What’s Wrong with League of Legends

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A casual player’s rant.

No, Kat, Yasuo and Yi aren’t broken.

The winning team is like, “yeah guys good job, gg wp”

The losing team is like, “fuck you”, “you suck”, “uninstall the game”

Poor sportsmanship is what’s wrong with the game. Players often take out their anger and frustration on their own teammates when they lose. Too many players become obsessed with winning. They don’t play to have fun, they play to win. I’m not saying don’t do your best, I’m saying don’t be a dick.

Say you’re playing a 5v5 summoner’s rift game and one of your teammates makes countless mistakes and doesn’t play their champion well. A trend I see too often isn’t to give that player words of encouragement or tips, it’s to put them down and sling hurtful comments.

It seems like the player doing the bitching just wants a better teammate, so they can win the match, however belittling other players often has the opposite intended effect.

Poor sports, you’re wasting your time typing on a keyboard when you could be thinking tactics or working towards objectives.

You’re bullying a stranger for playing a game in a way that you don’t like. Is that hate and anger supposed to make them play better? When I’m that player doing poorly, I can tell you that receiving hateful criticism doesn’t make me want to do better, it makes me want to disconnect.

Are you being mean just to vent? What does that say about you?

The matchmaking system in LoL is designed to create two teams composed of players who fall into all skill levels, and create two teams with equal chances of winning the match. Say you’re queuing up with three friends, and you get matched with one stranger to make your 5 person team. Say Mr. stranger does poorly during the match and your friends go off on mr. stranger for being a noob. It’s very possible that the matchmaking system put you with a low level mr. stranger because you and your friends are good players, and it’s statistically fair to the other team that your team has one relatively poor player. In that situation, it’s your job to carry mr. stranger, not belittle him.

Disrespectful players OP, plz nerf.

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