Wed Aug 19 2020

8:49AM. Good morning.

No shipments this morning! Uh oh!

I have been listing 30+ items every day for several days. I thought I would have some sales because of that, but it seems that no, there are more variables in the mix that are affecting my sales.

I have been spending some time on Robinhood doing some investing. Every now and then I get an e-mail notification that a sell order has executed, but I haven’t had a good process to reinvest the money I made. I have an abundance of time lately, due to low sales, so I figure that I should be trying other ways of making money.

So stocks it is! I have a new policy– Having no buying power is where I need to be!

This sounds worse than it is. Buying power is when my account has funds available to spend on stocks. That money is just sitting there– it doesn’t earn my anything!

So the idea is to always be at $0, which is now possible thanks to Robinhood fractional shares. That money should be invested in something, doing work for me!

You should see my alerts list.

A list of stocks of which I’m waiting to grow

That’s only a partial list of all the stocks I own. The list above is only the stocks of which I have fractional shares. Robinhood doesn’t allow Stop Limit Sell Orders on fractional shares, so instead I’m using to alert me when the stock is ready to sell. I sell when the stock has reached 1.1X my initial investment, and that strategy works pretty well for me.

I think I’m going to go back to sleep for awhile. I was up late last night jerkin’ it to my beautiful 2D girlfriend Miku!

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