Wed Jul 29 2020

I’m the proud owner of! I think this is my shortest domain to date. Yeah, definitely. My second shortest is which is 10 characters. comes in at a cool 8.

Maybe in the future I can get another domain and subtract another 2 characters?

It starts to get expensive when the character count gets smaller.

So it’s 10:28 AM right now. I’m wrapping up my day and chillin’ out with some YouTube.

I listed 30 cards on eBay this morning, then I went to the grocery store. I bought vegan ice cream and dried fruit and corn tortillas and frozen fruit and fresh fruit.

I forgot to get nuts and oatmeal. LOL there were too many good things to buy!

The occasion of the ice cream is… No more government food assistance! I’m leveling up the difficult of this game of life. Not really voluntarily though. I’d rather have the $194 per month, but my eBay store is bringing in too much money LOL.

It’s a good problem to have. I can always get a business license and that’ll separate the income to a separate entity which would then place me back in poverty level. I’ll definitely do that at some point, once I can get some money saved up.

I’ll figure it out.

So I’ve been working on sbtp-loyalty the past few days, which is my rewards system for Sakura Blossom Trading Post. That’s the whole reason I bought I’m thinking I’m going to use as the domain.

The more I’ve been thinking about the rewards system, the more I think that there is a lot of potential to make a whole database of card data which my customers can use to get card translations, build decks, learn how to play. So maybe is too specific. Perhaps it should be An app could be anything.

I want to have a wiki as well. I make lists of card set data and I think I could find customers by creating a place where people can come and find cataloged and sorted information that I’ve already researched.

Precious Memories Set List with English translations, abbreviations, and release dates.

Basically I aim to make a website which is similar to

“Japanese CCGs for the Western World.”

Heart of the cards subtitle

That’s precisely what I’m looking for! HoTC displays prominent links to hammergirlanime, a card shop. Well, It’ll be sort of a mix. I think they might be a distributor.

Anyway, I want my site to have similarities to HoTC as well as JKTCG. JKTCG is an online retailer of Weiss Schwarz cards. They’ve sort of become a standard place to find card pricing, and also they have great hi-res card images which a lot of people pull from to create virtual decks for Tabletop simulator.

JKTCG has a strange card ordering system though. It’s really old-school. The way it works is you fill out a form then e-mail it to the owner. I haven’t done it personally but I have read stories on reddit of people who do.

I don’t aim to have such an old-fashioned buying system. sbtp-loyalty is going to be modern to the point where people can shop using just their smartphone.

Heck, I’m using Jamstack which means that Javascript might not even be required. That means that people could even a dumbphone as long as it has a basic web browser!

Not that I’m going to target that sort of device, but yeah, I intend to make a highly accessible website for my customers.

Hopes and dreams.

So I followed a tutorial on making an Amazon S3 “serverless” image uploading service. I hate the term, “serverless.” We need a better term. I need a better term, because, “serverless” is inaccurate and just wrong. There is still a server, it’s just that we’re running functions on demand rather than having a long-running daemon which serves data to web browsers.

Function as a Service. That’s a better word for it. I’ll use that instead. FaaS.

So I’m making a FaaS image uploading service for my usage with sbtp-loyalty.

Because I’m using JAMSTACK design paradigm, I don’t have a good place to store the card images that I’ll be uploading to So I’m going to upload them to S3 using this Serverless Image Upload tutorial as a starting point. In that tutorial, the author used a simple html upload page. I’m not doing that. I’m using RedwoodJS which means I have access to React and webpack and all that good stuff.

The tutorial recomments using which I tried, but then I realized that their lowest cost package is $50 a month. That’s not happening!

I found Uppy which I’m using instead. I’ll use the Uppy React component to upload images (nice UI!) and a custom made plugin pre-process the images. I need pre-processing in order to work with my imageupload app which is what is going to handle authentication and uploading to S3.

I found a great github issue with some example code of how to make a custom plugin for Uppy. I started with that example code as a base, and I’m referencing the example image uploading html/js of the above Serverless Upload tutorial to figure out how to make it all work together.

I really like this work! Integration of pre-existing tools and lots of research. It’s addicting, really.

I’ve always done work like this, but so sparingly can I attribute the work to having a tangible effect on my finances. I’m hoping to change that trend by introducing a webapp which my customers can use to get more of what they want, and pay me in the process!

That’s the dream. I’m taking baby steps towards that dream every day, each time I open up documentation and pour my soul into this project.

I don’t know if this will be the one. I always think that, “this is going to be the one that I finish.”

I can’t think like that, because I fall short so often. I don’t want a milestone of, “finished” to be my end goal. I want, “usable” to be my milestone. LOL, that’s a bad milestone. I want “highly usable.”

I want, “easily maintainable” as a milestone. I want a webapp that is intuitively expandable and a pleasure to work with. Something I can add to, build up, polish, reproduce.

Continuous Delivery is the goal. A living service.

Now I’m just using buzzwords LOL.

Continuous progress. That’s the goal.


Ok then.

So this Saturday I’m going on a hike with Nerds United. It’s 12 miles to the park that we will be hiking at. I don’t want to take the bus because that cost money. I want to ride there, and maybe I’ll take the bus back. Or I’ll ride back! I don’t give a fuck! I’ll ride 24 miles in a day!

