Wed Mar 31 2021

Notes from CoDA

  • Temporary Sponsors?
  • SOS help for emotions
  • wishes & preferences instead of shoulds & musts
  • inconvenient instead of awful
  • positive mental imagery
  • Barb getting fired — practiced negative mental imagery
  • Replace fear with concern
  • Damnation & condemnation — harmful
  • “I don’t like it” — coping self talks

Notes from CoDA that I took when I was distracted

These don’t all relate do CoDA

  • Planks (do them!)
  • LAMY Al-Star I don’t need more stuff!
  • SOS help for emotions !ebay
  • Open Source Printer
  • CoDA Saturday (attend!)
  • A wonderful break from food until Saturday
  • Shoulding & Musting end with a feeling of failure


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