Wed Jan 6 2021


I played Endless Space 2 with my friend M. Such a dumb game. It takes too long! And I found this stupid fucking bug which completely blew a plan that took me literaly an hour to set up.

I set up a blockade on a solar system inhabited by pirates, in order to weaken their system before I invaded. I had two ships doing the blockade (guard action)

I had another ship on the way, which I was waiting for in order to start the invasion. While I waited for my ship, two AI players showed up in the same solar system. Finally, my ship showed up, so I merged the two fleets into one. In doing so, the guarding lapsed, and another AI player started guarding instantly. This ruined my invasion because now another faction was guarding, which meant that they had priority on the system. They fought the pirates and won. What the fuck! That was my system, I was guarding it, and the AI was only able to steal it from me because there’s a fucking bug where merging two fleets into one causes me to briefly lose the system.

I’m not playing that game anymore. I need a resolution to games in a span of 3 hours, tops. We’re only 140 turns out of 600 into this game, and getting there has taken about 10 earth hours.

Fuck that shit. I was cautious and careful for over an hour, but I got burned because of some shitty bug.

And it’s not like I could just turn on the other AI. They had 6 ships in that system, and I only had 3. Then after beating the pirates, they somehow ended up with 8 ships. So I think they are able to salvage ships and claim them as their own, rather than simply destroy them in battle. I’m a noob and it takes me 30 minutes to make 2 ships. I can’t step to that. Fuck Endless Space 2!!!!

I wanted to play Northgard this evening. I kept making the suggestion, but M. didn’t want to play. First we tried Rise of Nations. We could’t get the game to start. Then We did Endless Space for 3+ hours. Fuck that game!

Fuck all games! Fuck the games that waste my time!

Fuck spending money on games! Fuck that money drain!

I keep repeating shit like this, but do I ever learn?

Hold the phone. It’s good to socialize and games are one of the better ways to do that via the internet. As long as I limit my gaming sessions, I think it’s okay every now and then.

Also, I want to make a game. I am making a game. I want to have something that earns me money, and gives enjoyment to the players.

OK then.



I got an abuse notice from Vultr yesterday morning. Apparently Warner detected that my seedbox was downloading one of their movies, and sent a dmca notice to Vultr. Ok then. okay. yup.

So I deleted the seedbox. I thought I was being crafty by running a seedbox in the Netherlands, but that doesn’t seem to matter, as Vultr is bound to US law. They sent me an automated ticket that said I had to respond to it within 72 hours and resolve the issue, or my account could be terminated. Termination would be bad, because my blog and wiki site run on Vultr.

I think I will have to resolve to keep my Vultr activities entirely professional. I don’t want to lose that account. I really like Vultr!

Ok then, time to start a usenet account! JK lol, that’s too expensive. Usenet would cost me $100 a year. I guess that might be less than renting movies or whatever, but again, where is that $100 going to come from? I think that $100 would better be spent paying off credit cards.

I think I’ll just have to forget about movies for awhile. I can’t torrent them without getting caught, I can’t pay for them, so I guess I’ll have to do without. It sucks, but that’s how things are.

Luckily, I have anime. I can torrent anime all I want, and nobody is out to get me. Japan doesn’t have DMCA, and I don’t torrent subs which are owned by Funimation. Funimation is probably wise enough anyway to not spend the money on trying to punish people who torrent their IP. They have gone after anime streaming sites, though.

There’s a lot of anime. For every one Funimation series, there’s probably a thousand non-funi series which I can freely stream. So I guess that I have an anime sanctuary.

Speaking of sanctuary, the USA is becoming more hostile to my chosen lifestyle. Free speech, freedom of choice, free markets, sound money, torrenting, bitcoin… regulation, taxation, socialism, and tyrany are making my ideals more difficult to achieve. I think that now is a good time to reconsider if I should even live in this country.

I am not a prisoner– I can leave if I want to. That’s something that I don’t often think about. The things that are keeping me here are not things that are necessary to have at all times. Family gatherings are just about the only thing right now that require physical proximity.

Covid has taught me a lot about locality. I could just call someone and have a good conversation. I don’t physically need to be there.

And I can always visit. Yup, visiting is nice.

Ok then, let’s move to Japan! Let’s get a nice house in Akihabara, and adopt a new way of life. I can do code projects. I can sleep and wake and eat on whatever time zone I feel like using. I can go out at night or at day and in the bit city who gives a fuck?

I can become a competitor to Buyee. I can take Japanese classes and translate Prememo even better.

Or maybe I could move to Slab City, and feel how it is to live in one of the last free cities in the USA. Maybe I could find some cheap office space in a nearby town, and operate SBTP from there! Also, no fucking snow, so I could bicycle as much as I want!

It’s definitely time for me to move from Washington, though. The socialism movement has taken root here, and I want nothing to do with it. Now is a great time to opt the fuck out!

One order to ship this morning. 5:51 AM. I started watching T—-, the movie I torrented. I don’t get it. Or rather, I do get it, and I think it’s a silly concept for a movie. Plus, there’s the blind patriotism and justification for authority baked in, which is a real turn-off. I don’t think I’ll be missing much by cutting off my ingestion of Hollywood movies.

