Tue Sep 29 2020

3:50PM. Just woke up. I went to sleep at around 7AM, after walking two ebay shipments to the mailbox.

I sold the last of the sewing machine parts that I got from a thrift store. I made a fantastic return on those parts, probably around 2X, maybe more. I will definitely seek out sewing machine parts in the future. Next opportunity I have to stop at thrift stores when I’m out cycling, I’m doin’ it.

I had a dream that ETs came to Earth on a peaceful mission, but they were met with immediate hostility by America’s military.

In the dream, I was at my childhood home, as is the case in many of my dreams. In the dream, I was having some sort of argument with my brother over video games, so I threw the controller to him and I went outside. That’s when I saw black hawk helicopters flying overhead and emmitting streams of some sort of red lazors.

It took me a moment to realize that the lazers weren’t lazers at all, but the bright red-hot trails of tracer bullets from their on-board miniguns. Their target, a large white floating object which looked like a puffed up bag of microwavable popcorn, silently propelling itself through the air as if by magic.

Oh, a UFO! I was excited to finally see one with my own eyes. I ran inside and with a nervous urgency, notified my family. There was a literal battle waging about a mile away, but my family’s arts and crafts and playing video games were too captive for them to pay me any attention.

I ran outside again, determined to see for myself how the situation was developing. An curious sister in-law and her daughter made their way outside with me, and hopped on a speeder bike.

In the distance, the popcorn bag UFO transformed to a giant helicoper, one with greater size and complexity than Earth has ever seen. The helicopter slowed it’s horizontal flight, and slowly lowered itself to the ground.

I knew shit was about to get real, as Earth’s military responded to the landing. There was no telling what the ETs would do, and how it would affect my neighborhood. I knew the best course of action for my family and I would be to stay indoors until the conflict settled down.

My sister in law’s hopped off the speeder bike to have a word with me, while her daughter occupied the driver’s seat. the moment my sister in law came over to me, the daughter accidentally flipped the throttle and the speeder bike took off, straight into the air. The girl cried out, “ahhhH!” as the bike moved without her consent.

Great. Just what I need. My niece taking off on a fast speeder bike during this intense moment when we should be hunkering down!

My sister in law looked concerned. I knew that she wasn’t very capable of driving aggressively herself, so I knew that I had to go out and rescue my niece and get her back to the house before the ETs showed up.

That’s where the dream ended. Pretty crazy amirite?

I just found a Precious Memories TCG page on Facebook that offers card translations. I felt threatened for a moment, but then I realized that it’s a dead page, with most recent posts around 4 years ago.

A facebook page is hardly a threat for a purpose-built card translation website. Just sayin’.

Also I just want to go on record and say that I wasn’t browsing Facebook. I was only on facebook because I got an e-mail from a Weiss Schwarz community page that I must have liked or joined or whatever.

The person was asking the question, “does anybody buy collections? I have eng & jap cards.” I unsubscribed from that list.

BTW, how rude. The three letter abbreviation for Japanese is JPN, not JAP. If you’re going to say jap, at least make it consistent and say, “Yank & Jap”.

I’m going to teach my dad how to use Jaxx Liberty cryptocurrency wallet tonight. I’m stoked to finally teach someone how to use a wallet. I have fantasized many times about being a cryptocurrency instructor. I’ve gone on long walks and thought about how I would format the tutorial, how I would advertise, what venues I could teach at, and how I would monetize the event.

Meetup.com seems like the best approach. I could set an entrance fee that people pay online, schedule a meeting room at the local co-working space, and provide refreshments like coffee and donuts. Well I think the co-working space would provide the coffee, so I’d just bring donuts.

Bruh, I am so incredibly stoked for this next resupply shipment from Buyee. I’m so out of cards to list, so I’m ready to have a refresh and a sizable queue to work through.

As expected, I’m in the dark about where that package is actually at. All I know is that it should be here soon. The anticipation is rising!

Ooo, my first package was delivered in 68 days. This second one has been in transit for 69. My dude! Soon!

I received a box of boxes today. eBay branded 4x4x4 cardboard boxes. This size will be nice for mailing small card collections or booster packs to customers! They’re really sturdy boxes. Now I won’t have to worry about the items being crushed as can happen when I send them inside a bubble mailer.

They’re ebay branded boxes. I got 50 of them for about $3. They were essentially free due to the quarterly eBay seller shipping supplies coupon, I just had to pay taxes.

On to CBT!

One of the lights in my apartment keeps flickering and it’s really annoying. I tightened the bulbs just now, but the problem persists. I think it might be a bad bulb, or it might be my X10 light switches.

I tried again, and one of the bulbs seemed to have given up the ghost when I unscrewed it and then screwed it back into place. The problem persists on other bulbs. This has been going on for several days or maybe even weeks. I think all the bulbs are going bad, which makes sense because these are dimmable LED bulbs that I bought all at once.

I guess I gotta make a purchase for some new bulbs. While I’m at it, I might as well switch out these terrible X10 switches that I’ve loathed for so long. I guess I can’t really afford to buy replacement switches and bulbs, so I guess it’ll just have to be bulbs for now.

All bulbs, even a brand new one that I had in a cupboard seem to be having the problem, but they all suddenly started working. Maybe it was a brownout?

CBT Homework

Module 11 Graded Exposure: Climbing Situational Stepladders

Ok so it was just a bunch of reading. I re-read module 11 and it took about 20 minutes.


18. I am stronk
hey I think I did these the other day. oh yeah, there’s a little mark that shows that I did. Skipping ahead!

21. My smile can make anyone feel better.
22. I choose to focus on what I can control.
23. Everything will work out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not the end.

I’m grateful for Bitcoin and all the altcoins. I’m especially bullish on FIL, but it’s pretty difficult to get a hold of that right now. I can’t mine either, because of how shit my internet is. Maybe when I get Starlink, it might become an opportunity.

I’m grateful for USPS and how earnestly hard working they are. I’m grateful that I have a very low incident rate with them– they are very reliable!

I’m grateful for light bulbs. For a minute there, I was thinking that all my bulbs were bad, and that I’d have to sit and work in the dark. It was at that moment when I felt very appreciative of them and the electrical infrastructure that they depend on.

Excelsior! Opportunity!

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