Wed Mar 17 2021

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Hello It’s Chris Grimmett

Just doing a quick check-in this morning.

Here are some notes I took during CoDA last night.

CoDA thought Journal

  • I don’t want to be here
  • I don’t want to give up my power
  • I’m missing Ironmouse for this!
  • I’m hungee
  • I’m zoned out
  • I appreciate that anon corrected herself when using, “you statements”
  • I’m judging
  • I can barely hear the people in the room
  • I don’t have the literature
  • I’m hungry
  • Too few people!! I feel pressured to share
  • I don’t want to share
  • I don’t want to be here
  • I’m only here so I can tell K. that I was here.
  • Anon & Anon are dominating. They aren’t waiting long enough for people to share
  • There’s so much happening. I’m overwhelmed.
  • I’m having trouble hearing
  • Anon, stop yelling.
  • I’m overwhelmed
  • I feel like passing out
  • I want food

Ok so obviously I was in a state of mind that was not conductive to my personal growth.

I did write some good takeaways, though.

things to say to myself

  • I’m here with you
  • I love you

A catchy acronymn






They’re words that help guide the codependent person through letting go of control.

Notes from my last conversation with Chris Toledo

  • Websites
  • Godot
  • GD Quest
  • Mindsforge blog
  • AI Gym

Misc stuff that’s on my mind

I’m on a roll this morning. Yesterday was really good for productivity, and today I plan on doing the same.

This morning I picked and packed one order, and walked it to the mailbox.

Then I continued walking until I had been walking for 25 minutes

Then I took a shower

Rewind a bit. Last night I was working on my latest project, Gift Alerter. It’s a project which aims to compete with

What it does is it creates an alert for Streamlabs users, when a viewer buys the streamer a gift on their Amazon gift list. Currently, is invite only, and I don’t like that. I think everybody deserves to get in-stream alerts when their followers buy them a gift, not just the really popular streamers.

So I’m going to change that!

Last night I was working on my app’s third party login strategy– Streamlabs OAuth login. I was struggling to get the authorize URL to go through to Streamlabs without giving me an error. I thought it was Streamlab’s fault for not URL encoding the request_uri in the authorize URL. I browsed source code for passport-oauth2 and found a test suite that proved that the request_uri is expected to be URL encoded. I found the same proof in the OpenID specification.

I had those two sources of truth, yet Streamlabs gave an example authorize URL with a request_uri that was NOT URL encoded! I was beginning to think that Streamlabs has an out-of-spec implementation of Oauth2, so I was thinking of opening a support ticket. I was hesitant, because it seemed really odd that there were two passport-streamlabs libraries which had no similar issues in their issue trackers on github.

I decided to open an issue on the most up-to-date of those libraries,

I wrote out in detail the problem I was having, and near the end I was getting pretty tired. I decided to go to sleep before sending, and in the morning I woke up with a fresh outlook and a new idea. What if I simply made a mistake in copying the callbackURL (request_uri)?

That’s exactly what I did. The correct callbackURL was


but what I entered into Streamlabs was


I missed that little /api bit. I was led astray by looking at the example Authorize URL that streamlabs provided. It worked, because it used the incorrect, yet matching callback URL that I entered into Streamlabs.

I think the Streamlabs authorize URL would work regardless of whether or not the request_uri query parameter was URL encoded or not!

Mystery solved.

I didn’t end up submitting that issue to passport-oauth, as the problem was not an out-of-spec implementation, it was a PEBKAC!

I do appreciate having gone through writing the issue report, as it was a wonderful example of successful rubber duck debugging.

That’s it for now.


7:25 PM okay I’m back

I pulled the old SLA batteries from my non-functioning BCPRO1400 UPS. It took about a half hour to figure out how to get those fuckers out! They were so tight up against the side of the case. Gaff tape to the rescue! It turns out that the batteries were damaged, completely cracked on the sides as if the UPS was dropped hard. They were bulging out and luckily I was able to make a sturdy enough gaff tape handle to where I could really yoink those batteries out.

Now I have to find some replacement batteries so I can hopefully get the unit back in service.

DB17A7YK4 x3
connected in series
6″ x 4″ x 2.5″

15cm x 6.5cm x 9.5cm

They’re generic cells. No markings other than that DB17… stamp that I transcribed. What the fuck do those numbers mean? 17V? Or is that 17 Amp? IDK. I’d guess that they’re 12 volt batteries. 3 in series would be 36V which makes sense.

I just started a Purse order at the max discount, 33%. I’m surprised people actually buy these maximum discount orders, but just yesterday someone bought the Raspberry Pi 4 order that I had put in!

So I’m getting a RPi 4, at 33% off!

Now I will see if I can get these UPS batteries at 33% off.

I skipped game group today

Here are my thoughts that I wrote down when I decided to skip

  • I’m afraid of being a cooperative asshole
  • I don’t want to be on the spot
  • I don’t like the 20 questions game
  • I don’t want to feel out of control
  • It’s hard to be part of a group
  • It’s hard for me to voice my opinion
  • I can’t take Zoom social events seriously
  • It’s not a priority
  • I’d rather watch VTubers
  • I’d rather work
  • I’d rather take a nap

And I did actually take a nap!

k bye

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