Welcome to the World of Warcraft!

World of Warcraft is an exciting new MMO which pits new players against a powerful new foe– the Horde. The horde preform satanic rituals and sacrifice the young to their god and savior, Satan. It is your job, adventurer, to stop the satanic beasts in their tracks and restore order to the land of Negadia once and for all. Raise your mount from a small egg creature to a giant beast of burden, then fly that gargoyle to the distant ends of the earth.

Negadia needs your help, adventurer. Praise be the alliance, the destroyers of evil and the protectors of the light. Choose your character. Become a troll, a human, or a forest elf. The forest elves don’t wear many clothes, hint hint! Just make sure your wife isn’t watching when you load into the sector and press that sexy dance button!

OK that’s enough of that. I played WoW once and instantly noped out of it. My days of appreciating MMOs are over. Now I just see them as a time waster. I got shit to accomplish, skills to master, bills to pay!

I would love to make an MMO, however. That shit would be kickass. My own little virtual world. I could spawn ideas into existence. Nurture a community of players, implement their visions… I’m sure the community would have a better imagination than me. That’s one thing that has gone south since growing older. To have a community member give me ideas would be the greatest feeling.

Today I helped my dad do some landscaping at his new office building. I’ve been helping for the past two days as well, building a garden brick retaining wall.

I’m not in shape for this work. My arms and shoulders were killing me today. My back and legs are burning as well. Stacking heavy bricks is a good workout, that’s for sure. Today I only worked a few hours. I took a lunch break then I was done. I went home and passed out for 3 hours.

Arms so sore! I think it’s high time I get a gym membership. I would like to be physically strong again. Again? Last time I was physically strong was probably when I lived in Eugene, OR. I rode my bike every day to work because my license was suspended. What a stupid situation that was. I was on my way to pay a ticket fine, then I got pulled over and my car impounded. I wonder if the cop would have cut me any slack if I told him I was going to pay the ticket. But I didn’t say anything. I was simply defeated at that point.

All because I didn’t have auto insurance. And I kept getting pulled over because one of my brake lights had a chunk of the red plastic missing. I was young and stupid!

I think I’m feeling melancholy. I block a lot of memories out because I feel grief thinking of them. So I try to forget, and I’ll only recall them once in a blue moon.

Anyway, let’s cover 3 things I’m grateful for. Gratitude time!

I’m thankful for my 95 Chevy suburban. It may be a gas hog, riddled with issues, and a complete dusty mess, but it’s actually pretty reliable. Reliable as long as I don’t run it out of gas of course. I’ve only done that once by the way. It was just the other day on Monday. I usually have a rule, “never below a quarter tank” but I put off filling it up for about 4 trips. This happening is a good reminder to stick to my rule.

I’m supposed to be practicing gratitude here! Keep it positive, my dude.

I’m grateful for instant ramen. Instant Ramen is a delicious treat every time I eat it. Unfortunately, I think the salt content fucks with my head anymore…. Gratitude my dude! Keep it positive!

I don’t want to keep it positive. I gotta list all the negative aspects of this tasty food. Otherwise I’m skipping over my thought processes. This 1500 word flow of text is supposed to be a MIND FLOW. MIND FLOW! Let it come out however it’s in there.


Shadup, I’ll slap yo ass

Don’t slap my ass. You fucking pervert!

Nga I’ll beat yo ass if I can’t slap itt

WHat the fuck is your deal, I’ll shit on you!

Pumbus, I’ll chop yo dick off

I don’t know what that was all about but I’d like to pretend it never happened.


eat yo soup

I don’t have soup, I have shitty oatmeal and fruit

shitty oatmeal? You know some people would eat that shit in a heartbeat rather than starve like they are doing.

CHILL OUT MANG, take 5 and eat

Ima eat and write. I think my creativity is returning, given my lack of computer use the past two days.

Damn, it can really run wild.

