Valuing My Own Content

If I could make a living creating the type of content you see on, I’d be doing my dream job. Whatever the amount, there is value in what I post, and social media sites know this.

Lately, I have been preferring posting to my blog rather than using social media. Those companies just sell my data and make money off of it. I want that money! I’ve got goals, hopes and dreams, and most of them require capital.

The internet has enabled self-publishing like never before. If there’s any hope of me becoming an entrepreneur, a monetizer of my own creativity, it’s now!

2 thoughts on “Valuing My Own Content”

  1. This blog post is almost 1 year old!

    I’m staying up way too late scrolling through PMWiki skins and was reminded of your site here, what CMS are you using? I was looking into OctoberCMS, but it looks like it’s a bit much for what I want to do these days and after some late night thinking realized a WIKI would probably be an ideal format for a long term site that I could keep adding to sporadically.

    Anyway, cool post, I feel ya for sure. Hopefully I’ll get a wiki setup soon and start filling it out with stuff.

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