Wed Sep 23 2020

Eyy, I actually woke up at 7:30AM today and made it out to the mailbox! A for effort today. I had two shipments go out. One was a CoDA blue book (flip successful!) and the other was a Prememo trading card.

The book sold for $16.54 + free shipping, the card sold for $6 + free shipping. I bought the book for $8.44 + free shipping, and I bought the card as part of an $89 booster box.

The cost for me to ship the book was $3.33. There are eBay fees I’m not factoring in, but my ROI sheet says I made a 156.52% return. 1.3X was my target return, and I probably made that because I used 3D Sellers’ profit margin calculator to set my $16.54 price, factoring in eBay fees and shipping cost.

I’m happy about that flip! I hope to make more like that one.

This morning was another restless one. I probably got about an hour of sleep. While I was unable to sleep, I thought about how this eBay business is like a video game. I think of Eve Online, which is really a game best played with spreadsheets.

I played Eve Online for a couple weeks, and ultimately quit the game because it’s too much like work. It’s a job that I actually have to pay to participate in! That’s not how jobs should be!

A lot of video games are like that. They demand a certain level of proficiency to get the maximum enjoyment, and there really is no return other than fun.

I would like to play games more in the future, but I can’t justify the return of fun when I could be grinding away at a more profitable pursuit.

eBay is a grind! I don’t mind it at all, as long as there is promise for a regular increase in profits. I know I am learning a lot about market arbitrage, marketing and advertisement through social media, customer service, investing, etcetera. The way I see it, it’s only a matter of time before I reach a proficiency to where profits are guaranteed.

I just gotta keep grinding and leveling up!

Today is Buyee shipment day. On Monday I ordered a package consolidation of 12 packages. As of yesterday, those packages are ready to ship!

I probably have to move some money around in some accounts to make sure that my bank has enough money to cover the shipment fee. Also I need to verify that I have enough for rent next week.

I’m hemorrhaging money again. I was counting on the economic stimulus check to drop this month, but it’s looking like that is not going to happen. Congress can’t come to an agreement on the terms of that stimulus package, and I hear there are talks of implementing a digital dollar which some congresspeople want to get worked into the deal.

Adam Curry talked about it on JRE. Apparently Universal Basic Income (UBI) is also being discussed as part of the deal.

Basically, it’s sounding like the dollar is fucked. I’m not surprised at all, given how the Bitcoin maximalists always shit on fiat money. I am in complete accordance with that Bitcoin maximalist mentality, in that I have had zero faith in the sustainability of the Federal Reserve, hyper inflation, blah, blah, blah.

There’s a fucking yearly inflation target. To me, that’s a sign that the currency is trash.

Anyway, I wholeheartedly approve of UBI, because I think it’ll just accelerate the demise of the dollar. I would like to see that happen, and enter the Bitcoin age, where I can pay for candy bars and crane games with my Jaxx wallet.

If Bitcoin goes mainstream, maybe Washington lawmakers will pull their heads out of their asses and relax the restrictive cryptocurrency laws that drove Shapeshift, Poloniex,, etc. out of this state.

Is Bitcoin inevitable? I think so. But unlike the Liberty Dollar and other physical, private currencies, Bitcoin can’t be stopped. It can’t be stopped, so it’s getting taxed 😆

I guess that’s a win?

I walked this morning and worked up a sweat. While I walked, I thought of a nice text-only sticker design which could be a nice wedding gift for my sister.

“Covid can’t keep us apart”

It makes sense because she and her fiance postponed their spring wedding. IDK when it’s going to be at this point, but now that I have a cutting machine, I have endless giftmaking potential!

I also thought of something else while I walked.

Something I’ve fantasized about while watching Projekt Melody’s Chaturbate livestreams is how I wish she could give me a telesex blowjob. Yes, the tech for that already exists. It consists of a touch-sensitive dildo which transmits data via the internet to a motorized dick masturbator thing, kinda like a fleshlight.

Well, that’s a big fantasy that might never happen because it’s just in my head and to my knowledge it’s not something that Melody has talked about. So the alternative is a telesex thing that already exists in every one of Melody’s Chaturbate livestreams, and that is Melody’s Lovense LUSH.

3 seconds remaining on the vibe triggered by “jalas’s donation

During the past few months, I’ve been doing some hobby projects involving OpenCV, and I think that an interesting project would be to visually parse the LOVENSE vibration data, and trigger a Bluetooth vibrator of my own.


…which stands for, I Want To Feel What She Feels

The project could use OpenCV to read the video frames and get the vibration level, duration, then feed the appropriate vibration level and duration to my vibrator using Buttplug.js

It’s a fun idea. I don’t have any time to spend on it though. I don’t have any sex toys or vibrators at the moment, either, which could make this project a pricey one.

On to CBT!

Shy No Longer Module 10 Pg. 5

Specific GoalsSUDS (0-100)
Join the Nerds United Discord voice chat and say hi65
Attend a Nerds United board game day20
Go to Family Dinner and practice mindfulness10
Say hi to a stranger at the grocery store70

I get it. So the idea is to take a stepladder upward to success. So my goal is to go on Discord and say hi. The next time I go on Discord, the goal will be to go on Discord and stay for 30 minutes. Then the next time, stay for 1 hour.

Something like that.

Wrappin’ it up

Okey doke, I’ve written for an hour today. An hour is my new journal goal, so I’m wrapping this up for today.


5. I can handle this one step at a time.
6. The sun is shining. I am ready to take on another day.
7. My problem has a solution. I will work on a plan.


I’m grateful that I have had a sexual awakening of sorts. I freely talk about sex on my blog nowadays, and it feels great to be open about what I’ve hidden for so long.

I’m grateful for Mozilla. Their future is uncertain right now, due to how they had massive layoffs recently. I am hopeful that MDN and Firefox will continue to be great tools!

I’m grateful Ludum Dare game jam. It’s always an exciting event to take part in, I always learn from it, and I look forward to LDJam which occurs in just over a week!


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