Heck, the best movie I saw recently was a Korean movie. Heck! Maybe that’s what I’ll do. My new torrent policy is to download only foreign content. Anything from the USA can safely be labelled hot trash, not because the artistic content is bad, but because of all the bureaucracy and IP bullshit that comes attached.

I think I might just try Usenet. I have never used it before, and it seems rather exciting and interesting!

Fuck shit, earn money.


I wanna go try usenet right NOW!

I don’t wanna write for 25 more minutes! Waaaaaah, moooom I wanna have dinner right now, I don’t want to wait!

“but dinner isn’t ready yet”


“Waaaaaah”, I cri.

As a review of yesterday, I checked off everything except for 1 hour of socializing. I slept during CoDA, even though I was awoken by my CoDA reminder alarm. I just shut it off and went back to sleep.

Again, someone knocked on my door while I was in bed, and I didn’t have the boundary to not answer the door when I was in bed. I scrambled to get up and get dressed, before I opened the door. It’s my job to have that boundary, but I give it up every time.

It was my mom. She gave me some food. That was yesterday at about 12PM. I rode my bike to the grocery store yesterday about about 10. I got back at 11, then watched Nyanners for a bit, before I went to sleep. I kept her stream running at really low volume. Nyanner’s streams are great to sleep to, because she puts a lot of work into making sure that her audio is smooth and soothing. Amazingly, she was still streaming when I woke up at 6PM!

I guess you could say that I slept with Nyanners

I made this song yesterday.

When I had completed almost all the items on my checklist, I got bored and I opened up LMMS. It was then that I realized that I’m missing Jamuary 2021!!!

I didn’t even think about Jamuary until yesterday. I have not been watching Cuckoo videos so the event was not on my radar!

I don’t think I’m going to do it, though. I’ve got enough on my plate with SBTP/ebay and Futureporn & TwitchTanks.

Fuckit. Maybe next year! Right now I got a mission to complete!

Remember this jam? Ah that was a good commercial back in the day.

Everyone in the commercial is fat!

It’s probably because they drink Jaritos.

Sugar is bad, mmkay?

Also I heard a statistic that Mexico is the #1 most obese country in the world. They beat the USA in that regard lmao.

Fuckin fatties!

yes, I’m fat shaming. Being fat is a choice like 99% of the time… Why would you choose to be fat?

I guess it’s only natural. There’s a constant will to eat food in order to survive. We’re lucky enough to have an abundance of food, so it’s only natural to eat and store fat..

Discipline… Is that natural? Probably not. I think it’s harder to be disciplined than it is to just listen to bodily urges.

Anyway, that’s enough for today. Go home, Chris, you’re krunk.

Krunk on your high horse

Gratitude & afformations

I’m grateful for … xylitol. I want xylitol gum. IDK if I’m even spelling that correctly. So I just admitted that I like sweet shit. Shit! I was trying to sound like a supreme being, incapable of such carnal desires as sweet tasting food.

I bought Skippy peanut butter from Amazon, because that was the cheapest peanut butter. At first I hated it, but it’s starting to grow on me. It’s more like a dessert than it is food, but it sure is addictive.

I should say… I only dislike fat because I’m afraid of becoming fat. So yeah, there’s that. I’m afraid of getting addicted to sugar and becoming fat. I think sugar addiction happens to a lot of people, and suddenly they realize that they’re fat. It’s not like they plan it.. So I can see that perspective. And then there’s the potential of harm that fat shaming has, because it’s not like someone who is fat can decide to be thin the next day. They’re stuck being fat for months or years after they decide to get fit, because it’s going to take so much time to get to a place of health.

I’m not going to fat shame someone to their face, but I am going to think about how unhealthy they are. Let’s not kid ourselves, being fat is not healthy!

Ok moving on.

I’m grateful for my slim physique. Goddamn it, I just can’t help myself. I’m so great and all that. I’m so great and I’m not fat.

I’m feeling some codependent behavior here. I’m expressing myself, but at the same time, I’m feeling the need to cover my tracks and play diplomacy with some potential future reader of the blog who might get offended by what I wrote.

Fuck that shit! Fuck you, fatties! Fuck off out of my blog!

I’m shaking my head now.

No wait, I’m doing it again. I’m playing two parts again. Why can’t I make up my mind? Am I fat shaming and being proud of it, or am I fat shaming and feeling ashamed for it? I can’t make up my fucking mind!

Again, this is my blog where I post my innermost thoughts, and the intention is for me to get the pile of bad energy out of my head, and onto paper where I can sort things out. So I guess what I’m trying to say is… FUCK PUBLISHING THIS POST!

I’m grateful for this place where I can write and sort out my thoughts. I’m grateful for peanut butter because it’s helping me get through the cold and snowy winter.

48. Today is a new day: I will see what adventure it holds.
47. I will allow peace to fill my soul.

37. My perspective is unique and interesting


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