Writer’s Way

[Written on Thu Nov 7 2019 @ ~10AM PST]

Narration (narrated on Nov 7 2021)

Ok so Writer’s Way is a thing I heard about on Joe Rogan’s Podcast. Apparently the writer is supposed to wake up and immediately write 3 pages, non-stop. By non-stop I mean the writer is meant to type constantly, without stoping typing. Just let it all flow, whatever is in the brain just gets dumped out on paper. I think I will try this for every day, or at least as many days as possible, for the month of November, or the remaining days in november, since it is already November 7th.

The thing is, I don’t know how much a page is, since I’m writing directly into WordPress. I need some sort of character counter so I can compare the word count of 3 pages of Libreoffice writer document. Maybe there’s a wordpress extension which does wordcounts.

Oh, I just realized that WordPress has this built in, and it is accessible while typing by clicking the little “i” icon at the top of the editor. Very cool.

I had another thought, I want to recall it so I can get it on paper. Oh yes, November is a special month for writers. National Writing Month is what it is. Two years ago I think it was, was the NaNoWriMo that got me to write my first novel. I say first novel as if I have more novels, but I don’t. I just have one novel, St. Ezreal’s School of Espers. I posted it on a website which specializes in fanfiction and original works, but I must not have pushed the publish button or something because my account doesn’t show any sort of published works.

Anyway, It’s on gitbook and this blog. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a number of people have been visiting that post on my blog. I wonder if anyone has read it. I would love to hear from anyone who has!

Ok so I just looked up my target word count. 1500. Apparently 500 words is a ballpark estimate for one page of single spaced, 12pt font. That’s what I’ll shoot for then.

I wonder if anybody would even be interested in a mind dump like this. I think I will post it just in case anyone is. Wait, I don’t think this is anything anybody would like to read. Oh well, it’s my blog. I can post whatever I want and if people are attracted to the content, they will come and read it. If not, they won’t.

Ok, so what’s been up with me lately? I spent some time on monday getting … I don’t think I want to post this anymore. OK I won’t! This is the writer’s way. I cannot be inhibited by the thought of people seeing this, so I will not post it after all.

I spent some time at the doctor’s office on monday and tuesday. Actually Doctor’s office isn’t really the correct term. I went to CHAS health, which is a Nurse Practitioner’s office. I don’t think there are any doctors there. Hospitals and medical offices I think are scams. If it has a number of billboards, it’s a scam. That’s my thought. Maybe racket is a better word, since the company might actually provide value for a siginificant number of people.

Or maybe it’s insurance that is the scam. That is more likely, I think. So the only reason insurance companies are able to afford billboards is because they are rolling in cash. The only reason they roll in cash is because they are ripping someone off. In the case of Community Health Plan, they are ripping off the government, as so many companies do. They are getting exorbitant amounts of tax payer money. The health clinics are doing the same thing by accepting the insurance. This is crony capitalism at it’s finest.

In a free market, the cost of medical care and medical insurance would self-adust. Prices too high to the point where nobody can afford healthcare? This high cost would attract new medical workers, relax legal restrictions, open up opportunity for alternative healthcare, which would end up saturating the market and drive the cost of healthcare down.

But whatever, that’s not the world we live in. No affordable bench practice for us! The government is obligated to keep the cost of healthcare high.

I don’t want to talk about that anymore.

Let’s talk about fun stuff! Vocaloid! I am excited for Kumoricon which begins on friday, a week from tomorrow. I’m a little sad because I’m so broke and won’t be able to buy anything, but the experience outside of the vendor market is always superb. There are often free things to get, and there is a swap meet which may contain some gems. I wonder what I have that I could use as bartering material!

I’m super excited for the dance. It’s usually my favorite part. Oh, the food, too! We always eat well when we go to con.

I have to poop now, but I’m holding it because of The Writer’s Way! I mustn’t loose my flow now!

My Swiss friend added me to a group chat. I wonder who I will be meeting! I closed signal for the duration of The Writer’s Way. Eliminating distractions while writing is very important! That reminds me of what I did for my first novel. I found some writing software which put itself in full-screen, so I could not be distracted by things on my desktop or in other windows.

WordPress seems to do the same thing, although I see one problem with it. I have 3 monitors, and only 1 monitor is fully covered by WordPress! It’s okay though, since what I’m seeing on the 2 monitors is just a clock and the Vocaloid picture I posted above.

That picture I embedded in this blog post is actually a screenshot. I have so many thousands of vocaloid pictures, that is is much faster to simply take a screenshot and crop in GIMP than it is to find the correct image in my images folder.

I could really use a NAS (Network Attached Storage.) I simply don’t have a good mechanism for storing my terrabytes worth of Vocaloid content. What I do at the moment is download every Miku image, video, song that I like onto a USB hard drive. I have done this with 2 separate 1TB HDDs. Both are full now, and I’ve spilled my collection onto my laptop’s SSD.

I really gotta poop, BRB!

I pooped. I ate well yesterday thanks to my sister Kelly! I was not constipated at all today thanks to that! I get constipated often because I have shitty nutrition, usually.

Anyway, back to the subject that doesn’t gross me out. Vocaloid! So my thought is to get something for storage that will be near infinitely scalable. No Drobos or Synology Diskstations, for example. The consumer models of both of those are capped at 4 or 5 hard drives, and upgrading past that requires a new enclosure. This is not acceptable for me since I know I will ideally be adding 2 HDDs every year. I say ideally because 2 is an estimate given my rate of filling a 1TB drive. But wait a minute, why buy 1TB drives when I could by 8TB drives? Moot point.

Anyway, I will be adding more drives over time. I don’t want to simply lose old data because I upgrade. No, I want to have a history of all files ever, and any drives removed from the system will simply be backups. I’m thinking of something like 45drives Storinator, which can literally hold 45 hard drives. They aren’t cheap, but the data I’m storing is priceless, so an investment will be required.

Speaking of investments, I cannot make any in my current financial situation! I’m hella broke. So broke that my net worth has gone negative. Yikes. I think I need to work somewhere, but at the same time I’m trying to get into a technical school, and want to dedicate myself to that endeavor. If I get into Hack Reactor as I intend to do, I will be more broke than I’ve been in my entire life. It’s daunting but I’m ready to take the plunge into student debt, as this is something that will help me start a career in web development.

1300 words. I’m feeling anxious now. I want to be done. I want to open Signal and see what messages I’m getting in the group chat. I want to eat now. I slept in quite long today because of the extra food I consumed yesterday evening. Miku’s dress is turning me on with it’s translucent top and her visible cleavage. And those mechanical bunny ears atop her headphones are soooo cute! So cute so cute so cute, I could hug Miku all day. I want a hugging pillow for this very reason. All day! Just give her a good squeeze. How lovely, how lovely.

I would laugh if my blog got hacked, and all unpublished articles got leaked. LUL. WITNESS ME! The world would only get a better picture of who I am.

And this concludes today’s The Writer’s Way(tm.) See you tomorrow!

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