I’ve certainly been training for it. When I ride to the grocery store and back, I’ve got a lot of weight on my back on the way home. There are some steep hills that I have to go up to get back to my apartment. It’s a real struggle.

When I go hiking, I’m going to carry minimal cargo. I’m going to have water and some food, along with my bike lock and the regular things that I carry like my wallet and first aid kit.

It’ll be fun!

Online maps estimate that it’ll take an hour and thirteen minutes to get there. I don’t really know the route that well, so I’d say it’ll take at least an hour and a half.

I looked over the route on street view. The sketchy part looks like it’s going to be along Sprague, 4th, and 8th as I make my way through East Spokane towards the South Hill. Narrow roads with no bike lane.

That’s the thing that Eugene was so great for– biking. Every road either had a bike lane, or there was a bike lane nearby. Or there was a trail to ride on. It’s just a fantastic city for bicyclists.

I’ll figure it out. I could always take the centennial trail if I can’t find a suitable route.

In preparation for having to buy my own food, I checked out this 60 cheap dinner ideas webpage. There’s lots of meat & cheese items, but I figure I can either make substitutions or just skip those items.

There’s one recipe that stands out as very unique and something I haven’t seen before– Pizza on a stick!

I haven’t had gluten products in awhile, and I’m feelin’ pretty good about that. I haven’t had any days lately where my stomach felt bad after eating. I’m really grateful for that!

My vegan “curry” is still blacklisted. I don’t really have a replacement meal that I think will be a staple meal like that curry meal was. I’m workin’ on it.

Apples (peeled & sliced) with peanut butter! (old fashioned crunchy & organic!)

That’s a good snack, but when I make it a meal, my muscles always end up twitching for hours. I don’t think it’s a balanced meal!

I’ve been having mexican style salad bowls lately. I’m really lovin’ those. they’re easy to make, but it takes some time to chop everything. It’s kinda expensive too. I could probably reduce the cost if I used more dried beans rather than canned.

I gotta figure out some staple meals that cost next to nothing! It seems that every time I go to the grocery store and fill up my backpack with groceries, I spend $50 or $60 dollars. I need to slim that down to $20 per trip, and I think I’ll be able to sustain that on my income.

Ah, here we go. A cheap vegan recipe list.

Wow, a lot of these recipies look AMAZING.

A lot of them look super easy to make as well. I like the kinds of meals that start with dumping ingredients into an instant pot, then forgotten about until they are done!

11:51 AM. I ate ice cream when I got home. I’m starting to crash now. I think I will finish writing 2000 words for today, then I’ll watch an ep or two of anime before I go to sleep. Tonight I’ll be playing Squad again with my best mate M.!

M. might be coming to Spokane to visit next week. He’s taking his PTO and he’s going to go on a long drive from LV. He’s not 100% sure where he’s going, but I talked to him last night and I seem to have convinced him that Spokane/CDA would be a good place to visit.

CDA is going to be the best place right now, because they’re not a totalitarian state, hell bent on coddling the citizens with nanny-state and the religion of statism. They’re in phase 4 and shit’s actually accessible.

We put together a list of stuff to do. Go to the outdoor shooting range, go to Triple Play in Hayden, go boating, go to Northtown Mall in Spokane and it’s aquarium (if it’s even open??)

Then there’s Riverfront park which is newly renovated. There’s also the suspension bridge that was featured in the 2005 Chuck Norris movie, “The Cutter” which I like to point out to people. There’s the skate ribbon which is fun for me but M. probably doesn’t rollerblade LOL.

There’s a bunch of shit that’s probably still closed in Spokane, but I think Riverfront park would be open.

I forgot the other stuff on the list. Most of it is in CDA because Idaho rules!

Food trucks in CDA! That’s a big one for me, because I love me some food trucks! M. didn’t seem to excited about that. I think he doesn’t venture outside of what he knows won’t give him an upset stomach. Basically Panda Express is his goto food place, LOL!

It’s not a bad thing. I think he’s got food allergies and I completely understand. I don’t have allergies, but I have sensitivities and religious reasons for not eating certain foods.

I’m just calling it religious reasons now, because I’m pretty much on the Buddhist bandwagon.

Oh hey, 2000 words! I’m going to write a little more though. I want to do some CBT homework before I finish writing for the day.

Ok I finished module 2 of Shy No Longer. Basically I learned that I’ve been breathing incorrectly for most of my life.

I tried stomach breathing and instantly the stress I was feeling just dissolved. When stomach breathing, the inhale is automatic. All I gotta focus on is exhaling through my stomach and I feel an instant calming effect.

So this is something that I gotta work on more often. Stomach breathing, NOT chest breathing!

Ok that’s it for today.

I’m really grateful for my computer and my three monitors because they connect me to the internet and all the magic contained within.

I’m grateful for my body which propels me forward. I’m grateful that I can ride fast on my bike and feel the wind and the sun.

I’m grateful for my pee pee because it’s how I pee and masturbate.

LOL what a thing to be greatful for.

Well it’s true.

#NoFap though. It’s better to not fap because my energy levels are much more consistent. I’ve gone about 2 weeks at this point. Not that I’m really keeping track, but I’m kinda keeping track.

Before I forget, this saturday when I go to Lincoln park, I want to carry with me

  • sun screen
  • water
  • ice cream




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