Wed Mar 10 2021

Hi there.

I’m sad.

I am lonely.

I skipped all of today’s social activities.

I did that because I’m an addict.

I did that because I don’t want friends.

I did that because I retain my perceived power when I stay in hiding.

Today I built a website.

It randomly chooses a pun from a collection of puns which I manually typed into a json file.

There are 287 puns in total. I took the puns from a book copyrighted in 1960. The Little Pun Book Assembled by Robert Margolin and published by Peter Pauper Press.

Some of the puns are sure to be found offensive by certain audiences. I did not censor any puns, and instead copied them all, verbatim. If someone ever complains to me about one of the puns, I will consider moving the specific puns in question to a, “offensive puns” section of the website.

I’m thinking of selling the book that I have copied, and purchasing another old pun book. Then I can repeat the process, adding the puns to the website as a second source of puns.

I am thinking of creating an API, which I can use to create other applications. Right now, I’m considering the possibility of adding a pun feature to tweetbot-saas, which gives users the option of appending a pun to tweets sent as part of their advertisement campaigns.

Oh, it would be pretty sick to have a template format, and a random_pun would be a variable available to users to add to their tweet template.

Another idea is to create a Discord bot, which recites random memes on a set interval, or perhaps on demand.

SpaceX is launching 60 Starlink satellites today. There is live coverage from NASASpaceflight and SpaceX. It looks like T-00:16 minutes. I’ll tune in now, because I need an excuse to step away from my keyboard and not fucking work for 5 fucking minutes!

I am definitely overworking myself. I am worried about my health. I could see myself literally working myself to death.

I think my life needs saving. Again.

Last year, mushrooms and therapy saved me. This year, I’m not really sure. I’m thinking it could be JuJitsu, but I’m waffling hard on that topic. One day I convince myself that it’s going to be a worthwhile investment to go into debt in order to take up JuJitsu, and the next day I’m considering my finances to be of utmost importance, and martial arts training is not an acceptable reason to go into debt.

My bathroom has some sort of mold problem. I can’t identify the source. Maybe it’s my sink which is not draining. Every time I walk into my bathroom, I get this smell and I want to stop breathing because it’s so foul.

I’m afraid of

  • Dying
  • Mold spreading to my trading card inventory
  • Getting fat
  • Beautiful women
  • Getting mugged
  • Being emotionally vulnerable
  • Having friends
  • Success and responsibility
  • A boring lifestyle/routine
  • The possibility that I will never have a girlfriend, or sex
  • Data loss in my production webapps
  • A home invasion

let’s do some brainwashing

  • I love me.
  • I love talking to strangers/
  • I love forming relationships.
  • I’m not worried about a thing.
  • I live in this moment and I love this moment.

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