Wed Oct 28 2020

Mornin’ ya’ll!

I went to the grocery store this morning. I bundled up and I rode my bike. It was clear and sunny. 32 deg F with 3mph wind. It was comfortable ride and I feel really good right now. I fasted until after I got home and after yoga and meditation. I watched a prerecorded Seattle Betsuin livestream from last Sunday that I hadn’t previously seen. I did yoga during the messages, and followed along with jusege sutra chanting.

Then I ate. I had oatmeal with chocolate hempmilk, walnuts, chia seeds, raisins and two pinches of salt. Very yummy!

Oh shit, I don’t know if I’ve ever received an A rating before on Qualys SSL Labs. On Monday I migrated my wordpress to a new VPS. I was previously using Vultr’s WordPress app which set up a bunch of stuff for me, but it was pinned to Ubuntu 18.04 and thus an outdated version of PHP. I bit the bullet, made the migration, and now I’m running 20.04 and everything is nice and PHRESH.

In preparation for Saturday board games, I made a simple paper batman mask and cut it out using my Silhouette CAMEO 3.

I cut out 4 layers and glued them together. The paper is white, so I’ll need to paint them somehow. I know my mom has paint so I think I will see if I can use some of it. I’m on a less than shoestring budget for this costume and for the trip to the mall. The only thing I intent to buy this Saturday is a day pass buss ticket so I can get myself to and from the venue.

I’m stoked! I’m planning on wearing a Happi jacket that my dad bought in either the Philippines or Indonesia when he was on his mission. It’s older than me, yet in pristine condition! It still has the sash/waistband or whatever pinned to the garment. I wonder if it’s actually meant to be a headband? I just double checked. It’s definitely a waistband thing; it’s too long to be a headband.

I have a headband though! I’ll probably wear it to add to the ninja look. I’m also going to wear a long black sleeve shirt under the happi jacket, as well as some fingerless gloves. I’ll wear my black dickies pants, and my combat boots which I just replaced the shoestrings on.

For over a year I have had blue paracord serving as lacing for those boots. I always liked them because the color reminded me of Miku, but they were definitely eye catching and that’s totally not ninja-like!

I’ve had a complaint with those laces because the left laces were too short, and the right laces were too long. They were wearing out as well, so it was a good time to make the upgrade!

Now they’re blacked out laces and they’re lookin’ super sick! It’ll complete the ninja look when I tuck my pants into the boots. I’m stoked!

The next things I need to do to complete the outfit are

  • Create a black face mask
  • Repair/ modify the gloves
  • Paint the paper mask black
  • Add a string to attach the mask to my head

I need a black face mask because my covid mask is navy blue with white stars. That’s not ninja-like at all! I can feed two birds with one scone in this case by getting some assistance from my mom to create a black face mask!

I can also ask her about the paint, feeding another two birds with one scone!

I sent her a text. IDK if that’s too formal but I don’t want to just barge in there and ask questions when she’s busy with something. Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen my mom in about 2 weeks.

Ok so yeah yep uh-huh yup.

There’s a new Wintergatan wednesdays video. I will have to catch lat later. Also there’s a SpaceX test launch which might be happening this week. Holy shit this is going to be their biggest feat yet, if they can pull it off. Starship SN8 is going up to 15 Km, then it’s going to belly dive back down to earth before doing the craziest maneuver ever, righting itself with pointy side up before it attempts to land. I’m so stoked!

I’m not sure when it’s supposed to be. If memory serves, it’s today. Nothin’ on the tweeters about it though.

Elon makes the best tweets 🤣

I was LOLLING so hard last night when I read this. I love unexpected humor!

image just in case Elon’s semen joke tweet doesn’t exist in the future

I found the Cameron County website which lists road closures for SpaceX Boca Chica!

My memory was correct about today being the day, but now it is evident that the closure for today and tomorrow is cancelled. It looks like Friday is the day!

I’m hungry again. Time for more food, and Wintergatan wednesday!

Food and video consumed!

When I was at Fred Meyer this morning, I had difficulty finding vegan vitamin D3 that fit in my budget. I found plenty of vegan itamin D3, but they were all so expensive! Last bottle I got was a store brand, and it was around $6. Since that make/model has been replaced by a D3 with gelatin capsules, I could only find a bottle for $17 minimum and I’m not prepared to pay that.

Instead, I just ordered some vitamin D3 via I saved 5% on the purchase, and I get free shipping even though I don’t have Amazon prime! I have made 27 orders via Purse at this point. I am really glad that they’re still around! I think it was earlier this year when they announced that they were closing, but thankfully an angel investor swooped down and prevented the company from capitulating.

Well today is Wednesday. What are my plans for today?

