on. It mostly serves as a place for me to store my blankets and it needs to go!

IDK how I’ll get rid of it though. I don’t have a way to take it to the dump, because I don’t have a car. I guess I could pay a junk service to come get it, or I could rent a Uhaul for a day. Maybe I could trade labor with B. I could could help him around his house in exchange for his help with his truck.

I think I might change my journalling word count. I don’t know if the 2000 words is really benefitting me right now. I have shit to do on the computer, and I don’t want to spend more time on the computer doing journalling.

It seems like every journal entry carries on and on, and I end up saying, “ugh, I’m not at 2000 words yet.”

I think a time period is a good thing. As in, instead of having a word count, I have a time count.

Two writing sessions of 25 minutes each seems like a good amount. 25 minutes to write what’s on my mind, and 25 minutes to work on CoDA or CBT.

This may change in the future, if I feel like I could get more out of writing if I wrote a bigger word count.

Lately, I have been focused on building my brand. Everything else is becoming a distraction.

I don’t want to get burned out, though. I think I am at real risk of burning out, especially if I cut out the play in my life.

My therapist said she thinks I need more social contact, based on my report of the past few weeks. She seemed a little concerned that I was falling back into my former self where I would shut out all the and the loneliness would cause problems for me.

I’m not depressed, not one bit! I am afraid of business failure. I’m afraid of having to become homeless to make this dream a reality. I’m afraid of not knowing where I’m going to sleep at night, and afraid of making payments on self-storage units and co-working office space.

If I become homeless, there’s not even a gym that I can become a member at where I can shower. Covy has fucked over my contingency plan!

Well luckily I have funds for another few months. I don’t yet have to think about the logistics of bathing when I don’t have a place to live.

I need to do more yoga! I stretched my back a little bit, and it felt amazing. Before doing that, I felt so tired. It’s as if the muscle tension and pain shut down my brain, but yoga clears all that shit away.

Next break, I’m going to do a 20 minute follow-along video. The temporary pain is worth it. I feel SO GOOD after a long yoga sesh!

Stickers aren’t going so well. I haven’t had a single sale. I have like 10 or so listings I think? I was thinking stickers would be easy money, but I think the problem I have to overcome is not producing stickers.. It’s finding a customer.

Goddammit, why must business be like that?! I’ve heard this over and over in the software development world.

Don’t find a solution to a problem. Find a customer with a problem you can solve.

Some shit like that. There’s probably a billion variations of that quote, and they all suck. I want to build something kickass and people flock to it.

If you build it, they will come.

I like that one better! Unfortunately, this next quote comes into play.

You can’t sell anything if you don’t have anyone’s attention

For fuck’s sake! Why is business so difficult?

Business is the process of extracting money from a customer, right? Well fuck me, because I don’t have a custome…

Yes I do. I’m not giving myself enough credit. I shipped my 1000 order this month!

I have several repeat customers. I remember their usernames when they make a purchase. I work hard and I get good reviews.

I have customers!

So then, how do I extract more money from them? Give them what they want, perhaps?

The whole idea with sbtp.xyz is to create a platform where people can find cards easier, find the English translation of what the cards say, build virtual decks and share those decks with friends, collect rewards points and coupons, make purchases… It’s all designed to increase profits exponentially.

The wiki is going to enrich the Prememo ecosystem. It’ll help new players get into the game and start collecting. Those new players will recruit their friends so they can play together. It’s all a part of the plan to make Prememo more enticing in the USA, create a new consumer base, and again, maximize profits!

I’m doing good work. I deserve to pat myself on the back. I’m probably just tired and achy and therefore physically vulnerable, and therefore my feelings of dismay are amplified.

There is nothing to be worried about. As long as I keep making the amount of progress I’ve been making on a daily basis, I will soon look back on what I’ve done and realize that I have created a BOHEMOTH of a brand.

Slow and steady wins the race.

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