Tue Sep 22 2020

4:39 AM. I’m tired but I’m making rice for some reason. My sleep schedule is so fucked that I dunno what I’m doing!

Well, I’m just doing my best and keeping up with my daily progress chart.

Yesterday was a really productive, full and fulfilling day. I checked everything off my list except for Exercise 2.

I learned about Netlify “serverless” functions during my code session. I translated page 4 and half of page 5 of the Prememo rulebook. I listed a bunch of Katanagatari, K-ON, and Love Lab cards on eBay while I watched Ironmouse.

Ironmouse’s stream yesterday was so amazing! She reviewed upcoming anime trailers and sang songs. Holy shit balls, she is an amazing vocalist. My jaw dropped multiple times when she really went for it and sang a song I don’t know the title of. The whole stream was full of great moments but this one really stuck out.

I DDG’s the lyrics and now I know that it is– Jennifer Hudson – And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going


I think I’m going to watch that whole stream again because I really enjoyed it. Mousey makes me laugh and smile and she just fills me up with joy.

I want to put some notes from Therapy here, so I can get rid of the physical note paper that is cluttering my desk.

Mon Sep 21 Therapy Notes

  • Module 11
  • Food Bank
    • commit
    • want it
    • smalltalk
      • exercise
      • meditation
      • family
      • hobbies
  • Ruth Bater Ginsberg passing
  • Beliefs Blocking Food Bank Adventure
    • I’m not that close
    • What if I like it?
    • What if it’s fun?

We now return to our regularly scheduled journalling

I haven’t heard Lyn Alden before. She has such an amazing insight and knowledge about economics.

I ate some leftover curry with the fresh rice. Yum yum good stuff. I managed to eat a small portion and not overeat.

I had a headache earlier because I didn’t get enough food.

I have a shipment to walk to the mailbo….

Oh wait a minute, I’m planning on cycling to the grocery store later today, so I’ll just take that shipment with me, and forget having to go to the mailbox at 7:30!

More sleep for me!!!

Big brain power.

5:56AM. I think I’m mindlessly scrolling at this point. I keep catching myself opening up a new tab and going on hacker news and then realizing that I already read everything. luckily I haven’t felt the urge to open youtube. I want the time that I would spend mindlessly watching youtube. I want that time to follow my dreams!

Instead, I am using fraidycat to follow my favorite channels. That completely prevents any attention grabbing that youtube’s website would use on me.

Mr. Beast and Wintergatan Wednesdays are pretty much the only channels I’m following via fraidycat.

9:24 PM. I want a 3D printer.

I want to make deckboxes which I can use to pack and ship the trading cards I sell.


Instead of that diamond cutout, I’d modify the design to be a cherry blossom cutout. Then print it using pink filament. Instant branding!

I really want a 3D printer. I’ve wanted one for a long time, but I haven’t made the investment.

I’m just wating for the Crealty Cr-30. I made an eBay saved search alert for that 3D printer, so I’ll be the first to know when they hit the market!

How kickass would this thing be? I could print packaging supports of any length. I could queue up 100 deckboxes to be printed, hit the print button then walk away.

The problem is monetization. No, maybe the problem is the grind.

I was thinking that I’d instantly have a money printing machine now that I have a cutting machine, but the reality is much different. I haven’t sold a single sticker.

My pictures suck. I blame that, and I also blame how I haven’t adhered to my niche market. I’ve been making whatever I can think of stickers, but that’s not what I should be doing. I should be making stickers that belong in my shop.

Anyway, today I rode to the post office and Fred Meyer. I was just so drained for the entire duration. I think I need more rest. I hope to feel better tomorrow.

Oh shit, Ironmouse posted a tweet of her in her 3D body!

She’s super cute!

I don’t think she’s going to stream tonight. It’s already 12:30AM on wednesday in her timezone, and she usually ends at around that time.

I bet she’s figuring out her 3D body today. Yesterday she had planned on using her 3D body, but she ran into technical glitches and she was really frustrated at the start of the stream because of it.

I just checked the Precious Family discord. I completely forgot, it’s Momo’s birthday! Mouse was on vc on Momo’s stream tonight. Well I think I will watch a VOD rather than checking out Momo’s strim. I’m not about the groups! I like the intimate hangout streams that Mousey does.

I’m going to do some CBT shit.

Social Situations That I Avoid

Discord Voice Chat70
Nerds United Board Game Day55
Family Dinner30
Talking to strangers at the grocery store70

Affirmation time!

2. The world has a need for me.
3. I am unique.
4. I can and I will do things to promote healing in my life.

Gratitude time

I’m grateful for Duck Duck Go. I’m grateful for all the useful “bangs” search shortcuts like, “!gh apollo client” or “!amazon sex toys” or “!ebay precious memories tcg”

And now that I’m thinking of sex toys, my pp go hard and I can’t concentrate 😆

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