Wed Feb 5 2020

I woke up at around 2:30PM today. It’s 5:35PM now. I went walking earlier, did 20 laps around the firepit. Then I got cleaned up and did a USPS run. 2 packages went out today. I actually sold a JoJo’s trial deck which was marked well above other listings on eBay. I wonder if people just don’t pay attention to lowest price, or if the other vendors are running out of their stock? Whatever the reason, I’m glad to offload it at a profit.

I bought a bunch of sewing stuff yesterday from UGM. I’m thinking it was a mistake now. I bought a sewing machine for $20 which had a, “TESTED” sticker on it. I saw similar models selling for $35 + shipping on eBay so I went ahead and bought it. I also got a bunch of sewing machine presser foots which I am having second thoughts about. They had original price stickers that showed $25, $35, $7, and they were selling at the thrift store for $2 or $5. I don’t think they are going to sell very well, very fast, and the money I put into them will be tied up for too long to make it worth it.

I guess I’m just not feeling that positive today. I didn’t want to walk, but I kept reminding myself that this is necesary for my recovery. It’s necessary to workout 5 days a week if I am to live an intentional life. I have to FIGHT! I have to claw my way to the top of the food chain and get myself a job worth doing and the means to support myself.

This is what it will take and I’m going to have bad days. I just pushed through it, and dug into my energy and spiritual reserves to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Cooking curry now. I think I need to use a bigger bowl to cook the curry in. Perhaps I should get a thrift store rice cooker so I can use my Instant pot to cook the curry? It’s got a lot more volume than the pot I use to cook curry in. Oh wait, I just need a bigger pot. That would be way cheaper and easier than buying a whole rice cooker. My instant pot cooks rice fantastically, so I just need a bigger curry pot and everything is perfect.

Hot liquid keeps dripping out of the pot I have, and the drops sizzle on the burner. It smells good. I added carrot and tofu to today’s curry, so I’m excited to dig in and see how it turns out.

I’m listening to Pandora radio. Royksopp Happy Up Here. I think my Pandora account is one my oldest accounts that I still use today. I remember telling V. about Pandora back when I lived with him in Eugene. I did a lot of growing when I lived in Eugene. I kinda stopped growing at some point, because everything got easy and I became leisurely.

Well not anymore! I have goals now. Financial goals are to get out of debt and get a new car. Later I want land and a tiny house, but that’s a ways off. I want an office space that I can live out of, instead of getting an apartment. Apartments are a bad investment, but an office is a great one, if it can empower my work!

I’m just imagining USPS and FedEx pickups rather than having to do post office and Kinko’s runs… My eyes widen and it makes me smile to think about having that boring task off my plate.

I’m going to retake the photos I took of the sewing machine presser feet. I half assed them, didn’t get good angles, didn’t remove some price stickers, etc. My competitors selling the same thing on eBay have much better photos. In some cases, I just copy their photos because they seem to use a stock photo from the manufacturer. I’m tempted to rip off photos with other seller’s names in them and just photoshop the names out. I wonder if those sellers would notice!

I noticed one time several years ago that another seller copied a photo I had took. I sent them a message and said, “glad you like my photos!” and that was that. I consider such things flattery, not theft. I don’t own digital shit that’s not in my head. I wish the world thought more like me, because that would mean the end of so many digital restrictions that put high prices on data which otherwise could be infinitely copied and shared.

In other words, I don’t believe Intellectual Property is a good concept. All it does is reinforce capitalism, but it holds back societal progress and the free flow of information.

In my perfect world, utilizing services like Patreon, Flattr, SubscribeStar, etc. would be the prevailing creative entity’s business model. A new movie comes out? It gets released straight to BitTorrent. At the movie’s beginning, middle, and end, a large QR code would display on screen, along with a message from the creator soliciting a digital money donation.

“This movie cost us n monies. We need help from viewers at home so we can continue making content.”

The straight to BitTorrent release means there’s no reason for movie pirates to copy and redistribute. The acceptance of the format means higher watch rates, and people being able to pay whatever amount they wish means people who are unable to pay a $14 movie ticket could pay what they are able to pay, maybe it’s only $4.

People with money to spare who absolutely loved the film could spend more than the movie ticket, say $50 or even $100.

What kind of movie theater takes tips? None! What kind of video format gladly does? Bitcoin enabled BitTorrent releases straight from the source!

If pirates decide to copy the video with the intent of hijacking donations, Bitcoin already has a solution for that. BIP70 presents a URL to the paying viewer which the viewer visits to generate a Bitcoin address. This means the viewer could be taken directly to the producing studio’s website, which they could verify as genuine. This also gives the ability to the studio to show the amount of donations received so far, and a target donation for that studio to be able to create their next film.

