Wed Oct 14 2020

7:18AM. I’ve been up since around 4 or 5. At 5:38 I tried to spot Starlink satellite group 13. I saw a satellite, but I don’t know if it was Starlink. It was just one single satellite, but I was expecting a train of several sats. I am going to try to spot it again in a few days when there is a good sighting opportunity.

I probably need to figure out a way to get an accurate azimuth and elevation. I have just kinda been eyeballing it based on the map I generated from

If the satellite I saw was starlink, my azimuth estimation is off by about 30 degrees.

I think I had a compass at some point. I’m pretty sure I sold it because I don’t use it, and now I regret having done so. I could really use that compass to figure out where the satellite will appear from!

I checked my amateur radio bag just to be sure. There is no compass, which confirms my suspicion that I sold the compass. Drat!

There’s gotta be a phone app that does satellite tracking. I don’t know why I say, “There’s gotta..” because I know there is. I’ve used one before, which used the phone’s compass and accelerator to accurately direct the user to point the phone at the sky in exactly where the satellite will appear.

I don’t know why I don’t just install one of those apps. It would save me a lot of trouble. I guess I’ll install one of those apps. I really don’t like using my phone for anything other than a modem for my laptop, so that’s probably what’s holding me back from seeking out an app that will point me in the right direction.

Ok I got an app installed. “Fine Starlink.” This one is nice because I don’t have to go searching for the Starlink satellites in a huge database of satellites. It’s got exactly what I’m looking for, and nothing else. I had been keeping an eye on Starlink 13 via, but I didn’t see an easy way to track other starlink satellites on that website without making a separate query for Starlink 11 for example. Side note, is a horribly outdated website experience, often requiring several clicks and page loads to accomplish what by today’s standards should take a single click.

I don’t blame the website author. They have a good service which has lots of data. They probably do not puch much thought into UX and that’s okay.

I’m a needy user! I use the best shit and I don’t have much patience for outdated user experiences.

I changed my desktop wallpaper and now I’m horny. The wallpaper is a cute SFW miku-san, but the website I got the wallpaper from had hentai ads that got me aroused. Oh no, what do with boner?


9:38 AM. I opened the last of the Hatsune Miku Precious Memories Part.2 booster packs. There was no signed card!! I’m surprised. Perhaps there is only one signed card per case, rather than like Weiss Schwarz where there’s a signed card per box? Must be like that, and the case was searched and I got a box that was confirmed to not have a signed card.

No matter. I’ll still make my money back on that $100 booster box, it’ll just take time. All the cards are listed on eBay! I’m getting pretty efficient and listing cards.

Today is the day when I would normally create a buyee shipment, but I’m going to skip this one because I’m so low on money. I want to be sure to have enough to pay rent at the end of the month, so I’m going to skip this shipment and wait till the next scheduled one which will be in three weeks.

I should have a shipment arriving next week. It’s been in transit for around 62 days, and I got a notification that it was in Florida. Florida seems pretty strange. The ship must have gone through the Panama canal? Why didn’t it just drop anchor at Seattle? My best guess is that Florida is where customs is, and it’s the place where shit gets processed and all that shmeah. Still kinda weird and inefficient, but that’s bureaucracy!

This next package has 1500 card singles in it. Finally, an order that is going to keep me busy! Right now I’m working through booster packs, but really I’d rather just sell the box or booster packs and be one of the few North American sellers who has that sort of thing.

Eh, I could do it either way. I really like cracking packs. I like finding the rare cards. I like photographing and cataloging. I like improving my methods and becoming more efficient.

I look forward to when I have my own platform on which to sell cards. It’s going to be really nice to add translation into my routine, because of how much I enjoyed translating the setlist.

Translation is already in my routine, because I still have over half of the rulebook to finish translating.

Customer rewards and listing cards on my platform are going to be new things to add to the workflow. There’s going to be a whole new set of tasks that I’ll have to do when sbtp is in full swing!

I don’t even know what that will look like. I wonder if it’ll be really busy? Definitely at the start when I have to transfer all the cards from eBay to sbtp will I be busy. Then there’s the arduous process of beginning the translations. Hopefully I’ll have a customer base at that point who can help with translations and get rewarded with free cards for it.

Lots ot look forward to! Lots to do as well. I just don’t want to be overwhelmed and I don’t think I will be, because of how much my life has changed between a year ago and now. I used to get so overwhelmed with projects because I would try to do everything at once. I would think of everything that needs doing at a macro scale, then instantly my brain would start to overheat as I tried to compute all the things.

I never used to use checklists. I never used to meditate or schedule in exercise as a daily routine. Things have changed for the better and I’m really grateful for that.

9:51 AM. What am I gonna do today? I feel kinda down, because I haven’t had a sale today or yesterday. My routine of walking to the mailbox is thrown off, because there was nothing to take out there.

I think it’s another windy day. I haven’t been outside today, so I have no idea. *check the weather*

Oh there’s 18 mph wind. Fuck that. I’m not riding my bike in that. I’ll wait till tomorrow which forecasts a breeze of 1-8 mph.

Friday wind forecast is upwards of 31 mph. Maaaan, fuck the changing of seasons.

It’s going to take extra effort to get outside every day and stick to my exercise regimine. It’s really important that I do, because when I don’t exercise, my mood starts to slip.

I’m feeling my mood slip this morning, and it has everything to do with the colder days. Maybe my 5 year goal could include a place with a more consistent climate? Eugene, OR sounds pretty good right now.

Anywhere but here sounds good LOL.

I have that fucking roof tube thing I have to deal with. I have a filthy apartment I have to deal with. I have an uncertain financial situation, no vehicle to get me to the grocery store during the colder months.. Making an escape is a tempting choice.

I’m not gonna escape though. I want this lifestyle more than anything else. Once I have it dialed in, and once it becomes a money making machine, I can relocate. I am making progress every single day, and that is enough.

9:57. I wonder if Seattle Betsuin is going to do a live stream today? They have not streamed at all during the week lately. Just once on Sunday and that’s it.

Even if they do stream, I think I’m going to go outside and walk. I’m out of EBT food stamp money until the 19th, so it’s hard for me to justify going to the grocery store.

I want that damn stimulus check! Remember when I was thinking that it would show up in September? LOL that’s a funny.

The way things are going, I think I’ll be lucky to see it this year. That’s why I’m being careful with what money I have right now, and not initiating a Buyee shipment. I gotta play my cards like I’m on my own! Caution is advised.

I’m just waiting until my pomodoro timer beeps at me. I don’t have anything else to say right now.


Is there a way to make big emoji in wordpress without making it a heading?


Aha! inline CSS to the rescue!

time for a break

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