Wed Oct 7 2020

I’m just adding a bunch of random shit from my disk… not a disk… SSD..

I’m kinda aimless this morning. Well sorta not aimless, just doin’ different stuff.

I designed these little trading card file folders

I angled the top tab so it doesn’t get crushed as easily by the storage box.

I have two versions of these. The first is a folder which can hold a card as pictured, the second is just a divider which doesn’t fold at all. I don’t know if the folder type has any real use. I just thought it looks cute because it’s like a mini size file folder that you might see in a doll house or something 😆

I think the dividers have potential to be sold in bulk to card collectors. I’m starting to use these CNC cut dividers to organize my cards. It’s going to look really nice when I have a full storage box with these dividers.

Previously, I had been using paper scraps as card dividers. I have dividers for every card set, and dividers that separate card IDs in groups of ten. For example, Precious Memories Hatsune Miku set would be organized with dividers labelled as follows.

  • HMK
  • 01-000
  • 01-010
  • 01-020
  • 01-030
  • 01-040

See the pattern? I often skip the divider 01-000 just because it’s implied by the set abbreviation. In other words, there are no cards between the HMK and 01-000 dividers, so 01-000 is unnecessary.

A card storage box with paper dividers

Here’s a card storage box that is filled up with cards. You can see near the back the tabs sticking up from my prototype card dividers. Those are the first version which have already been superseded. You can see how clean and consistent they are in comparison to the other paper dividers.

My plan is to flip the tabs to the left side to indicate a set, and then the tab on the right side indicates the card numbers. A whole box organized like that is going to look really nice and consistent! It’s going to make finding cards a breeze.

Not that it’s not already a breeze. I’ve done really good at keeping my card storage boxes well organized. I’m just taking things to the next level!

Speaking of next level… I have card storage boxes that are handmade that are really crappy. those need an actual manufactured box…

It’s a money issue. I can’t just buy boxes right now, even though I could really use them.

Same thing goes with shipping boxes. The 4x4x4 boxes I got from eBay for almost nothing ($3 in taxes) don’t really fit booster packs unless I tilt the packs at a 45 degree angle, and fold over the extra plastic on the booster pack. I don’t feel very good deforming the packaging like that, and I’m afraid that the cards inside could get damaged if the box is handled roughly during transit.

Boxes are in my future for sure. The bubble mailers have a similar issue with potential card damage– crushing is a big concern.

I’ll get there eventually. For now, I am just riding this wave of uncertainty and hoping that I can make it through this month, financially speaking. I am hopeful and excited for what the future holds. I have a bunch of booster boxes that I can convert to booster packs. I got a Hatsune Miku Part.2 booster pack which is a huge deal. I might have overpaid for it, but I know I can make the money back over time.

I am going to open a booster box today, just not sure which one. My top picks are either Nisemonogatari or Hatsune Miku. I’m going to list booster packs, which I’m confident will sell more often than the box. I can sell each booster for $10 which will equal $200. I have to compensate for selling fees and shipping, but I only paid $100 for the box so I think I’m in a good spot.

I’ll be opening some of the packs as well, and I’ll stop opening the packs when I find a signed card.

Same goes for Nisemonogatari and the K-ON booster box.

8:00 AM. No outgoing shipments today! I’m kinda bummed because this is the second day in a row without a sale.

I can’t let that get to me. It’s not abnormal to go several days without a sale. My hard work will pay off. I can’t get bummed about other people not acting in a way that I like. All I can do is do my part– list every day and get noticed!

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