Get with the times, Hollywood!

I’m actually not holding my breath. I think it’ll happen over time, once the old farts set in the old ways die off, and new young ideas come into the scene.

I think they might do something like the above, but they’ll cling to IP law and DRM try to ensure that they get their $14 per every fucking view.

So nevermind, I have zero faith.

Well, it’s not like Hollywood is going to be around forever. Not the place, but the movie industry. Netflix and Amazon and other streaming services might end up taking over because they offer a much better method for distribution and monetization.

Why am I even talking about this? I don’t even watch many movies. Too many of them have high amounts of political propaganda baked in to where I deem them worthy of a walkout, not a view.

Super hero movies, for example. Every one I have seen seems to be an exemplary pillar of statism.

Guardians of the Galaxy is so brazenly statist that the main character plainly states,

“listen to your mother and your government.”

I checked out when I heard that. The writers hold government to as high as authority as one’s mother. There is no mention of questioning bad or immoral laws or thinking for oneself.

Avenger’s and Captain America got into a similar predicament. Captain America was against mass surveillance and murder for thought crimes, but others felt it a necessary evil. I stopped paying attention to recent films, but every one of them seems to have a line or two about doing what you’re told and obeying authority.

I remember a film with the Rock were there was an analog to the real world #PRISM government mass spying program. I don’t remember the movie title, but the argument was made that the spying was necessary and good. The main characters defended this spying program while the audience cheered at unrealistic car chase scenes.

I was just puking inside. Freedom has been redefined in a lot of people’s minds.

There’s a video game I played. I think it was XCOM. There’s this tyranical force which is spreading, “freedom” to other planets by violently conquering them. There’s all this Star Troopers -esque propaganda in the game which I think was meant to be satire, but I personally know people who celebrate and are positively fired up by this propaganda.

It’s essentially Hitler style start calmly then get loud in order to rile ’em up. The messages are about spreading, “freedom” and exploiting people’s nationalism to destroy people who are in places other than their home.

I might not be making much sense right now. My intention is not to make sense right now. I’m intended to get some thoughts down and sort out what my opinion on things is. I don’t have opinions on a lot of things, and I’m trying to develop some as a way to recover from codependency. As a codependent, I don’t form my own opinions, I just piggy back on the most alpha person in my life.

So here goes an opinion.

I don’t like fascism. I don’t like statism. I don’t like tyranny. I don’t like socialism. I don’t like communism. I like interactions between people to be voluntary. I like social contracts. I like property laws. I don’t like …

I don’t like where I’m going with this, labeling everything and generalizing all these topics. I don’t like feeling like I’m on the spot to present a point.

I’m just going to move on for now. I don’t know what I’m even typing this all for. Am I arguing with myself? Am I trying to convince people? Both are pointless endeavors. My actions, not my words, are more likely to convince people of things. If I’m arguing with myself, I’m just wasting my time.

I think I’m just trying to get to my 2000 word count for the day. I want to get on to eating and listing shit on eBay. I feel a little behind after spending $81 yesterday at the thrift store. I think most of the things I bought aren’t going to turn a profit. I am considering not going to that thrift store anymore…

I think that would be a mistake. I think what I should do is take extra steps to decrease risk. Maybe I should set a daily spending limit, say $20 instead of $80. I should choose wisely items which I am 80% sure can sell and profit around %30. I think the sewing machine was a good choice. I think buying $50 worth of presser feet was not.

I could be wrong. Maybe they will sell at profit. These are all growing pains. I’m still learning and I appreciate the life challenge that is being an eBay seller.

I’m hungry. My curry and rice is done cooking and I’m just waiting for it to cool. I’m going to do the usual and watch YouTube while I eat. Did I mention that yesterday I made some fantastic pizza? I chopped a whole tray of fresh mushrooms and put it atop the fresh whole grain pizza dough I had made the day before. I chopped a green bell pepper and half an onion and topped it off with a handsome sprinkling of nutritional yeast.

I devoured that pizza! It was really really good. I made some extra pizza sauce as well, which I’ll be keeping in the fridge for later breadsticks or more delicious pizza!

Why do canned mushrooms come in such small cans? I really don’t know, but 8oz cans seem to be very common. Maybe it’s because canned mushrooms are gross? Fresh mushrooms are the best!

I’m grateful for Kraftwerk, a band which originated in the 70s and is considered by many to be, “the grandfather of electric music.”

I’m grateful for Bitcoin. It’s going to change the world and knock everybody’s socks off!

I’m grateful for mushrooms. All kinds.

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