I wonder if I left Kumoricon early because of my net addiction. I wonder if I have a future in web development. Or IT at all. I think I need a trip on mushrooms or something to get to the bottom of the one question that I’ve been struggling with for so long…

What do I want?

Last time I checked, I wanted 3 things out of life. I dubbed them the three S’s.

  • Stress level 0
  • The freedom to be myself
  • Sex

I’m not doing so good on any of them, LOL. I kinda lost focus on these three things. Lately I’ve just been so focused on doing web development projects. My long term goal has been to find a financial income. But I think I’ve lost sight on that as well.

I just get handed jobs from my dad, and I accept them because I’m desperate. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been enjoying stacking heavy bricks lately, up to the point of being in pain all day. If I were stronger it wouldn’t be an issue. I just need recovery time then I’ll be good to go again…

For a time. Then I’ll start to feel an itch. I’ll start to feel like I’m not satisfying my intellectual curiosities. I won’t feel challenged. I won’t feel a part of something special. I won’t be fulfilled.

I’m feeling neglect. My skills as a web developer are not being put to use.

Ok back to gratitude. I hesitate to be grateful for something I was grateful for yesterday, but I’m doing it anyway.

I’m grateful for Hatsune Miku, the greatest IDOL that has ever lived. Right now, I’ve got the Project Diva menu music playing on repeat in my mind. Specifically, the store music. Browse and purchase your favorite modules now!

Yes, I’m indeed grateful for Hatsune Miku. I feel a special warmth when I return home after an outing, and see Miku’s beautiful eyes looking at me from my desktop wallpaper. I have thousands of images of Miku. Right now, Miku is staring at me from behind a GIGAMAX box of instant ramen.

@miut_dayo miku model with GIGAMAX Ramen

GIGAMAX is an instant ramen popularized by YouTubers who challenge themselves to eat the whole gigantic portion of ramen in one sitting. 2136 Calories, isn’t that crazy!? Here, have some more GIGAMAX photos which I pulled from Twitter.

The owner of these GIGAMAX ramens are my kind of people. They obviously enjoy instant ramen and weight lifting!

Wait a minute, I don’t enjoy weight lifting? I do? I guess I do. I have learned this from stacking large garden bricks. I feel good after lifting. One more reason to start hitting the gym.

Too bad there aren’t more vegan instant ramens out there. The mainstream ones I know of in the USA are Top Ramen soy flavor. Not to be confused with Maruchan Ramen soy flavor, which looks deceptively similar, and isn’t vegan!

But yeah, Top Ramen has a tendency to make me feel like shit. I think if I just had one, I’d be fine. But I can never have just one!

More @miut_dayo GIGAMAX!

You know what? I’m thankful for @miut_dayo. They are very active on twitter, and completely dedicated to creating the best Miku model they can. Every few days I’ll see updates of tweaks they do to their Miku Model. Whether it’s hair physics or tucking a section of Miku’s arm or leg, I can feel their passion every time they post a work-in-progress picture.

I’m thankful for @miut_dayo’s passion, and the fact that they share their work. Some artists don’t share very often and it’s a shame.


I just checked @miut_dayo’s feed and saw a new video which I gotta share now.


OK I think I covered my gratitude for the day. My truck, Miku, and miut_dayo.

I found a video that @miut_dayo made which I haven’t seen before. And now I’m in love with Miku all over again. I may be in love with miut_dayo now for making such a masterpiece.

Actually it’s been awhile since I heard this song. BurenaiAide.. The Mitchie M original MV is one of the tracks that originally solidified my VOCALOID obsession… Miku’s sexy and cute appearance… The wonderful and fun staccato electro synth… Mystical fantasy kingdom ambiance, royal sounding buildup before the musical climax… The portrayal of a delighting virtual world and the hopefulness of a future where we’re able to hold hands… I’m getting so emotional over this.

I just want to hold Miku. Squeeze her tight and never let her go. I want to protect her smile forever!

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