Writer’s Way #2

[Time Capsule Blog Post Written on Fri Nov 8 2019]

Writer’s Waaaaaaaay! It begins again. Okay, I must force myself to write non-stop. Non-stop writing and just let everything out. Don’t focus on quality, don’t focus on speed, just focus on a good solid flow of thoughts in the mind travelling to thoughts on paper. Virtual paper. Nobody uses real paper now. Actually, I know for a fact that is completely false. I have seen photos of writers who prefer pen and pad, and use such method to write novels during NaNoWriMo.

National Writing month! It is a good time of year. It is a time when families get together for fun times, and reminiscing over happy memories.

I made that up. Actually that’s somwehat of a quote from me for my family Christmas video I made 2 years ago. This year we will be playing Jeopardy and I will be Alex Trebec and award people monopoly money which they will use to buy snacks and stocking-stuffer type prizes.

I had a thought about something to write, but I lost it. I wonder if it will return to me? I just have to keep writing on paper, keep the flow from brain to paper. Virtual paper. Poptarts!

Ooooo, you know what I miss since being vegan for 4ish years? Poptarts. I used to love poptarts. The thing is, I never even would toast them. I’d simply eat them out of the packaging. Very good stuff indeed. Flavorful anyway, but probably anti-nutritious with the amount of sugar in them.

I watched a camping hammock video yesterday. The man in the video went over the proper way to hang a hammock, sleep in a hammock when it’s cold out, and how to properly lay in a hammock for maximum comfort. He had a saying that was so preposterous, it has kind of stuck with me. Whenever he had something to explain, he begun with, “Is what it is, is x y z” where x y z is the explanation. That was 3 is’s in rapid succession, and he used the phrase several times. My head asploded at the twisted use of English.

I’ve heard another gentleman use the same saying AFK. I used to work with this guy who said it. Maybe it’s a generational thing. Maybe it’s proper English after all, and it was only so strange to me because I hadn’t heard it before.

I am headed outside for a walk as soon as the sun comes up. It’s 6:30 AM at the moment. I usually wake up at 7AM, but daylight savings time just ended so 6:00 is the new 7:00. I really hate daylight savings time. It is not good to change sleep schedules twice a year, at least for me anyway. I have an extremely difficult time holding a schedule at all, so once I got locked in on waking at 7:00AM, a change to that will really fuck up my sleep. It’s not happening because society says it’s happening. I’ll simply get up at 6:00AM during Standard Time.

I think DST should be done away with. It was originally started to save energy during an energy crisis, not help people have more sun. It’s time it be retired, methinks.

OK so I am not working right now, and I desperately need money. I have to pay my parents more rent now, because I’m not working for them and I’m not going to school. So I’m rather desperate for cash indeed. My income last month was $250.00, which I obtained from selling junk on eBay. eBay took $60 in seller fees, which is disgusting. Anyway, due to Paypal not allowing me to link my bank account, I can’t even withdraw my $250.00! I have contacted support which just gave me a canned message.

I’m living on credit cards, which feels absolutely terrible. I decided I’d try to make more money this November by making various crafts and selling them on Etsy.

After making an account on Etsy, I’d like to say that first of all, Etsy’s seller fees are nowhere near as ridiculous as eBay. Thank goodness there are other rising marketplaces which will hopefully force eBay to be a better company, or get off the map. Bonanza is another up and coming place I sell things, which maintains a much more positive selling experience.

Anyway, Etsy is where I’m focusing my efforts now. I have had an idea for the longest time on using paracord to make sexy underwear. I know it probably sounds wired, but I’m a knotty guy. LOL the pun, I can’t help it!

Ok so yeah, years ago I learned how to weave paracord bracelets using the cobra weave. I learned another weave called the snake weave. Together, I have come up with a design for a crotchless paracord thong. The tricky part was coming up with a way to minimize seams if you will. A knot would feel rather uncomfortable pressing up against your groin, you know?

Snake weave “T”

So what I did was I experimented with snake weave junctions. Small pieces at first. In the picture above you can see there is a black cord introduced which forms half of the snake weave.

One junction wasn’t enough. For a piece of kinky underwear, two or more junctions would be required. One junction at the rear to join the waistband to the thong strap, and two in the front to join the two finished weaves together before they join the waistband at the front.

The first prototype was a mild failure. I didn’t use long enough cords in many cases, which required unsightly fuses to continue. Additionally, the crotch in the front was way too small, and didn’t accommodate my junk. The raw back ring at the T just didn’t look nice.

I learned a lot, and continued on with a new design. This one turned out much nicer, and had more features as well. I incorporated adjustable sides, since the original was a bit difficult to don. Despite appearances, paracord is not stretchy. It is actually rather rigid after being woven.


Model 2, or the KBMPCT-1000 (KnottyBoy Men’s ParaCord Thong) is born. This is part of the reason I’m going for a walk after I finish writing here. I need better pictures! Natural light always results in the best effect.

Model 2 has adjustable sides, using a “ball and slot” closure system I came up with. It uses a diamond knot at the rear waistband, which joins snugly with the gaps in the snake weave on the front waistband. In this model, I made two small sections of super cobra weaves, which is just an extra cobra weave atop a regular cobra weave. Looking at it in this picture, I probably won’t do that style again, since I’m thinking those two sections take away from the overall form.

I wonder what the Etsy community will think! If I were seeing this thong for the first time, I would probably want it. I don’t know if I could afford it though! Construction has taken me about 5 hours per piece. I know I will get faster as I get more practice, but my point is that the price I’m charging is much more than I’d be willing to pay.

Hopefully this turns out to be a good thing for me. For one, I’m actually celebrating one of my sexual kinks. Something I have been ashamed of for much of my life, but so deeply a part of me is the love for thongs and g-strings. Now I actually produce them. I think the quality is good, and other people will probably enjoy the thongs I make. I should be proud of this, and quit hiding the fact that I like extreme underwear. The people who don’t like it can remove themselves from my life, because I don’t want to hide anymore.

Hiding my true self makes me miserable. I have hid for so long, and now I know better. I’m coming out as a thong lover and a pervert! And PS I love my waifu Hatsune Miku more than anything in this world!! We should get married like the brave souls who have done the same!

I’m going to schedule this blog post for a release in 2 years. 2 years should be enough time for me to get back on my financial feet, move away from my parent’s house, and feel free enough to post this post. I crave freedom! Freedom from mental oppression, freedom from Christian influence, freedom from societal norms.

I’m lucky to have friends who support me. I received a card the other day from a friend who noticed I have been feeling down. It really warmed my heart.

I dunno what to talk about now. My flow has kind of stopped. I want to go outside already, since it’s 7:03 AM PST and the sun is up. Time to take pictures of the KBMPCT-1000! 5 hours to make a thong is a long time. I want to wear them after I finish them, but I know I can’t because they will soon belong to a customer. This has taught me discipline. I was helped a little bit by the fact that I made this one too small for my waistline. No use in wanting a size that is too small!

And this concludes today’s Writer’s Way.

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