List a lot of product on eBay, that’s for sure. I made a modification to my daily progress chart, which was to increase my eBay pomodoro slots to 6, and reduce my code pomodoro slots to 2.

I don’t know if this will be a thing that lasts longer than a week, but after last week in which I put in a lot of time working on precious-data unit and integration tests, I am not feeling like continuing the long days of doing that.

I have a huge stack of loose single Precious Memories cards to list on eBay. I have not been making enough money lately, and so it’s feeling like the right time to double down on eBay listing operations and get some good cash inflow!

The crazy thing is that I get sales even on cards that I am not expecting to sell. I’m so surprised so often at this, and it’s a good reminder that I have no idea what people like.

Because I don’t know what people like, and what niche character interests are out there, it is my job to list every last card, no matter how insignificant, outlandish, or obscure I think the depicted art is.

I sell more when I list more. This is a constant of which I am becoming more aware. The past two days I’ve had one or two orders. That’s a far cry from the past two weeks in which I was lucky to get five orders per week. I’m going to keep up this trend! The ebay market needs to be flooded with my product!

A professional goal that I set for myself recently was to relentlessly and consistently release new product. I can do that each and every day with ease. All it takes is setting aside the time to photograph, sleeve, list, sort and store these lots of used cards. It’s super redundant work that a robot could be programmed to do, but I as a human am so much more efficient. That reminds me, I would like to create a card classifier at some point. I’d release it as an app which people could use to photograph a Prememo card and instantly get the English translation.

Anyway, that was a tangent. The point I wanted to make is that it’s easy work, but it’s time consuming busy-work.

Well today I might have an opportunity to play video games with friends. That would be a nice thing, because I haven’t had sufficient social contact as of late. Monday was good because of therapy, but by the end of the day I was feeling lonely. Tuesday I was feeling the need to isolate. I avoided CoDA again.

I’m going to turn that around today, by reaching out to friends and offering to play games. There’s a fun looking free to play game called Forkdrift. I invited my brother B. and my friend M. to see if they want to play. I’m downloading right now. Luckily the game size is really small (300 MB) so it won’t take long for me to DL.

So yeah. Not looking to code much today, but I am looking to spend a lot of time listing cards and getting closer to my goal of financial stability.

I did some coding already LOL. This morning I made a quick patch of tweet-toot in which I reversed an array which should solve the issue I observed where tweet-toot was processing newest tweets first, causing a potential problem for when the number of tweets per incantation was limited to 1. There was a potential issue where a tweet would be forgotten and never tooted because of that limit. My fix was to reverse the array of fetched tweets, so the chronologically oldest tweet is handled first.

The upstream tweet-toot repo seems dead, because the maintainer is opting for radio silence. There’s a half dozen of merge requests on that project, and the maintainer is just ignoring everything. I wish they would say something such as, “i’m not maintaining this repo anymore” so we could move on and come up with a new home for the project. But that’s not the reality we live in! The reality is that we might just have to move to a different repo and deal with the upstream repo not being a community project.

Actively maintained repos for this project are and It would be nice to have one repo as the go-to, but IDK if we have the organization to do that LOL.

Sogolumbo has been really responsive when I asked them if they would share their commits with upstream, but upstream is the real problem right now because they aren’t communicating!

This is open source! It’s slow, and it’s got issues! It’s a wonder any FOSS project has success, given how there are so many people involved and everyone has a different goal for using the software.

We’ll figure something out. Then again, maybe we won’t! tweet-toot might just stay a fragmented mess of repos with no clear goal and no active maintainer. I guess I could step up. That might be a cool challenge to take on.

Anyway, that’s enough writing for now. I’m going to finish with the usual affirmations and gratitude, then go onto the next thing!

Gratitude first. I’m super grateful that tweet-toot exists in the first place. It was relatively simple to set up and schedule to run on a regular basis. I am grateful for to have created the project to begin with.

I’m grateful for Sogolumbo, who created several patches which improved media handling. They were kind enough to share them freely with upstream and anybody who visits the sogolumbo/tweet-toot repo.

I’m grateful for SpaceX and Elon for having instilled in me such a positive outlook for our future. I’m super excited every day when I hear about the next big thing that they are working on!

I’m grateful for Chocolate. Hot damn do I love chocolate! I haven’t had chocolate hemp milk in many a month, and I’m stoked to have it now and taste it’s goodness!

I’m grateful for yoga, and Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple which have been my go-to tools for finding peace and meditation.

69. I can write down my thoughts and take control of my emotions.
70. I am a derivative of god.
71. My hard work is already paying off.
72. I am thankful for life.

Excelsior and Opportunity!

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